Sage Paranormal Convention App Review

Why have an App for a Paranormal Convention…

These days we seem to have an App for literally everything don’t we and yes many App’s seem to be completely pointless. This is often the case within the paranormal field too; with Ghost Finder Apps or Demon Locator Apps, is no wonder the field is often not taken that seriously.

However every once in a while there comes along someone who takes what they do very seriously and endeavours to deliver an experience or an event of the highest standard. MJ Dickson of Sage Paranormal is one of those highly focused individuals that continues to push the envelope with her events and that is equally the case with Sage Paracon that she organises in the UK. 2018 will see the third Sage Paracon and each previous year has gone from strength to strength delivering some great lectures, investigations and social events all in one weekend. Sage Paracon brings guest speakers from the US that we usually only see on our TV right into the room with you, where you can interact with them and even investigate with them too.

This year MJ launches the Paranormal Convention App to accompany the Sage Paracon in order to give those attending or even those thinking about attending access to all the relevant information all from their mobile phones. A brilliant idea in order to keep informed simply.

What is the App all about…

The App itself provides essential news and information related to the Sage Paracon event, currently focused on this years Sage Paracon 2018. This includes some important background information about the event, but also specifics that give users all the important stuff right there on their phone.

Don’t worry if you’ve not brought a ticket for the Paracon just yet though, as the App has all the available packages right there in the App too. So, you can take your time review each of them and decide exactly what’s right for your budget and schedule before buying your ticket to the Paracon.

There is lots of information in there too on many of the guest speakers too. These ‘Speaker Bio’s’ as they’re called are a great little introduction to the conventions speakers, giving the reader just enough to grab your attention and want a little more too. Of course that little extra would come in the form of their lecture at Sage Paracon 3.


As ever though Sage show that they are on the ball with the needs of their ‘tribe’ and have included nearby accommodation options. There is not always enough space right at the Paracon venue as it’s in high demand and goes fast. Knowing this Sage provide a few additional options for those wanting to stay close during the four days; options which also suit varying budgets too. Having these right there in the App is fantastic though as it makes planning your long weekend of paranormal simplistic. However Sage don’t just stop with the accommodation either, they know it’s important to be able to get around too. So the App also includes essential information on local transport access too; including taxis, trains and more. Once agin always looking out for their ‘tribe’, Sage have even thrown in a few little clever tips too. Extremely valuable when you’re attending an event somewhere you’re not used to.

The App does include some detailed information on the 2018 venue too, Coombe Abbey Hotel. This outlines a little of this haunted luxury hotels back setting, but also some information on how to book a room there too. This tile of the App is well worth a look because the location is breathtaking to say the least and perfect for a very paranormal convention.

Then there is also the additional parts of the four-day event too; like the investigation, the Vampire Masquerade Ball, the Medieval Banquet and more. There is of course the usuals you would expect to find on an App for an event such as this too; like the legal stuff and all the essential contact details to reach Sage too.

How to use the App…

Once you’re passed the initial login screen, which I believe logs in automatically once you’ve logged in once. Then you’re presented with the App’s main screen. This is currently the Sage Paracon 3 header, which if you tap on it links to the events trailer video. If you’ve not seen it, then take a look.

Below the header are various tiles that link to different pieces of information regarding the Sage Paracon 2018. Simply scroll to see what’s available to select and tap the tile to select it. This then loads the page. The simply scroll to read, tap the links to follow them and tap the related items tile’s to read them too.


At the bottom of the reading page are five controls.


  • A simple ‘X’ to close the page you’re reading and return to the main screen.
  • An option to change the text size, ‘Aa’.
  • An option to add the page to your reading list, which looks a little like a book.
  • A download option, which I think is disabled at the moment.
  • An option to post the article on social media too.

The controls are literally as simple and easy to use as that. Simple, but most certainly effective.

There is also a final menu, which can be accessed from the main page. Simply swipe left to right from the top left corner of your screen. This gives you access to your own profile settings by tapping on the cog, which has the usual stuff like topics, account setup and forced log out. There’s also a search facility in there that you can use, always good for finding details quickly and simply. Then there is exclusive content, which will be available for ticket holders only. The menu also includes videos, your topics and the reading list you could save to from the articles mentioned earlier.

Where to get the App…

Currently the App is only available on Apple as far as I know, I’m sure once that changes I will add an update to advise it’s on android too. However if you’re looking to download it to your iPhone then it really couldn’t be simpler. Just open the App Store, tap Search, type in ‘Paranormal Convention’ and hit the search button. The App should appear under the title of Paranormal Convention, but it will have the unmistakable Sage log, so you know you’ll have it. The simply tap GET to download the free App. Yes, that’s right this App is free and perfect if you’re interested in Sage Paracon’.


So what’s the verdict then…

The App itself is an excellent idea to help deliver relevant content to anyone interested in the Sage Paracon. It’s simple to use and full of great information about the speakers, venue and more. It’s like having the guide-book in your phone. If you’re going to Sage Paracon 3 or even just thinking about it, this App is worth downloading to your phone for sure. The fact that the App is free means you could simply download and take a look to see what you think. There is also more content on the way too and MJ’s even working on adding live updates during the Paracon too, possibly ready for this year.

It would be great to get a few more App’s that present news and information related to the paranormal to be honest. MJ Dickson from Sage has made an excellent move putting this together and once again shows her commitment to her work. The professional look of the App tells you right away you’re about to receive good and important information too.

Great work MJ and I look forward to seeing the new content as its added.

Don’t forget to check out the Sage Paragon UK website for more details…

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