Sage Paracon 2018 – Coombe Abbey

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Sage Paracon UK 2016 – The Warwick Castle Paranormal Investigation

Warwick Castle, Amazing Location, Enough Said!!
Warwick Castle

Right first things first, I cannot express how much of a fantastic location that Warwick Castle is! Seriously, I literally had to pick my lower jaw up off the floor as I walked through the grounds. MJ and the Sage Paranormal UK team truly outdone themselves on this one. Now there are a few places like this around the UK that often catch me off guard and completely throw me, but this truly knocked my socks off! So much so that I forgot to take any useful video footage or even photos, slight school boy error on my part. In fact school boy, could not be more perfect an explanation. Just like the Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker, walking into Warwick Castle threw me a little and brought out that inner child. Problem is that inner child takes his eye off the ball and fails to gather good photographic or video to work with later.

So, hands up and apologies for not having anything to show you that I captured. However if you are reading this and you were there with us, please feel free to share you photo’s and videos with on my Facebook Page (link on the right).

Sage Paranormal’s Ghostly Visit Before Hand…

Now usually this post would be all about the night in question, which was the Friday night when Sage Paracon UK kicked off. However like an excellent investigator and event organiser she is, MJ from Sage Paranormal visited Warwick Castle before hand. Also, in order to understand the location she shot a few pictures. One such room was the Kenilworth bedroom which was more than a little famous for paranormal activity.
The Kenilworth Bedroom


This particular room wasn’t only associated with some rather odd spiritual stuff that suggested the possibility of a girl being raised from the dead in the bed, but the room was also associated with Séance activity held by no other than Aleister Crowley. A guy that was connected to some very interesting, but possibly dark occultism in his day. He will have to be a subject of a future post all by himself I think.
Aleister Crowley

Right, so now I’ve set the scene and in order to gather some understanding of the location MJ visited the Kenilworth bedroom and began to take some photographs. In particular she took a picture of the information plaque at the foot of the bed.
Kenilworth Bedroom Information Plaque

Now at the time she was alone in the room and simply took the photo then headed off. When she looked through her photos later at home she was surprised to find a figure in the window on the right. However not one to jump to conclusions MJ contacted Warwick Castle to confirm she was both alone in the room and that there were no wax work dummies in the room. There were neither! The question now becomes, who the heck is guy in the window?

Our Ghostly Night at Warwick Castle

Back to the Sage Paracon UK 2016 event at Warwick Castle and after I managed to pick my jaw up off the ground, we all gathered in the cafe area I believe. After MJ ensured that everyone was there and ready to go, we started the evening with a tour, which would equally identify the areas we would be holding vigils in later that night.

The tour of Warwick Castle was actually really good, as you can imagine it would be for such an iconic location. We started off our tour in the Ghost Tower, then onto the main building where we passed the library, the Kenilworth Bedroom, the main hall and a few more amazing spaces. We also stopped off at the dungeons, which included a room full of mirrors, never a good thing right?

The tour ended back at cafe for a break before we began the evenings vigils. Which was also chance to move around the room and chat to a few of the people attending.

Vigils at Warwick Castle

The Sage Paranormal UK Team lead this part of the night by allocating the guest speakers; Jeff Belanger, Frank Cinelli (Dr Spectre), Greg Lawson, Graham Smyth and I particular areas in Warwick Castle. Graham and I were given the Ghost Tower, so headed off there with our first group.

Although both Graham and I may have been considered a slight double act (we are serious researchers and investigators honest) we done our best to get our groups involved in the investigation of the Ghost Tower, with some interesting results. Our initial approach was to talk with our groups to see what gadgets they had brought to the tower, but also if any of them were particularly ‘sensitive’ to spirit. Luckily for us all the groups we had did have an excellent mixture of both.

In one of our first vigils we tried communicating using one of the groups own gadget. Alan Smith’s small device would pick up changes in the static field (I believe) when something moved closer to it. Placed on one side of the highest room in the Ghost Tower we were asking various questions and on a few occasions we did appear to receive some kind of response via the device. As it illuminated a few times as if someone or something had moved closer. We attempted to back this communication up using other devices, but unfortunately only Alan’s device reacted. As ever it’s not definitive proof of communication and it is very subjective as we dont have all the data on a very variable environment, but heck whilst you’re in a darkened room that has the name Ghost Tower, it was interesting.

If anyone that was present has any audio or video footage of that Vigil or other Vigils that night, I would be interested in looking at it and you never know it might make a future post on my website and YouTube Channel .

Other Vigils in the Ghost Tower were more spiritual in my with less tech and more information being passed through the group via mediumship.

I remember that a couple of the guests picked up on quite a few things related to the location including a very dramatic fire there. Some of this information also appeared to centre around one particular woman. I always find this transference of information fascinating.

In a later group, which included Rach and Selwyn from the Royal Oak Pub in Swanage where I conducted the Victorian Seance Singapore Theory Experiement; we had some interesting communication or telepathy depending on your perspective. One of the guests picked up on a very specific unique piece of information that to her seemed very random and possibly incorrect. However it became apparent following the Vigil that this information she picked up on was actually had a direct relationship to another member of that group. Unfortunately its not really my place to post what that information was here as it relates to an individual, but should they wish to share their story please use the comments below. Suffice to say this was a great example of localised Telepathic Interaction. Oddly this group also picked up on a name directly to Warwick Castle and one of the guests too.

Free Time Vigils

The last part of the night began after a final break where all the guests could venture out to a location of their own choice. For me I had to visit the Kenilworth Bedroom and investigate that area a little more. This wasn’t just because of its connection with the infamous Aleister Crowley, but oddly because some of the panelling was bugging me a little. I never got to the bottom of the panelling really, but we did spend some quality time in the room. Earlier on during the night another group picked up some interesting stuff in the Kenilworth Room, I believe on device one of our American friends Susan had with her. I would be interested to see that footage too.

Suffice to say I left the Kenilworth Bedroom wanting more, that room needs a thorough investigation and quite possibly a good old fashion Séance. Maybe one day I will get back in to do that.

Warwick Castle Round Up

Warwick Castle is a fantastic location, which needs far more than just one visit as there is so much to be had there. You need a good weekend there, hmm!

The Sage Paranormal UK Team ensured that we all had a great night at a fabulous location, a night that I will long remember. The location houses so much history and possible hauntings that its going to need a few more visits I think.

In all fairness we had a great bunch of people there that Friday night, all the VIPs, Guest Speakers, the Sage Paranormal UK Team and the Warwick Castle Guide were great and influential in ensuring we all had a great night. So, thank you to all.

If you were there that night, please feel free to share your experiences of Warwick Castle in the comments below.

After Investigation Party

Ok it wasn’t so much a party, but a small gathering outside when we returned to Wroxall Abbey, those involved know what I mean! I just thought it was important to mention that its good to have a sit and chat following a good night at such an epic location. Something else that my investigations of the paranormal has given me is the friendship of some very interesting people the world over now. Often its not just about investigating haunted locations,  but the friendships you gain along the way. Its most definitely not always the destination, but the journey itself that helps you grow. So, this is a small footnote mention to all of you out there in the paranormal who I am lucky enough to call friend, thank you all. As MJ of Sage Paranormal might say, you’re like my para-family.

Wherever you may be investigating next, good luck and enjoy the journey.

Sage Paracon UK 2016 – “History is a Ghost Story” – Jeff Belanger

Sage Paracon UK 2016

Sage Paracon UK 2016

Sage Paracon UK 2016 On the 8th & 9th October 2016 Sage Paranormal will be hosting their very own Paranormal Convention at Wroxall Abbey Estate in Warwickshire. I know this because it’s well advertised, if you’ve missed it you’re social media blind and because I have the pleasure of being one of the guest speakers. Don’t miss out on what’s going to be a great weekend and pop over to their website later and purchase your tickets. There are some great deals available.

So, as we begin to run up to the event I thought I would make a few of my posts all about some of the things going on over the weekend at Sage Paracon UK 2016. Hopefully as you follow the posts, which I will try to make as frequent as possible, you can join me on a virtual journey into the paranormal world. Our final destination will be the Wroxall Abbey Estate on the 8th October and Sage Paracon UK 2016.

If you missed last weeks post on Ouija Boards and Robert Murch, who will be speaking about the Boards at Sage Paracon UK 2016, then check it out at Sage Paracon UK 2016 – Ouija Boards.

A Ghost Story and a History Lesson

Back in the day when I was only about eleven years old I saw something which captured not only my imagination, but my passion to understand a mystery. You see I was always fortunate to be encouraged as child to understand things. However this was oddly developed into a slightly strange captivation for the paranormal, a need to understand the Unknown!

This began with me spotting a probable ghost in an old Manor House which was located across the park from my home. The building stood proud overlooking the green park in which I played football more times than I could ever count. On the odd occasion we would cut through grounds behind the Manor House and into the woods, no one minded or really cared as the place was empty. Well we thought it was empty! A few times as made our way across the open grass behind the Manor, I would become frozen to the spot and my gaze transfixed on the upper windows of the old building. This wasn’t fear though, it was perplexed interest. You see in those upper window’s I saw what looked like a woman stood looking out at us. Something told me although it was entirely possible that she was living and visiting the empty building, I knew this not to be the case. I was almost sure it was some kind of ghost!

It was the sighting of this particular ghost that led to me becoming more interested in History, a subject I would later take as a GCSE in result of this incident I suppose. You see although my parents had words of comfort for me in order to ensure that this experience didn’t lead to fear, they also offered logical explanation and encouragement to research the location in order to learn more about its history.

As Jeff Belanger says “History is a ghost story” and often these accounts of strange happenings can lead to us looking to understand what has occurred. Something which often takes us in search of history and evidence to help us understand our own experience. Ghost stories are a fantastic way to help us learn and teach history, as they are excellent to help gain an understanding on different levels of what may have happened years ago.

Chasing Ghosts Through History

That early lesson for me in understanding a locations history has become a fundemental element of my own research and investigation tool kit. We often may hear accounts of paranormal activity at a location, but by researching these accounts and comparing them to other related historical accounts we can often draw comparisons and begin to understand the bigger picture of a location.

A great example of this is the ANZAC Soldier often reported at Peterborough Museum. Look into the buildings history and we discover that the building was once used as a First World War Hospital and at one point there was indeed an ANZAC Soldier that stayed there. The very same research often highlights a few accounts of the Soldier and where he was seen, which narrows the search down to the main staircase. It was research like this that had me focus on the main staircase during one visit and because of that two of us witnessed a light anomaly drift up the stairs similar to a candle light.

Researching a locations history and its activity reports is very much like chasing ghost back in time to their probable source. They often teach us a lot about a location and sometimes allow us to get to know it a little. Sometimes they often allow us to have a rare window into their lives too.

Jeff Belanger and the White House

The first time I stumbled on Jeff Belanger was whilst looking through some TEDx Talks on You Tube. I found Jeff’s talk on the haunted White House and how History is a Ghost Story. He’s explanation of how the White House, probably the most famous house in the US, had many accounts of ghosts over the years. Jeff even touched on the famous seances that had been conducted there too. However there was always a tie in to the places history, which was done seamlessly.

Jeff Belanger

In my own experience from investigations and research over the years the ghost have managed to teach me a lot about many places I’ve visited. Okay granted not always direct from a spirit as such, but in looking for the ghosts I have found out a lot of history.

Jeff Belanger hasn’t just presented a few online talks or even given a few lectures, he’s written numerous books on the subject and has been involved with many TV shows too. One example being the very popular Ghost Adventures. This is just the tip of the iceberg too.

If you want to know a little more about Jeff Belanger, please check out his website at

However if you’re looking to ask the guy himself some questions and listen to one of his lectures first hand then Sage Paracon UK 2016 is the place you need to be this October. I know I am already gathering up some questions of my own.

Get On Line And Get Your Tickets Before Its Too Late!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a part of this fantastic event, follow the link below to the Sage Paranormal website to purchase your tickets now.

Sage Paracon UK 2016

Alternatively if you already have tickets to Sage Paracon UK, then please comment below to let us all know and make those not going a little jealous ha ha!

I look forward to seeing you all there and possibly talking paranormal at some point over the weekend. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my future posts related to Sage Paracon UK 2016.

Sage Paracon UK 2016 – Ouija Boards

Sage Paracon UK 2016

Sage Paracon UK 2016

On the 8th & 9th October 2016 Sage Paranormal will be hosting their very own Paranormal Convention at Wroxall Abbey Estate in Warwickshire. I know this because it’s well advertised, if you’ve missed it you’re social media blind and because I have the pleasure of being one of the guest speakers. Don’t miss out on what’s going to be a great weekend and pop over to their website later and purchase your tickets. There are some great deals available.

So, as we begin to run up to the event I thought I would make a few of my posts all about some of the things going on over the weekend at Sage Paracon UK 2016. Hopefully as you follow the posts, which I will try to make as frequent as possible, you can join me on a virtual journey into the paranormal world. Our final destination will be the Wroxall Abbey Estate on the 8th October and Sage Paracon UK 2016.

When Ouija Boards Spoke to Me

My only experiences of Ouija Boards during my time as an investigator and researcher have always been somewhat in comparison with Marmite! That’s to say those in the paranormal either seem to be relatively happy with their use or completely agains them as they are obviously something evil that opens gateways to evil dimensions! Okay a little extreme to be fair, but even today the Ouija Board still seems to play with the beliefs of individuals.

I first encountered an actual Ouija Board first hand when I joined Phil Whyman’s Dead Haunted Team years back. We had one which the guests would be given the opportunity to use should they feel comfortable to do so. Once again though there was still this reputation that preceded the Board that meant we had to ensure people were comfortable to use it. Even then it was interesting to watch the behaviour of many people as they used the Board. Some would begin completely oblivious to the board with the impression that nothing would happen. Then when the planchette moved and spelt a name or piece of information they could relate to the colour would drain from their face. Granted there were often a few that this didn’t happen with and they always had an answer to explain the communication.

Now the most obvious explanation for how the board works is very simple, those using it are moving the planchette themselves. This has been given as an explanation many times and has even taken two forms, the movement is either conscious or non-conscious. When it’s conscious it’s likely to be fraud as someone is attempting to fool the rest of the group. When it’s non-conscious it’s possible the spiritual communication is being chanelled through an individual or group in order to communicate. This simply balances the possibility between fraud and actual spiritual communication to keep things in the Unknown!

Personally I am no expert in Ouija Boards, but what I have learnt and practice is the use of a defined process when using them. This creates in itself the mindset of control and a kind of ritual in place to ensure that nothing bad happens post use.  This was something I used more when my ex-wife purchased an old Ouija Board online. Classic horror film material this; she purchased it from someone on Facebook who didn’t seem to have any knowledge of its history. After a little research by me, we realised that it was likely to be reasonably old dating back to the 1950’s. Unfortunately it didn’t come with a planchette, but we decided to use a small light glass instead. To cut a long story short, otherwise we will be here all night, four of us decided to give the board a go. I believe it might have actually been Christmas Day night the first time we tried it. On that night the board communicated some random pieces of information, some of which were only known by one member of the group. Ironically on that night that one member didn’t believe the board would work! How could the board or the other group members have known what only he knew?

A Little Ouija History Lesson

An Early Ouija Board

Now I don’t claim to be an expert in the field of Ouija Boards, I’ll tell you who is shortly, but here’s a little board history form my own notes.

As far as I know the method of communication used through the Ouija Board can be found in China around 1100AD in some historical documents related to some Dynasty or another. So, basically the concept dates back a fair few years that’s for sure.

Talking Boards were commonly used in spiritualism in the late 1800’s and commonly reported around 1886 as they became more popular as a well known parlour game.

Around 1890 businessman Elijah Bond had the bright idea to patent the board and planchette sold together as one. However it was William Fuld that took the board into production under the famous name of ‘Ouija’. He also reinvented its history I believe in order to make it more mysterious. The board enjoyed it’s most popular period between the 1920’s and 1960’s.

The Fuld estate sold the entire business to the Parker Brothers and then onto Hasbro in 1991.

Realistically the history of the Ouija Board isn’t that exciting and seems to be simply a good idea to fit a popular parlour game. However there have been many and still are many reports of spiritual communication through the board which are quite unbelievable.

Ouija Boards Are Perfect For Horror Films

Over the years the Ouija Board has been used as the main prop in many a horror film and has even popped up in the odd reality TV show too. It remains today to be one of those objects related to the paranormal and dare I say the occult which does appear to be a great tool to highlight communication with some evil entity hell bent on doing the hero and their pals harm.

Even when it pops up in reality TV it seems to get bad press and the blame for the current paranormal activity in a property. I kind of feel bad for the Board, it seems to get all the blame for paranormal activity! We often hear the question; “did you play with a Ouija Board?” Which if the answer is ‘yes’ is usually followed with; “that’s why then, you’ve probably opened a doorway or something.” Of course, the Ouija Board should probably come with a warning then!

Okay hands up, my approach to Ouija Boards does seem a little less passionate that some, but in my experience nothing bad has ever come from using them. Maybe I’ve not done anything bad or pushed the demonic boundaries with one, I don’t know. However that doesn’t mean I don’t disbelieve that many have had horrific experiences with these things.

In 2014 the movie Ouija came out and focussed purely on the Ouija Board as the main point that brought some pretty nasty activity with it. This year sees its sequal Ouija 2: Origins of Evil and it looks set to bring the Ouija Board back out of your Nans closet into the parlour for more spiritual communication. Robert Murch consulted on the movie and he is bit of an expert on the talking board.

Robert Murch Ouija Board Expert

Ouija 2: Origins of Evil

Actually he’s more than a bit of an expert, he is the Chairman of Talking Board Historical Society. He also collects the boards and is known as a world wide authority of the boards.
More importantly he will be available to talk to at the upcoming Sage Paracon UK 2016 in October, where he is a guest speaker. So, if you have an interest in the Ouija Board then that would be a perfect opportunity to meet the man in the know.

Robert has devoted his life to researching the history of the Ouija Board and its founders, which has taken him all over the world in search of different types of board and the introduction the Mystifying Oracle. I’m looking forward to asking a couple of questions myself about the boards I have encountered in my own research and investigations.

Roll Up Roll Up!! Get Your Tickets

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a part of this fantastic event, follow the link below to the Sage Paranormal website to purchase your tickets now.

Sage Paracon UK 2016

Alternatively if you already have tickets to Sage Paracon UK, then please comment below to let us all know and make those not going a little jealous ha ha! 
I look forward to seeing you all there and possibly talking paranormal at some point over the weekend. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my future posts related to Sage Paracon UK 2016. 

My Weekend at Sage “Mini Con”

I am currently suffering from what is becoming commonly known as the ‘paranormal hangover’, although in fairness mine may also be remnant of the alcohol consumed on Friday night too. Especially as I am not usually a big drinker, but in the company of my good paranormal friends proceeded to fulfill my quota, oops my bad! 

Alcohol aside though I had an excellent weekend of catching up with friends from the paranormal community, new and old, as well as many people that popped in because they were curious to find out a little more. Which is what it’s all about really. 

Sage ‘Mini Con’

The “Mini Con” was organised by Sage Paranormal and their enigmatic leader Mariehanna Ventouris Dickson (or MJ as we call her). The day itself was well organised and as ever there were a few hiccups as these kind of events do have, but they were managed well and from start to finish the event was delivered well. My hat is off to MJ and co for organising such an excellent day. I know from organising an investigation for a team of ten at public location that it’s not easy, so organising an all day event with talks, stalls, stuff to hold interest; is really hard to do. Good work MJ and Sage. 

The main hall contained many stalls from paranormal events teams, to investigation teams, mediumship, Paranormal Radio, craft and even beer. This made for an interesting set of things to look at, but also many an interesting conversation too. Conversations which varied across the scope of the paranormal field for me. I’m pretty sure that throughout the course of the day I spoke to a few people about the gadgetry used to investigate the paranormal, which incidentally tied in well with the first lecture by Carl Hutchinson. 

Paranormal Tech

Carl delivered an excellent explanation of a few of the bits of kit out there which paranormal investigators utilise to understand a haunted location. Carl also included a few stories from some of the investigations he has been on too, which are always fascinating and after all the ‘ghost stories’ are the primary spark which often started us on our path of investigation. If you ever get the chance to chat with Carl about the paranormal from a tech side, you won’t regret it that’s for sure. 

Mediumship & MJ’s Talk

Unfortunately I missed Liz Cormell’s lecture on Mediumship as I was engaged deep in conversations with other investigators about our understanding of reality, which is a subject for another post for sure. My sincere apologies to Liz for missing your lecture, please forgive me? I also missed MJ’s lecture too for the very same reason, so apologies to you too. However I heard nothing, but positive things about both talks. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to hear them both talk in the near future. 

My Lecture on Telepathy

I done my best to deliver a brief lecture on what I have learnt about telepathy; from our understanding of the subject, to its originator Frederick Myers, all the way to the more recent research on the subject which is now beginning to take flight. It’s my understanding that telepathy is a fundemental thing that could help us understand how information could be transferred from one mind to another. Once we begin how that’s possible and how it works between the living, we may begin to theorise how or if it could be applied to consciousness after death. There’s plenty on this website about the subject, so please feel free to have a look around. 


Jason Love’s lecture on Demonology was the final lecture of the day, which was only a snippet of the usual lectures he often delivers to universities. He also brought with him one or two haunted objects, which included a few scary looking dolls, a weird wooden box and a picture of the crying boy. The subject of Demonology has always been one of the paranormal areas which has caught my interest a little. Although the dark stories which are associated with it often make excellent reading or good plots for movies, there are equally serious aspects which Jason spoke of during his lecture. These particular cases can cause both physical and psychological trauma which often continues to exist long after the spirit, entity or demon is expelled. 

Personally I have always struggled with this side of things as I often attributed it to the families belief structure or perhaps their psychological state to begin with. That’s not to say I discounted or struck it off as fool hardy tales. I learnt pretty early on in the paranormal to be respectful of the beliefs of others, whether that belief be religious or an understanding of paranormal activity. Especially in circumstances that I had not experienced myself and thus was in no position to comment on. I guess this is an area of paranormal knowledge I need to expand a little. 

Oddly as what often happens at these gatherings, I come away with ideas and also connections with which I hope to work in the future. In this case Jason is one such connection and as long as our schedules fit, hopefully in the future I will be able to tell you of a joint project with Jason. So, keep your eyes peeled for that one. 

An Event for the Paranormal Community

All in all the Sage ‘Mini Con’ was an excellent day for networking in the paranormal field, learning a little perhaps and also bringing our community together a little more. I know in the past the term ‘Para-unity’ has been thrown around and also heavily criticised, but if that term has meaning then it’s events like these which will help achieve it. In my mind the paranormal community has great potential to help each other in understanding the unknown universe around us. The science community is beginning to research many areas that have for years been considered taboo, including telepathy, psychokinesis and much more. Many universities now have the parapsychology departments, which means we should have more true future Parapsychologist pushing the true science angle. However we still need understanding of the more spiritual side from mediumship to how we simply interact with haunted locations. Together as a community this can be achieved. I think it was MJ that said it over the course of the weekend; although a background understanding helps, experience at investigating helps, it could easily be someone that’s been in the field ten years or ten minutes that comes up with that great idea that helps us understand the paranormal. 

Personally I would like to see more standardisation in how we all document our cases and investigations, so we can share the information and data, which should allow us to cross reference and understand the paranormal a lot better. I have some ideas on this, as do others I have spoken to about. If you do too, please feel free to give me a shout? 

Sage Paracon UK in October 2016

If you missed this Saturday’s ‘Mini Con’ fear not as the Sage Paranormal team have already started work on their next event which will be bigger and better. Along with some of us that have lectured this weekend will be some bigger names in field from the US. It sounds like its going to be an awesome weekend for those with a paranormal interest and certainly packed full of cool things. 

Please check out the Sage Paranormal website and Facebook page for more details as they become available. Hopefully I will see you there.. 

Sage Paracon October 2016 – Coming Soon !!