Sage Paracon 2018 – Coombe Abbey

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‘Detecting Paranormal’ By Detective Greg Lawson, M.Ed.

Guest Speakers at Sage Paracon 2016…

I first had the pleasure of meeting Greg Lawson back in 2016 at Sage Paracon where we were both guest speakers at the event, Greg clearly more experienced in this area, whilst I was still able to count the paranormal talks I have given on one hand. If you’ve not been to Sage Paracon or any paranormal convention then I highly recommend it, its an event in the Paranormal field like no other really. I especially like that you can meet others in the field and talk to them about their approaches to the Paranormal and in turn they want to understand your thoughts too.

If memory serves me I think Greg actually caught my talk and helped me at one point, like I said I am still new to standing up and talking about the Paranormal.

Unfortunately during the 2016 Sage Paracon I missed Greg’s talk as I was off helping with something or other, something I was a little gutted about to be honest. This was mainly because I wanted to know more about Detecting the Paranormal as my own approach to investigations has always been organised and methodical, I wanted to know how a professional in the field of investigation took on cases of the unknown.

However with most paranormal conventions they seem to be a flash in time that disappear almost as quickly as an apparition in a haunted house, they are an anomaly all by them selves really.

The return to Sage Paracon in 2017…

In 2017 I was lucky enough to be invited along to the official Sage Paracon Investigation of Warwick Castle by my good friend Jo Woolley (someone equally interested in investigation) as she managed to win a couple of tickets to the investigation. Once again Greg Lawson was a guest speaker and both Jo and I wanted to grab a few seconds of his time whilst on the investigation. Which we did and it was great to see old friends again.

However it was during the investigation when I spent a vigil lead by Greg that I realised something greatly important. Often we bundle into locations and straight away start looking for the presumed ghost without looking around us in order to comprehend our environment, something that could easily explain possible hauntings. On this occasion at Warwick Greg had us analyse the information provided to us and question it, which ended up with me staring down a grate into a bear pit on my hands and knees! Sometimes Paranormal investigation isn’t about chasing the unseen, its about defining what you do know.

On to Greg’s book…

So now you know how my path crossed Greg’s at Sage Paracon, its probably best I talk a little about his book ‘Detecting Paranormal’, which I also missed picking up at either Sage Paracon, but Greg was kind enough to send me a copy. Thank you Greg I really appreciate it and I will explain why in this very post!

Detecting Paranormal is one of those books that if you’re like me, you pick up in the book shop and look at for two important cover based reasons. The first is that its called ‘Detecting Paranormal’ not paranormal investigation or investigating the paranormal; ‘Detecting Paranormal. The second is that its author is Detective Greg Lawson, M.Ed. A book written by a detective about investigating the Paranormal, surely if anyone had a professional insight regarding techniques in the field then an actual Detective would be that person.

Thumb through to the books contents and I have to admit I smiled again, excited a little by the books structure. Those that know me understand what I am like, those that have investigated with me have seen exactly what I am like during an investigation too. Hence when I find a book all about the investigation of the Paranormal that right from the beginning lays out a definitive structure, then I already know I’m in for a treat.

What’s it all about then…

Well to be fair the clue is in the name and to be quite frank the contents of the book delivers exactly that, investigation process, how to interview, tips on research and how to manage the location of your investigation too. It has to be said, its one of those books that whilst reading it I thought how awesome it would have been to have this when I first started overnight investigations.

Detective Lawson, sorry just thought it would be cool to say that, walks us through each of these sections with precision and examples that provide for excellent understanding. However don’t be mistaken, this isn’t an academically focused book that many will find difficult to read. Often is the case, I may have even done it myself in the past, that when attempting to communicate best practices for a Paranormal investigation you can slip into a mono-tone approach that reads more like an appliance manual than a book on the exciting world of the unknown.

I am pleased to report that Greg manages to fully avoid this and delivers his invaluable information in a fully engaging fashion. He’s writing style captures you from the outset and his continuous use of examples and anecdotes from his fascinating life helps deliver the ‘how to’s’ in easily digestible chunks.

Speaking about anecdotes I think they at least deserve a little recognition in themselves. One of the great things about ‘Detecting Paranormal’ is how Greg ties in many examples through various experienced anecdotes from his own past. What makes these anecdotes slightly more fascinating is the clever use of both ghost stories and personal or professional experience. Whether its his visit as a young man to Cry Baby Bridge or some of the very real police cases he has worked, Greg manages to pin-point an excellent anecdote that helps you get his point. I have to tip my hat to the guy, I wish I had as many fascinating stories from my past as he does. I can imagine that I could spend hours talking through some of his experiences. What is equally amazing is when those ghost stories cross over into his police work to provide the reader with either a logical explanation or something unknown to question. I have to admit, I may have looked up from reading at a few points and uttered ‘no way’.

Greg Lawson has found the fundamental point of the Paranormal, which is that most of what we attempt to investigate begins with a story. A story which may outline someone’s experience at some time in some place. Establishing that and then digging deeper to discover the facts beyond the story is what true Paranormal investigation is all about. Don’t get me wrong it can be exciting to investigate overnight in the dark trying to make contact with probable spirits at a location, I’ve spent many an adrenaline fuelled night searching strange phenomena myself. However I am also one of those research junkies that gets just as excited when I find a factual link between two things or equally finds proof that goes against our understanding of a particular ghost. We must all strive in my mind to search out the primary case, the first report in order to understand fully the mystery we are investigating. Greg highlights this throughout his book, but also gives us the understanding and tools to properly detect Paranormal ourselves.

In my opinion…

Detecting Paranormal is one of those books that in all honesty when you pick it up in a book shop you probably question a little, after all there can’t be a specific way to investigate something that’s unknown, right? Probably true to be fair, but Greg doesn’t attempt to tell his readers that they should be doing it a specific way, he presents his advice from his own professional opinion. That’s professional as in law enforcement by the way not professional Paranormal investigator. It’s this view point that captures my attention, as we are shown how to adopt certain approaches that Greg has learnt over the years to the field of the Paranormal.

The fact that Greg covers off a great deal of important areas such as research, understanding your tech, planning your investigation, allocating roles to your team, people, interviewing witnesses, documenting the investigation and so much more makes for an excellent detailed understanding. This book gives you all the right tools to conduct a thorough investigation, document it and present your verdict too.

Now its usually at this point that I would be likely to try and identify something extra I would have liked to have seen in the book, more detail on a specified area, better description of a certain approach perhaps. However I have to admit ‘Detecting Paranormal’ is a well balanced book delivering the right hit of information to explain how best to detect Paranormal. Greg doesn’t drown us in information or ideas, but equally isn’t brief in some areas. If I would have to pick and this is me really looking hard for something, then the only thing I personally wanted to know more detail around was how he may structure a case file. I have a certain format I tend to follow, but was interested to read that Greg’s suggestion was to create a physical folder to add the collated documentation, details and even digital files to. Currently I work with mainly digital files on the cloud as they are really easy to share (Greg mentioned this too), but haven’t used a physical folder in years. The structure of a folder be it physical or digital can help organise a case in my experience, but that might only work for me. In fairness, Greg explained all the parts which should be included along the way, so you could easily construct your own file and then remain consistent as Greg advised.

Closing the cover…

‘Detecting Paranormal’ by Greg Lawson is a fantastic book which I would happily recommend to any budding paranormal investigator. If you’re new to the Paranormal field and you’re looking to investigate various paranormal cases from haunted locations to strange cryptids to UFO’s then this will be an awesome book to start you off. It’s explanations and details regarding approaches to investigation are clear and concise in their delivery. Equally if you’ve been in the field for many years dont let this book pass you by! I found myself feeling quite good about some of my own approaches because they matched that of a professional detective in law enforcement, but equally there were a few moments where I thought Greg’s approach made much more sense. We should always be open to learn new things, especially in a field of the unknown.

Something that also took me by surprise was how easily I managed to read this book. I’ve picked up a few in the past and read them, but found myself almost forcing myself to get through the pages. Greg’s book had his unique writing style that really resonated with me and helped it to be such an easy read. Easy reads are the best as you can consume loads of information quickly and often not even realise that you have just read two hundred plus pages. I think this was made so much easier by those quality anecdotes of Greg’s, some of which presented logical explanations with a little humour too..

If you want to become a Paranormal Detective, like me now, then this is most definitely the book for you. If you’re looking for fact and logical explanation then grab yourself a copy of Detecting Paranormal to help you find it. I know this book will be on my bookshelf now, but I guarantee it will be one of those books (I have a few) that I will pull out to reference from time to time.

Thank you Greg for sending me the book and giving me the opportunity to read it and review it, I’ve not been disappointed. It’s an essential for any investigator of the Paranormal in my opinion..

If you want to grab a copy of Detecting Paranormal by Greg Lawson or wish to know more about him, please visit his website here…

If you have a book you would like me to review on my paranormal blog, then please get in touch…

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Paraforce UK 2017 – Day Two

Return to Cressing Temple Barns

Well after what seemed like a particularly short nights sleep, we all returned to Cressing Temple Barns for the final day of Parafource UK 2017. Day 1 had been brilliant fun and I was curious to see what Day 2 had to offer.


As ever I wondered in bleary eyed and headed for coffee on autopilot. Once I had acquired some caffeine I decided to talk to a few people that had also arrived. It wasn’t long though before I headed off to my talk of the day and what a beginning it would be.

However this morning had already began with a small disagreement between Kerry Greenaway and myself, a disagreement based on the classic Harry Price case regarding a talking Mongoose. As Kerry couldn’t understand why I would even entertain investigating such a case, I set her a simple challenge to ask as many paranormal types at  Paraforce UK as possible to see if they would too.

Oddly the first person that fell victim to this challenge was Joe Chin, who actually agreed with me stating that he too would investigate the case of a talking mongoose.

Barry Fitzgerald and the Influence

Barry began his talk explaining a little about where this idea had come from and then with the assistance of his powerpoint presentation, dropped some pretty hard hitting points on us. Making us aware of a few cases that he had reviewed where individuals had done themselves or others considerable harm, Barry simply asked why?


The answer was quite straight forward in that each of these people had committed their atrocities because they had heard voices telling them to do so.

Fundamentally the concept that was being suggested here was that where we might think some thoughts are our own, it could be that those thoughts were being influenced by another source.

Barry went on to explain how certain biological aspects can actually be our very filter to for understanding these influences better, but in our modern fast paced lifestyle we may be masking these simple things. One of them being the very skin that houses what is us. However we often hinder the skins ability by consuming too much junk, too much refined sugar.

The lecture was quite fascinating and I really wish I had taken more notes, but it was one of those that I was so engrossed in that I actually forgot.

Before we left, Kerry decided to pin Barry down for a future ParaSearch interview on her radio show. Also, as a part of her on going challenge she asked him about the talking mongoose investigation. He of course recognised the famous Harry Price case and agreed that he to would investigate it. I think Kerry was beginning to realise that I had made my point and the next coffee was on her.

Tomo Warrington’s Room 666 with Jason Day

When Kerry and I returned to the Granary Room, Too Warrington had already began to talk with Jason Day. As we sat down they began what Tomo calls Room 666, which is his variation on the classic Room 101.

Oddly this was a great little idea as it quickly sparked some great paranormal debate.

Jason was keen to place reality ghost hunt TV shows into Room 666. This seemed to split the audience a little too, but perhaps for good reason. Personally I had to disagree on this one as although the TV shows aren’t always fantastically loaded with good science or investigation, they have their place. It’s these shows that for many have sparked an interest and have brought individuals to the field. Regardless of their inappropriate screaming sessions the TV shows have their place and did not make it to Room 666.

Next up from Jason was the misinformation around paranormal gadgets. Obviously adding the gadgets themselves was a no, but the misinformation itself I totally agree with  to be fair. The most annoying for me begin; ‘hey look I have a KII it detects ghost’! Seriously really!! I think a little education around paranormal gadgets is needed and perhaps its something I could add to my website?

Next up Too wanted to make some suggestions from he’s apparently ‘very long list’; he kicked things off with ghost hunt false advertising. For example, ghost hunting companies claiming their location to be the UK’s most haunted. I had to side with Tomo on this to be fair as its a slight pain, if you looked across the internet and social media, you may find tens of UK’s Most Haunted location or scariest experience. Although let’s be honest here, stating your location to be reasonably active or often paranormal stuff occurs, really doesn’t sell tickets.

Tomo also threw location exclusivity into the mix for Room 666. Again I had to agree on this one too. I don’t believe that any one group should have exclusive rights to a location stopping others or perhaps restricting others from using it. In order to properly research and investigate locations purported to be haunted, we need to allow as many different teams as possible to investigate. This doesn’t have to be continuously, but allow others to try different approaches. Different techniques, ideas, approaches are need to gain more out of the field.

This lead on to a brief discussion which many in the room got involved in, which was very nice to be able to chat about the paranormal, but equally amongst a group of people that equally respected each others opinions.

We actually ran out of time on this one.

John Blackburn Working with David

Once we had grabbed some lunch we headed back to the Granary (albeit a little late) to join John Blackburn and the group as they attempted to work with the picture of David.

As we entered the closed darkened room, apologising as the group had already started we quickly joined the circle that had formed connected to the copper edges of the painting.


As he continued to work, John created a circle within a circle. Bearing in mind that John usually works in the dark, it was very difficult to build the energy up in this scenario where it was still very light.

After a while of trying this a few of the group did say that they thought the picture was slightly vibrating, which in itself is quite interesting.

The majority of the group left the Granary leaving a few of us behind for something a little different…

John, Gert, David and a Small Group

After the main group had left Gert decided that he wanted try some trance mediumship work with John and David.

During this session, Kerry and I decided to observe rather than take part.

Gert attempted to focus on the picture of David and channel his spirit through in order to hopefully pass some information across the John.

I found this quite a fascinating little session to be honest and it certainly seemed as if Gert walked away with an emotional experience from this.

What was also interesting is that both Kerry and I picked up on some things, which we later passed onto John and Maxine after everyone had left. John acknowledged this information too. Perhaps a little more on that in the future.

John Blackburn’s physical mediumship was one of the many things over the weekend that caught my eye and has now lead to a new line of enquiry for me. As John like me has an interest in the Scole Experiment then perhaps we may even work on something similar in the future.

Barry and Joe on the GHI Adventure

The last talk of the day was quite possibly one of the funniest talks of the weekend. To say these pair were a double act is really an understatement.


Barry and Joe shared some of their fantastic experiences from their journey around the world with Ghost Hunters International and some of the trouble they got themselves into behind the scenes.

Whether it was Joe’s use of a sharpie that could have caused an International incident, Joe’s choice of attire, some particularly pothole ridden roads, discovering a possible secret room and so much more; the pair delivered an enjoyable talk.

It was also really great to see the guys so relaxed with everyone walking about the location, popping into a few other talks and generally talking with everyone too.

The relatively informal nature of Paraforce UK that allowed the guest speakers to interact with all those in attendance really helped make this weekend in my opinion. And this is something that I love about conventions I’ve been to and it helps build bridges and create friendships.

Paraforce UK 2017 Awards

Now before we all headed off home at the end of the weekend the Paraforce UK Team had one last thing for us all to enjoy. This came in the form of the Paraforce UK 2017 Awards, a truly red carpet affair.

The majority of these awards were voted for by most of those in attendance and in all honesty most were simply a great bit of fun.

You might have to check out the Paraforce UK 2017 Facebook page for the details of the winners, which were announced in true red carpet event stating the nominees too.

It was good to see Joe Chin win male pin up I think, lol!

Paranormal research and investigation can be really serious, but we can still have fun with what we do and with others in the field. There’s nothing like chilling out, having fun and a bit of a laugh too. Not to mention the odd drink!

Thanks to Paraforce UK

I would like to end this write up with a massive thanks to the Paraforce UK Team for an excellent weekend. Thank you to Viv and Sean for working tirelessly through the year to organise the event, great job guys. Thank you to all the Guest Speakers for presenting some really interesting talks and a few surprises too.

Thank you to everyone I met and spoke to, its great to make new friends in the field and progress all our personal journeys within the paranormal.


These kind of events are helping to bring the community back together more, back to an older way of thinking, back to standing in front of someone and discussing the paranormal. It’s all too easy to sit behind a screen on social media, but face to face we can really move things forward. To all those that are trying to encourage more discussion face to face, keep doing it and thank you…

Check out Paraforce UK 2017 – Day 1 if you’ve missed it…

Check out my main post on Paraforce UK 2017

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Sage Paracon 2017 – Warwick Castle Investigation

Some Thanks First

I want to first say a massive thank you to Jo Woolley for inviting me along with her to investigate Warwick Castle as a part of the kick off for this years Sage Paracon. Jo was lucky enough to win two tickets to the overnight investigation of Warwick Castle about a week before the event.

Due to my personal commitments I couldn’t make the entire weekend this year and in all honesty I was probably in a slight para-sulk because I was going to miss out. For me it wasn’t just the chance to stay at Warwick Castle all weekend, meet and talk to a number of big names in the paranormal field, but also that I wouldn’t have my annual catch up with some great friends that I have met over the years.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank MJ Dickson, as ever she has worked really hard to deliver a fantastic event. Overcoming many challenges along the way.

Enough of all that emotional hugging, let’s get knee-deep into this awesome investigation.

Gathering in the Undercroft

Our evening began with us all meeting up in the Undercroft Restaurant area of Warwick Castle, as this would be our base for the night. Most of the group were staying in the near by Knights Village, which is a beautiful spot in the woods along the river. A mixture of beautiful wood cabins and medieval glamping tents makes the Knights Village an excellent place to stay. Especially if you happen to find yourself investigating the historic Warwick Castle too.


As the gathering of paranormal investigators grew, we were joined by many of the guest speakers too. During the investigation the guest speakers were in various locations around the Castle and in groups we would move between these in order to experience the varying locations and different styles that they each had in regards to the paranormal.

This was also an excellent time to catch up with old friends, make new ones and this time  round say hello to a couple of my actual family. My cousin, Medium Clare Hinks was a guest speaker at this years Sage Paracon UK 2017. It was amazing to catch up briefly with her and her husband Richard whilst we waited to begin our investigation.

After a short wait MJ placed the investigators in groups and started to send us off to our first location with our first guest speaker. As my cousin headed off to the Kenilworth Room with Robert Murch to play with Ouija Boards, I took my place in a group with Richard. After all this was Richards first ever overnight investigation and what a way to start.

The Stonemasons Den with Brian J Cano

The first area that my group headed to was an area of the Castle called the Kingmaker Area and our for this area we would be with Haunted Collectors Brian J Cano. Brian is a fantastic investigator, that I first met back in 2014 and I soon realised there was more to him than what you see on the TV. Actually a hell of a lot more. I really enjoy Brian’s approach to investigation too.

We kicked things off by walking around the area to find anything that may pick up our focus. Straight off, Paula and Wayne believed they saw a light anomaly float towards the stairs near the map of the UK. I have a feeling that they may have caught it on film, but I’m not sure.

After a little while the whole team gathered in the Stonemasons Den with Brian to work as a group together. Brian had us stand in a circle so that we could give a group EVP session a go. Now what I found fantastic here is that Brian took the time to explain the EVP concept for people new to investigations, like Richard. He also told us better ways to perform the session rather than a clinical approach, which just isn’t a natural conversation.

Brian began to record and we each asked a question in turn around the circle. As we did so we tagged any noises too, including the chiming church bells towards the end. Once completed Brian plugged in a handy speaker and we reviewed the audio for possible oddities.

First up was a slightly breathy voice, but this was a little bit of a stretch and if in doubt ‘chuck it out’ right.

However it wasn’t long before we realised that we had captured something odd. Just before Amelia asked her question, there was quite a clear ‘two’ that could be heard. After further review this did sound a little like a sequence of numbers too, possibly like ‘4 3 2..’.

We followed up our EVP session with a little bit of pendulum work. Now I am going to just put this out there, as I have a funny feeling that the launch of the new Apple iPhone may have influenced our possible communication with spirits. Brian decided to use his Apple earphones as a pendulum on this occasion, which was interesting. That said the session did yield some interesting responses. We established a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ before proceeding to ask a few simple questions.

Whatever was communicating through this setup seemed to associate itself with he numbers captured in the EVP. We then tried to establish the location of our communicator and oddly this was confirmed to be with John Zaffis. Brian then decided to try and send the word ‘stab’ back to John as he would most likely be using the Echovox.

As we came towards the end of our session with Brian we decided to give the Psychic Projection Experiment a try. Once again Brian explained this experiment in good detail for those new to it. We actually tried this twice. On the first pass, we focused on the recording device using the word ‘stab’ and on the second pass we used the word ‘believe’. Unfortunately on these occasions the words didn’t appear on the device. This is an excellent little experiment, which is so quick that I think we should be trying it more and documenting it too. At least the circumstances in order to understand why it may work and why it doesn’t.

After a fantastic start to our nights investigation, we headed back to the base room for some refreshments, before moving on.

The Music Room with John Zaffis

Next up we headed to the Music room with the ‘Godfather’ of the paranormal, John Zaffis. John has forty plus years experience in the paranormal field and has studied under his aunt and uncle; Ed and Lorraine Warren.

We setup in the Music room by sitting pretty much in a circle near the piano. John kicked things off with an Echovox (I think, I didn’t get a great look at the app) session, but what I found quite interesting was the way in which John communicated with this ITC app. I have seen many use various ITC apps in the field used, but often investigators will pose more clinical questions. However John pretty much spoke to the app as you would a normal person, responding to its answers and attempting to keep the flow of the conversation going.

A few times whilst using this the name ‘Ed’ could be heard too, which was very interesting. Especially as John would respond by asking him to let others come through.

However it wasn’t long before the focus of this session was gained. Richard picked up on the name ‘Robert’, which John confirmed as being picked up by a previous group too. As we asked questions, we seemed to establish that possibly Robert may have been gay, but had to hide this from everyone. It was possible that he was a member of the family that resided at Warwick Castle, but this was a little vague to be fair. We did establish perhaps that Robert was stood in the corner of the room behind Richard and I.

We done our best as a group with John’s assistance to continue communication with Robert and other spirits by using classic knocks for positive and negative response.

I time with John passed at speed and before we knew it we were heading back to the base room wondering where we would be heading next.

The Bear Tower with Greg Lawson

Our next location was the Bear Tower with Greg Lawson, which was going to be an odd one of course. Simply because the Bear Tower is one small room above a large pit. Plus I also knew we would be in for a treat as Greg’s approach is a little different.

After a brief discussion outside the tower, Greg lead us inside and advised us to read the three pieces of information on the walls. As I stood there I found myself wondering about more than paranormal aspects, but the historical back stories that related to them; just like Greg had mentioned.

Then Greg took the rest of the group outside for a few minutes and left three of us in there alone in the dark. Oddly Danny, Amelia and I seemed quite at home in there, so I decided to ask them both what they were feeling. Which was interesting. Some relating to the probable history of the location, but otherwise certainly not too scary.

When Greg returned with the rest of the group I communicated that I was finding myself questioning what we were presented with, the evidence so to speak wasn’t quite right. Greg continued to tell us of how he had spoken with Frank Cinelli about various things which had lead to his own re-evaluations of how he looked at the paranormal. Something which places us as probable important elements within the paranormal experience. An approach which I totally agree with, as without an observer we must question if the activity ever occurred in the first place. Its the old; if a tree fell in the woods without anyone around would it make a sound analogy.

This questioning of the facts lead us to grab a torch and peer into the pit below us to at least quantify that it was bigger enough to house bears. Which it was, but it was evident from all this that where we stood was more like a gallery area with the bears below. Still I wanted to understand more about this area in order to tie in any probable paranormal elements.

Closure of the Bear Tower vigil came around far too quickly for me as I was getting into research analysis mode. So, I would just like to stop here and thank Greg for reminding me of the importance of following the facts.

Debunking a Strange Light with Carl Hutchinson

When I returned to the base room I bumped into Carl Hutchinson, who asked me to take a look at a couple of pictures he had taken in the courtyard of the castle. In these pictures there was a odd looking little light and in the Live Photos the light danced around like it was alive.

Carl instantly knew that it was something to do with the Apple iPhone (seriously this post isn’t sponsored by Apple) that was causing the oddity, but wondered if I had ever seen something like it.

Weirdly I actually had looked into recently as I had been sent a picture by someone that featured this very strange light. It’s a blue colour around the middle of the picture below.


Also seen in this picture too.


After receiving these I too like Carl thought they were a technical issue and soon concluded it to be so. This was proven though when Francesca Chiorando (Access All Areas) posted a beautiful picture on Facebook of the sun breaking through into the dark wood. Sure enough in the picture was that little blue light again.


However this wasn’t quite enough for Carl and I we had to go through the recreate process to ensure that this was a phone fault and that we weren’t seeing some kind of weird supernatural animal. So, I headed back out into the Castle courtyard to see if I could create a little blue light of my own.


Turns out that whilst you take a photo in low light scenarios like this and when the phone is slightly angled the small little light appears. It also seems that once the little light falls into the focus box this becomes more prominent. Tech issue for sure, debunked!

It’s fantastic to catch up and chat about stuff like this with Carl again.


The Chapel with Jeff Belanger

My groups next location was to be the Chapel with Ghost Adventures and prolific paranormal author Jeff Belanger. We began by discussing a little of this areas history and sharing some of Jeff’s candy corn. I’m still not sure whether accepting candy from Jeff was a good idea, especially given that it was a little addictive and full of sugar. Still thank you Jeff for the candy. Yes I am aware we call them sweets in the UK, but when in Rome.

The actual front of the Chapel wasn’t accessible, but Jeff explained how the motion sensors had triggered the alarms earlier even though there was no one there. As we all discussed this we theorised the possibility that the IR lights from the teams cameras may have set off the motion detectors. Shame we couldn’t test the theory.

Oddly or not so oddly the Chapel was relatively calming for me, well up until Wayne started using a FLIR device. As he scanned the device around the room identifying the various temperatures he discovered something a little odd. There appeared to be a warm patch on the floor registering around 22 degrees. What was particularly interesting is that this warm patch on the floor just wouldn’t dissipate. We tried comparisons by having one of the group sit near by to the patch. After they moved their heat signature soon dissipated. There also didn’t appear to be any light shining into the room that could cause it. It was certainly odd and we struggled to define an explanation.

Now unfortunately we don’t know if this appeared whilst we were there or if it was always there. So, understanding more about it is difficult. Still very interesting though.

Over the weekend this played on my mind a little and one possibility could be that this particular patch of flooring was more shiny than the rest. Thus the FLIR was bouncing back creating a false reading. I seem to recall reading about such a thing previously where during an investigation a false reading was picked up from a mirror, which in the dark wasn’t identified as such.

We all headed back to the base ready for our final location of the night.

The Kenilworth Room with Robert Murch, Nikki Folsom and Clare Hinks

The Kenilworth Room is best known and mentioned several times by me on this very website. Especially due to its connections Aleister Crowley and that very strange photo that MJ took in the room too. Its a part of Warwick Castle that has never really let us down activity wise and holds a certain fascination for me.

As ever our journey to the room was lead by one of the guest speakers, Robert Murch. We walked up stairs, along a corridor, into one of the bedrooms, past a few manikins and then along a long small passageway above the banquet hall to the room. As I stepped into the dark wood panelled room I noticed that my cousin Medium Clare Hinks was playing with a Ouija Board.

IMG_4765 2

Robert quickly filled us in on some what had already occurred and then a little about the board. Then he invited some of us to join him and Clare on the board. I jumped at the chance of course.

As we played on the board listening to Roberts instructions, some information came through. A little perhaps related to Crowley, a little perhaps related to the resurrection ritual which is reported to have taken place there and other information related to those in the room.

IMG_7822 2

Many of us including Robert, MJ, Clare, others in the room, on the board and I asked questions and the board appeared to respond. Obviously there are a whole lot of probable reasons why Ouija Boards work, but in situations like this I often find it best to go with it and simply see what happens. I often see divination tools such as this as a kind of link to the unconscious.

After a short while many of the large group that had gathered in the room decided to head down to the dungeons. However on this occasion I decided to remain and work with my cousin on the board a little more. We were also joined by Nikki Folsom and on occasion Robert too.

There was some interesting information coming through board associated possibly to the location. However all of a sudden communication just a appeared to stop! We tried a few things, but still the connection remained absent. Then weirdly we began to receive a little information. I think it was fair to say that at this point both Clare and I may have recognised our spirit communicator. This was confirmed shortly when the board spelt out ‘H W Knibb’. This was our grandfather and in all fairness not the first time he’s turned up during an investigation.

Obviously there’s a distinct possibility that as we were both on the board our unconscious minds directed the planchet towards someone that has passed and connects us both. In all honesty, however it worked it was a really nice way to finish the night. If it was truly his spirit letting us know he is about, then that in itself is good to know.

In a flash it was over…

As many investigations for me, Warwick Castle flew by, but for all the right reasons. The location is undoubtedly haunted in some way, a location like it that houses so much history and still today has an abundance of visitors, really has to have something paranormal about it.

It was great to visit a few different locations from my last investigation of the castle, but also fantastic to return my very favourite room; the Kenilworth Room. As ever Mj’s setup of the investigation giving us access to the various guest speakers during the night, was spot on and enjoyed by all that attended.

This year saw pretty much completely different approaches from all the guest speakers too in the various locations. There was EVP, Psychic Projection, Pendulum Work, ITC, classical knock communication, analysing what you do and don’t know, adding yourself into the equation, looking at the history, debunking, looking at all possibilities and communicating through the Ouija Board.

To be quite frank there are not many investigation events out there that give you this many paranormal celebrities, techniques, approaches and all in a fantastic location such as Warwick Castle.

As far as paranormal events go, in my opinion this was a ten out of ten.

A Little Thanks

I would just like to say a massive thank you to MJ Dickson for putting the whole thing together, great job. I would also like to thank all the guest speakers that helped make this night a fantastic experience all the way through. So, in no particular order Brian J Cano, John Zaffis, Greg Lawson, Jeff Belanger, Robert Murch, Nikki Folsom and Clare Hinks; thank you all and great job guys.

Lastly, thank you to everyone that attended, what a great bunch of people you are. I believe MJ calls you all the Sage Tribe.

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Paraforce UK 2017 – Guest Speaker John Blackburn

Who is John Blackburn?

As we are now less than two weeks away from Paraforce UK 2017 I thought I would talk with a few more of the Guest Speakers and find out a little more about them prior to the event.


Paranormal Investigator and Medium John Blackburn is one of the guest speakers at this years Paraforce UK 2017 paranormal convention. I thought I would ask him a few questions ahead of the event.

The Origins of John’s Paranormal Interest

I kicked things off by asking John about how his interest in the paranormal originated for him?

“It all started for me in 1971 when I was thirteen years of age living in Whitefield, Greater Manchester. One moonlit night I had the strangest experience that I would never forget… I was the youngest of four children; my brother Keith who was the eldest followed by my two sisters, Pam & Janice. We all lived in a house in Whitefield, my Mum was very unsettled there, she was never happy when my Dad had to work away from home due to a menacing recurring nightmare. She would often wake up screaming to the vision of a coffin lid being placed over the top of her whilst she lay in bed.

On one particular night my brother & sisters were invited to a party at their friend’s house, I of course had to stay at home as it wasn’t cool to have your thirteen year old brother in tow. Unfortunately for my Mum, Dad was working away. My brother Keith & I shared the same bedroom, we had bunk beds which were made into single beds, Keith’s was under the bedroom window & my bed was against the wall opposite the bedroom door. My Mum asked me if she could sleep in Keith’s bed that night to which I agreed.

I was in a deep sleep, to be awakened by my arm being poked three times… “Mum… leave me alone” I mumbled. Next there was a tap on my shoulder… I turned round & standing just two feet away from me was a young boy who was about the same age as me staring at me through lifeless eyes. I know it sounds strange but I turned round & went back to sleep again. The next day when I came down stairs for breakfast, my Mum asked me if I had seen anything last night, the image of my spooky visitor came back to me in a flash… “I couldn’t sleep last night, the rays from the moonlight illuminated the room and I could see a green mist swirling next to your bed” my Mum said.”

Fascinated by the fact that John appears to combine his psychical abilities alongside the logic of an investigator; I wanted to know a little more. It also occurred to me that perhaps on occasion the two sides may come into conflict and which side dominates in these scenarios.

“When I am working I never rule out what occurs on the night could be natural and not supernatural.  One thing that I strongly believe is that you are only cheating yourself if you don’t look at what could be a natural occurrence.  I have seen and experienced many amazing things whilst investigating the paranormal which I couldn’t explain and I cherish every moment and feelings I have experienced.”

The Success of Mysteria Paranormal

John’s paranormal company Mysteria Paranormal done really well and even received an award. I decided to ask what John thought attributed to his success or indeed any events company in the paranormal field.

“The simple answer to that is passion, never be money motivated. Once you are money motivated you lose the true value of why we investigate the paranormal.  Always keep people interested, one golden rule for me is never keep people sat in the dark doing nothing and when it gets quiet like all locations can be at some point you work harder.  People go on the events to have an experience and I work hard to give them the experience they expect to have and if they go home happy, I’m happy.  I am always very self critical and I am not happy if I feel I could of done better. I never look at what other people are doing; the only thing I do look at is cost so I can give good value for money.  I have never been in it for money, however what some don’t understand sometimes is that cost of locations, public liability insure and equipment are not cheap therefore you need to make a profit to keep running.”

Paranormal Tech

I decided to ask John about his opinion on the various pieces of paranormal tech currently available in the field.

“To be truthful too many people rely on them and people on the events get bored with them after a while.  I remember years ago when I used to work as a host for a well known paranormal company they used to like to give people equipment to carry round with them during the investigation. People would only use them for a short while and then at the end of the night we would spend a while looking for the equipment that some people left in the building because they got bored using them and carrying them around.  You can’t beat your own senses to know when spirit is around.  I always remember two ladies came to one of my events to check out the way I worked and one of the ladies said to me how do I know spirit is around if I don’t use a K2 meter.  That’s the main problem too many people rely on them and quite a lot of time they can give a false reading.  I have worked hard over the years in development and meduimship circles and in my opinion you will have a better experience using your natural senses and working with our energy.”

The Enigma Experiment

One of the latest projects that John is working on is the Enigma Experiments. These appear to be based on variations of psychical research areas and other experiments such as the famous Scole Experiment. However I wanted to to ask John about the concept behind the Enigma Experiments and what his end goal from them was.

“The concept is primarily based on the use of energy.  My belief is that to get success in the field study of the paranormal we need to learn and focus on manipulating spiritual energy.  At the end of the day we have to work in harmony with the spiritual world, by respect and keep them interested in the communication.  I feel we have achieved this by means of various experiments we have created which we use on the events. The end goal is the success of the Pentimento Experiment and bringing my friend/spirit guide David home closer to me and my friends on the Enigma Experiment who have all been touched by David.  David is an amazing spirit person who we all have utmost respect for. He has story to share, it’s a journey we are all focused on and we will help David achieve this goal.  Although the website and facebook groups are called “Enigma Paranormal Events” we are still really the “Enigma Experiment” which on the events is comprised of the following experiments.”

Spirit Conduction Rope Experiment

The experiment is based on the manipulation of spirit energy by encouraging spirit contact with the aid of the “Spirit Conduction Rope.” One of the most popular and most talked about experiments, exciting, totally unique and unlike anything that you have experienced before.

The Prana Experiment  

Prana is the Sanskrit word for “life force” and associated with Brahman, a spiritual concept in Hinduism. It is the pervasive, genderless, infinite, eternal truth which does not change, yet is the cause of all changes. Brahman is everywhere and inside each living being and there is a connected spiritual oneness in all existence, it’s a key concept found in The Vedas, a large body of texts. Hindus consider The Vedas to be apauruseya “Not of Man.” Can a strong energy force connect to spirit on a higher consciousness and intelligent level?

The Zener Experiment

Is based on perceptual psychologist Dr Karl Zener’s experiment to test extra sensory perception (ESP) by the use of Zener cards, 25 in a pack made up of five symbols.  In a test of ESP. The experimenter picks up a card and records the answer of the person being tested for ESP more than three symbols answered correctly proves that the person being tested has a gift. The Enigma Experiment version is very similar, but with a frightening twist!

Mail Attachment

Harbinger Experiment

Energy that foreshadows an omen or sign with the use of a translucent ball or other material with the belief that things can be seen. Spiritual visions coming from one’s subconscious mind. Though in the past believed to have come from gods, spirits and the devil. To gain insight into a question or situation by the ritual of scrying to communicate with spirit.

Kelpie Experiment

A shape shifter able to adopt human form and communicate with the living.  A type of ghost or supernatural being supposedly responsible for psychical disturbances such as loud noises and objects being moved or destroyed. This experiment is not for the faint hearted or of a nervous disposition an experiment closely linked to the black monk of Pontefract.  Can poltergeist activity be manifested by spirit communication?

The Mercurius Experiment

Mercurius a keeper of the boundaries a guide to the souls of the underworld.   Associated with messages of communication including various forms of divination.  A bridge between the upper and lower worlds of spirit communication.  This experiment uses both male and female energy but predominantly female energy as this is more susceptible and open.  Can female energy connect and communicate stronger with spirit?

The Pentimento Experiment

A completely unique experiment, one that will be mind-blowing.  Can the part of a human being associated with the mind, will and feelings achieve karmic Transmigration?

Probable Results from the Enigma Experiments

With a firm interest in some of these fascinating approaches I asked if the experiments had provided any particularly interesting results since they began. I was of course as ever wondering about the data too.

“We have had some amazing results which stems back from when I used to do the Anguish Man Live Experiment.  Being one of the guest speakers I have got some footage I will be showing on the Paraforce weekend which has never been seen before and hopefully if the conditions are right a live demonstration.”

Never before seen footage and a possible live demonstration, which shouldn’t be missed for sure. As I have a bit of an interest in the experiment I will have to make sure I catch that.

Classic Top Five Locations that John’s Investigated Question Time

  • Cook’s Corner in Hartlepool
  • HMS Trincomalee
  • The Chocolate Factory in Hull
  • 39 De Grey Street Hull
  • The Punch Bowl in Pendle

Classic Top Five Locations that John Would Like To Investigate

  • Aokigahara, also known as the Suicide Forest Japan.
  • Winchester Mansion, San Jose, California
  • Marie Laveau House of Voodoo, New Orleans
  • Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo
  • Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania

What’s John’s Favourite Ghost Story?

“Harry Martindale’s account of the famous Roman soldier’s apparition that he witnessed in the Treasures House Cellar in York.”

Coming Up Next for John Blackburn

“Yes to move forward with the Pentimento Experiment which I will discuss at Paraforce and to look for more interesting and extreme locations which we will announce towards the end of the year.”

Thank You John Blackburn

I would like to thank you John for taking the time to answer my questions and help provide this little post ahead of the Paraforce UK 2017 paranormal convention.

The Enigma Experiment

If you would like to read more on the convention then please follow the link below to find out more:-

Paraforce UK 2017


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Paraforce UK 2017 – A Little on Convention Organiser Vivien Powell

Who is Vivien Powell?

As we are now under a month away from this years Paraforce UK Paranormal Convention, I thought who better to chat to than Vivien Powell one of its organisers.

Vivien has been interested in the paranormal for a large part of her life. This has meant that she has found herself involved in both team investigations and public events too over the years. An involvement that no doubt evolved into the organisation of Paraforce UK.


If memory serves me well (which isn’t always the case) I first met Vivien at Paracon UK 2014 and like many I met that weekend became friends thanks to our familiar interest in the paranormal.

So, ahead of the convention I thought it would be excellent to ask Vivien a few questions, so we could find out a little more about her and her paranormal interest. Here goes then..

How did you originally become interested in the paranormal field?

As ever I find it interesting to discover where other’s began their paranormal journey, what were the triggers that started them off down this path of discovery. One which may often help you learn more about yourself than finding answers regarding the afterlife.

“I had my first experiences as a very young child, seeing a strange man in my house. I lived in a very haunted house for the first 7 years of my life. Very frightening indeed and not understanding what I was seeing. It made my very young childhood years, very miserable indeed.

I grew up seeing more and more, and not just in my house, and it was in my teens I found that I could hear disembodied voices too!

It all reached a peak in my early twenties, where I was taken to a spiritualist church in Ashford Middlesex and I joined a closed circle.

With the help of a great Medium called John Reese in Uxbridge, these gifts were explained and I was guided and it was not very long before I was serving the churches in and around Greater London giving demonstrations of mediumship.

It was here that I was asked to help a family in need, in their home and it was then that my interest and study into the paranormal began really.”

Is your approach more spiritual or scientific; or perhaps a mixture of both?

Vivien’s paranormal start certainly seems to be one that was relatively spiritual, but I wondered if this approach was still dominant in her investigations or not. Often you may find in the field that some will start very scientific and end up follwing a much more spiritual approach. Of course if you begin from a spiritual aspect is there still a possibility for science I wonder!

“Depending on the type of investigation. On public events I stick to scientific, though I do get a helping hand from spirit sometimes. Private ones where people are seeking my help is a different matter completely.”

Vivien is absolutely right, it would always depend on the type of investigation I guess. There is a place for both in any investigation, but equally there is a time and a place. Personally I think with the right Medium and indeed team both the approaches can work  together really well, but there must be validation using the science in order for it to have a positive impact on the investigation. Which can occur in various ways.

Who are your paranormal heroes ?

A question I love asking those in the paranormal, especially those that have been in the field for number of years, is all about their inlfuences. The people that over the years may have contributed in such a way that it had an impact on them, perhaps even inspired their work. I know I have a few of my own. Here are Vivien’s.

  • Maurice Grosse
  • Doris Stokes
  • Arthur C Clarke
  • John Reese
  • Jack Dempsey & Great Bear

Great choices from Vivien and some classic, but great members of the field in there.

How do you see the field progressing or how would you like to see the field progress over the next 5 to 10 years ?

Once particular area of the paranormal that I cerainly wish to understand and help develop is its future. What happens over the next 5 to 10 years is important to me and hopefully to the rest of those out there in the paranormal.

Vivien has certainly made some valid points on this one in my opinion.

“I would like to see the field taken more seriously, and not just a way to make money. More experimentation to gain a better understanding both spiritually and scientifically.  Most of all I would like people to get to love History, find out more, research the building and events that took place; and to take pride in heritage rather than:-

”just go on a ghost hunt”

We are so lucky here in the UK to have the history, the places and buildings that go with it. Something that is seriously overlooked these days.”

Understanding the history of the locations that we investigate is something that I used to love doing when researching the cases. Often when doing that research you can discover so much more about why the place maybe haunted or believed to be haunted too. Sometimes the answers are sitting waiting for us in the library.

What has been your most scariest experience to date?

It wouldn’t be a paranormal interview without this question, let’s behonest. Vivien outlined her fearful moment for us.

“The most scariest experience to date, is more of a feeling. Let me explain……

I was investigating a Sea Clipper that was extremely haunted with the last death on board only in 1984.

The Clipper was used in the 2nd world war to ferry Jews in occupied Europe to safe haven. During this time there were numerous deaths on board as you can imagine.

2 of the crew on a certain part of the vessel were washed overboard on one of the trips with the Jews. It was on that part of the Clipper hidden away by the cabins there that I had a feeling of dread and fear.

I was with my fellow investigator Nery. We both witnessed a shadow man walking back and forth, we heard  2 men talking and we witnessed the cabin door unlatch, open and close.

Great to investigate and to get so much, but the fear and the feeling of dread, kind of like I know I am about to die kind of feeling……it’s very hard to put into words. What made it worse, there was no quick way out as there was only one way in and out and you had to climb a vertical ladder to get out. Something you could not do very quickly.”

What are your top five places that you have investigated ?

Oh come on, it wouldn’t be the same without a few classic top five questions. I can hear the classic Top of the Pops music in the background now..

  • The Tower of London
  • Alcatraz
  • Castle Rising
  • Redoubt Fort
  • Derby Gaol

Great list from Vivien on this too. Castle Rising keeps poping up for me, perhaps I should visit. Another interview I have recently completed with David Farrant mentions to, plus a friend mentioned it to me today! Synchronicity no doubt!

What are the top five places that you would still like to investigate ?

Once you’ve asked someone what their top five investigated locations are, it makes sense to find out the places in the world where they would love to go and investigate. Here’s Vivien’s.

  • The Houses of Parliament (Tunnels) & Big Ben – London
  • The Taj Mahal  – India
  • The Chinese Theatre – California USA
  • HMS Belfast – London
  • Catacombs of Paris – France

Another group of five greats there. I think for me the Houses of Parliament and the Paris Catacombs shine through more so though. Both of those are locations I would really love to investigate one day, if I can.

If you could create a team of investigators from anywhere in the world at any time, past or present, who would make the top five?

This is a newer question that I have starter to ask from time to time and it never fails to throw up some excellent results. Oddly they have ranged from deadly serious responses with detailed explanations to slightly more ‘out there’ let’s say responses.

Question is who does Vivien want in her team…

  • Maurice Grosse – For the serious stuff
  • Louis Spence – For the laughs at scary times
  • Adam Ant – To hold my hand
  • Nery Kirby – For protection
  • Juwan Mass from Ghost Brothers – ‘To pop the trunk’ & Tech guy

Not a bad bunch to investigate with I’m sure. Grosse would certainly hold it all together.

What’s your most favourite ghost story or folk tale ?

“The tale of the headless horseman on the Windsor Walk, if you come across him apparently you are supposed to suffer heart attack and die on the spot.

Executed by Henry VIII apparently.

Never seen him yet or heard of anyone else come to that. A great tale!!!

A local legend from near my home town.”

I’ve heard of a few headless horseman tales, but not come across one where seeing him causes a heart attack. Think I will be looking that one up for sure. I do love a good old folk take.

Do you have a favourite supernatural creature ?

The Black Shuck or sometimes known as the Devil’s Dog.”

Now this one I have heard of, who hasn’t! In fact I have also written about the Black Shuck in a previous post as it was sighted near my home town.

What are your plans for the next few months paranormally speaking?

“At the moment, getting the final bits and pieces ready for Paraforce UK with Sean Cadman.

I am giving a lecture this year. Writing, getting more of the book completed.

I will be attending a few Ghost Hunts and I will get away to Yorkshire for a few days rest to recharge the batteries.”


Now that sounds like a packed month ahead for Vivien then; and also Sean too.

Why did you decide to put together Paraforce UK ?

“Both Sean and myself worked behind the scenes at Paracon UK a few years ago. 

Sean and I had so many people contact us asking us to put something together. We both had a chat and decided that because we do this for a passion of the paranormal and not for money-making, that we could do it again for the people.

Our main objectives were and still are, to bring people together to share experiences, swap ideas, learn from others, make new friends and contacts and to not feel embarrassed about their passion or hobby.

We try to cater for all the field of Paranormal, from UFOs, Ghosts, Crypto (Ghostly Creatures), Occult, spirituality, etc. We also try to make it accessible for all by keeping our prices as low as possible.”


What are your future aspirations for the convention?

“We are seeing the convention grow every year. We would love for more people/teams/stalls whatever to get involved no matter how big or small.

At the moment Sean & I are holding it as a yearly convention, you never know what the future holds?

We are always on the look out for speakers/authors etc no matter how controversial.

Sean & myself would love to see this grow each year. We love seeing everyone coming together and enjoying themselves in the relaxed atmosphere that we provide.”

Thank You Vivien

As ever I would like to say a huge thank you to Vivien for taking the time to answer my questions. Hopefully they weren’t too bad!


The Paraforce UK 2017 Paranormal Convention kicks off at the end of this month, so if you’ve not got tickets check out my previous post on the convention for details – Paraforce UK 2017 Paranormal Convention


If anyone would like to get in touch with Sean or Viv, here’s their contacts:

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Paraforce UK 2017 Paranormal Convention

An Knightly Order Perhaps

This year I have been lucky enough to be invited by the organisers of Paraforce UK 2017 to blog about the event and hopefully post a few YouTube videos on my channel regarding the event too.

Last year I only managed to visit the event for roughly half a day due to personal family commitments, but this year I should be covering the whole affair.

So, in my usual fashion when it comes to events such as these I hope to engage with several of the guest speakers for a few interviews, initially as blog posts, which I will link to this very post. However I may venture into the video world and perhaps conduct a few interviews over the weekend too for my YouTube channel.

This time around though I am going to approach a little differently than I have perhaps in previous years. As I am going to attempt and step things up a little by going a little beyond just the guest speakers. In my opinion the field and these events isn’t just about those that manage to be fortunate to speak to us all about their encounters. It’s an ever growing field that requires a little more focus on those of us out there investigating too.

So, my hope is to grab a few people and interview them too, understand their involvement in the paranormal, but also how their weekend is going. As I am often a little old school in my approach to such things, if you do see me at Paraforce UK and believe you have something you would like to share, please feel free to grab me and I will conduct a short interview.

What’s Paraforce UK 2017 All About Then ??

Well those of you that follow my blog and website from the likes of the United States will likely be all too familiar with the concept as you guys appear to have a convention just about everything over there. The paranormal field doesn’t miss out either with what seems like one in every state throughout the year.

However the UK has been a little more, let’s slow in catching onto this concept or has it? The UK has held parapsychology or Psychical Research conferences for many many years now with the likes of the Society for Psychical Research and ASSAP’s Seriously Strange being possibly the better known. The problem is that these conventions have generally been aimed at the world of academia and not so much the ghost hunter that most associate with these days.

That all changed a little back in 2014 I believe when we saw Paracon UK pop onto the scene for a one year appearance. Now don’t think for a moment that this was the first convention of its kind as there had already been a few smaller localised ones prior. This brought us TV personalities such as Brian J Cano from Haunted Collector to a place that we could meet them and learn more about what was behind the character from the show.

Unfortunately Paracon UK was only to be a one year thing, after all a proper convention on the scale they were looking at takes a few years to get off the ground and requires some suitable backing. That said all was not lost and from this we actually managed to gain two paranormal conventions, both of which are great if you’re interested in the field of the paranormal.

We had the first Sage Paracon UK at which I spoke last year and spent a fantastic weekend making new friends from across the pond. I also reported on it a little and interviewed a few of its speakers too. This year Sage Paracon UK returns with a more exclusive approach and a very fanciful location at Warwick Castle. If you’re interested check it out at their website – here.

Sage wasn’t alone though and we also saw Paraforce UK open its doors for the first time and they had theirs at nine other than the Galleries of Justice I believe. Due to personal commitments I was unfortunately unable to attend the whole weekend, but did pop my head in for a morning thanks to the reasonable ticket price.

Last year Paraforce UK also brought us some big names from some of our favourite paranormal TV shows; like Barry Fitzgerald and Paul Bradford from Ghost Hunters International. Plus many many more UK based speakers too. It was beginning to pick up just as I left last year which was a great shame.

Not to worry though because this year I’m covering the event, which is a bonus to say the least. With that in mind if you’ve got any questions or ideas for blogs related to the convention please don’t hesitate to give me a shout and I will see what I can put together for you.

Think of me as your very own Paraforce UK roving reporter lol!

When and Where Is Paraforce UK 2017??

So, if you’ve not heard or seen the posts on social media then here’s the important part to enable you to sort out your diary and be at Paraforce UK 2017.

It’s all going down on the weekend of the 30th September and 1st October 2017. Make sure you scribble that on your kitchen calendar and don’t forget, okay?

Now in order to sort out places to stay and a good weekend away to concentrate on the paranormal stuff here’s where it’s all going to happen – Creasing Temple Barns, Witham, Essex. Which incidentally is quite a lovely location and worth a visit all by itself.

So, that’s –

30th September and 1st October 2017

At Creasing Temple Barns, Witham, Essex.

Make a note then…

Who Are The Paraforce UK 2017 Guest Speakers??

As you’ve probably seen from the various posters in circulation around Social Media there are quite a few Guest Speakers this year and all very much worth a listen to as well.

So, as a part of my blog posts on the run up to the event I will attempt to post a few short interviews with as many of the Guest Speakers as I can.

Once each is completed I will post it and link it back to this very post to make it easy to find them all. If anything else comes up in relation to the event I will also look to add it here too, making this a one stop shop for all things Paraforce UK 2017 through my website.

Paraforce 2017 Guest Speaker List

Vivian Powell
Sean Cadman
Barry Fitzgerald
Joe Chin
Malcolm Robinson
Michael Dee
Eamon Vanharris
Chris Halton
John Blackburn
William Becker
Gert Brouwer
David Farrant
Tomo Warrington
Sandra Dunne

How to buy your tickets ?

If all this sounds perfect for you and you want to grab your tickets or even find out more from the guys running the event, please head over to their website below..


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