Sage Paracon UK 2016 – “History is a Ghost Story” – Jeff Belanger

Sage Paracon UK 2016

Sage Paracon UK 2016

Sage Paracon UK 2016 On the 8th & 9th October 2016 Sage Paranormal will be hosting their very own Paranormal Convention at Wroxall Abbey Estate in Warwickshire. I know this because it’s well advertised, if you’ve missed it you’re social media blind and because I have the pleasure of being one of the guest speakers. Don’t miss out on what’s going to be a great weekend and pop over to their website later and purchase your tickets. There are some great deals available.

So, as we begin to run up to the event I thought I would make a few of my posts all about some of the things going on over the weekend at Sage Paracon UK 2016. Hopefully as you follow the posts, which I will try to make as frequent as possible, you can join me on a virtual journey into the paranormal world. Our final destination will be the Wroxall Abbey Estate on the 8th October and Sage Paracon UK 2016.

If you missed last weeks post on Ouija Boards and Robert Murch, who will be speaking about the Boards at Sage Paracon UK 2016, then check it out at Sage Paracon UK 2016 – Ouija Boards.

A Ghost Story and a History Lesson

Back in the day when I was only about eleven years old I saw something which captured not only my imagination, but my passion to understand a mystery. You see I was always fortunate to be encouraged as child to understand things. However this was oddly developed into a slightly strange captivation for the paranormal, a need to understand the Unknown!

This began with me spotting a probable ghost in an old Manor House which was located across the park from my home. The building stood proud overlooking the green park in which I played football more times than I could ever count. On the odd occasion we would cut through grounds behind the Manor House and into the woods, no one minded or really cared as the place was empty. Well we thought it was empty! A few times as made our way across the open grass behind the Manor, I would become frozen to the spot and my gaze transfixed on the upper windows of the old building. This wasn’t fear though, it was perplexed interest. You see in those upper window’s I saw what looked like a woman stood looking out at us. Something told me although it was entirely possible that she was living and visiting the empty building, I knew this not to be the case. I was almost sure it was some kind of ghost!

It was the sighting of this particular ghost that led to me becoming more interested in History, a subject I would later take as a GCSE in result of this incident I suppose. You see although my parents had words of comfort for me in order to ensure that this experience didn’t lead to fear, they also offered logical explanation and encouragement to research the location in order to learn more about its history.

As Jeff Belanger says “History is a ghost story” and often these accounts of strange happenings can lead to us looking to understand what has occurred. Something which often takes us in search of history and evidence to help us understand our own experience. Ghost stories are a fantastic way to help us learn and teach history, as they are excellent to help gain an understanding on different levels of what may have happened years ago.

Chasing Ghosts Through History

That early lesson for me in understanding a locations history has become a fundemental element of my own research and investigation tool kit. We often may hear accounts of paranormal activity at a location, but by researching these accounts and comparing them to other related historical accounts we can often draw comparisons and begin to understand the bigger picture of a location.

A great example of this is the ANZAC Soldier often reported at Peterborough Museum. Look into the buildings history and we discover that the building was once used as a First World War Hospital and at one point there was indeed an ANZAC Soldier that stayed there. The very same research often highlights a few accounts of the Soldier and where he was seen, which narrows the search down to the main staircase. It was research like this that had me focus on the main staircase during one visit and because of that two of us witnessed a light anomaly drift up the stairs similar to a candle light.

Researching a locations history and its activity reports is very much like chasing ghost back in time to their probable source. They often teach us a lot about a location and sometimes allow us to get to know it a little. Sometimes they often allow us to have a rare window into their lives too.

Jeff Belanger and the White House

The first time I stumbled on Jeff Belanger was whilst looking through some TEDx Talks on You Tube. I found Jeff’s talk on the haunted White House and how History is a Ghost Story. He’s explanation of how the White House, probably the most famous house in the US, had many accounts of ghosts over the years. Jeff even touched on the famous seances that had been conducted there too. However there was always a tie in to the places history, which was done seamlessly.

Jeff Belanger

In my own experience from investigations and research over the years the ghost have managed to teach me a lot about many places I’ve visited. Okay granted not always direct from a spirit as such, but in looking for the ghosts I have found out a lot of history.

Jeff Belanger hasn’t just presented a few online talks or even given a few lectures, he’s written numerous books on the subject and has been involved with many TV shows too. One example being the very popular Ghost Adventures. This is just the tip of the iceberg too.

If you want to know a little more about Jeff Belanger, please check out his website at

However if you’re looking to ask the guy himself some questions and listen to one of his lectures first hand then Sage Paracon UK 2016 is the place you need to be this October. I know I am already gathering up some questions of my own.

Get On Line And Get Your Tickets Before Its Too Late!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a part of this fantastic event, follow the link below to the Sage Paranormal website to purchase your tickets now.

Sage Paracon UK 2016

Alternatively if you already have tickets to Sage Paracon UK, then please comment below to let us all know and make those not going a little jealous ha ha!

I look forward to seeing you all there and possibly talking paranormal at some point over the weekend. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my future posts related to Sage Paracon UK 2016.

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