Sage Paracon UK – Frank Cinelli aka Dr Spectre 

Sage Paracon UK 2016
Sage Paracon UK 2016

On the 8th & 9th October 2016 Sage Paranormal will be hosting their very own Paranormal Convention at Wroxall Abbey Estate in Warwickshire. I know this because it’s well advertised, if you’ve missed it you’re social media blind and because I have the pleasure of being one of the guest speakers. Don’t miss out on what’s going to be a great weekend and pop over to their website later and purchase your tickets. There are some great deals available.

So, as we begin to run up to the event I thought I would make a few of my posts all about some of the things going on over the weekend at Sage Paracon UK 2016. Hopefully as you follow the posts, which I will try to make as frequent as possible, you can join me on a virtual journey into the paranormal world. Our final destination will be the Wroxall Abbey Estate on the 8th October and Sage Paracon UK 2016.

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As Big Brother Was Watching, Frank Cinelli Started Investigating!

Back in 1984 as I was probably beginning to read about the paranormal in more detail, there was a guy that had just started to officially investigate all things paranormal. That guy was called Frank Cinelli and by this point he already had an excellent understanding of the field.
Frank Cinelli aka Dr Spectre – Sage Paracon UK 2016

As Frank is due to join us all at Sage Paracon UK 2016 this weekend I caught up with him before he left the States to find out a little about the man that is possibly better known as Dr Spectre.

With an understanding of Frank’s commitment to the field and long experience within it, I wanted to know a little more about what started it all. How did his life long ‘obsession’ with the paranormal start?

“As far back as I can remember I have been attracted to paranormal experiences. I had an older sister who was into the paranormal, Ouija boards, seances and things like that. I was at my first seance at the age of 9 and saw the person they were trying to contact in the mirror; I never met the man, put was able to describe him to a T.”

I have to admit its a common response where many people have had early exposure to the paranormal such as Frank has, may find themselves attracted to it throughout their lives. It’s almost as if it was firmly built into their upbringing in some cases rather than being a probable taboo subject like it often can be too.

Frank Cinelli’s TV Inspiration

Back in good old 1984 there wasn’t many TV reality shows readily available in comparison to the amazing and varied shows out there today. I wondered if there were any particular TV shows that may have been an inspiration that fuelled his passion for the paranormal ?

“‘In Search of with Leonard Nimoy’ best show ever !!! Also I would read everything I could get my hands on. I officially started investigating in 1984, prior to that I would mess around and experiment with any thing I would read about. Mostly in cemeteries, abandoned buildings, basically anyplace that looked empty and creepy “

I had to do a quick google of ‘In Search of’ to familiarise myself with the TV series to be honest. However as soon as I did I am sure that I have seen a few of the episodes myself. Who could forget the enigmatic voice of Leonard Nimoy, the guy is a legend, plain and simple.

Frank Talks About Alternative Medicine, Bioenergy & The Affects of Investigations on Us

Frank Cinelli is  noted for practicing alternative medicine for over 18 years, I wondered what made him  take this path?

“I grew up with a father who was a D.O. ( doctor of osteopathic medicine ) He was way ahead of the curve with having an integrative practice. The More I learned about the body and the bodies energy, the more I felt this was a perfect fit. I am considered a bioenergetic practitioner. My practice is mostly holistic with a touch standard thrown in.”

Combining things like his practice seems to be a slight trade mark for Frank, so its not surprising that he is also known for combining the paranormal and health in a way. So, I asked Frank to tell us a little about his work on the affects of the paranormal on the body?

“The Body is a Bio Chemical Electrical factory. Standard Medicine focuses on the Bio Chemical aspect for the most part. I focus more on the bodies electric functions. Here is where spirit can create problems for the body. Spirit is energy and energy can affect the body in a negative way. Simple things like causing an adrenal surge and collapse after an investigation. For example, how many times after investigation do you crave food or drink, or gravitate towards sweeter snacks. That is your bodies response to an adrenal collapse. In other words your body wants some quick energy.” 

I can certainly understand this as there have a few investigations I have attended where there has been definitive energy reduction. I will have to speak more to the Doctor about this at Sage Paracon UK this weekend for sure.  

Cinelli Conspiracy Theories

Frank has also popped up online in relation to government conspiracies. I wondered if this was another area Frank found interesting and if he might have a favourite conspiracy theory?

“Oh boy! Do I love a good conspiracy !! One of my favorites on the serious side is the Lyme Disease conspiracy. Way to many details to get into, bottom line is that the Government was working on a biological weapon mutating the Lyme bacteria to be more resilient and fast acting, and some time in the mid 70’s it escaped Plum Island and made its way into the general population. Another one that deals with the weakening of the population are Chemtrails. I know this is becomeing more prevalent in your country. Finally one of my favs from the Sillier side is FEMA is the New Men in Black.”

Have to admit, like a cuppa and a little gossiping, a good conspiracy theory can be quite interesting. Might have to read up on a few.

Dr Spectre and TAPS Paramagazine

Frank Cinelli has written for Taps Paramagazine, so I asked him to tell me a little more about it and if he got to work with the Ghost Hunters team?

“They have been wonderful. I started out writing ” Healthy Hunts” how to stay healthy wile exploring the paranormal, for the last several years my spot has been called ” According to Dr Spectre”. I write about conspiracies, and strange but true places like Coral Castle in Florida or the Devils Stomping Ground in North Carolina or the Mysterions Mel’s Hole in Washington State. I have not worked with the team. However I’ve done Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes and JV Johnson they have me on every now and then to talk conspiracies.”

Dr Spectre in Other Places

Interested in what else Frank might have worked on I wondered where else he may have appeared.

“I also write for although its been a while since I’ve done anything with them. With that being said I am working on new short monthly piece for them ” haunted bars and drink specials “. I will also be appearing on season 7 of Ghost Detectives a limited market TV show, but it will be available on You Tube.”

So, keep your eyes peeled and read online or tune in to Dr Spectre to hear more about conspiracy theories, haunted bars, alternative medicine and more.

A Few Classic Paranormal Interview Questions

As usual I like to throw in some classic paranormal questions, simply because they are always asked and thought I could jump on the band wagon. That and they help me and others create a list of places they may wish to visit in the future too.

What are Frank Cinelli’s top five places to investigate ?

  1. Eastern State Penitentiary (philladelphia pa)
  2. Fort Mifflin (philladelphia pa)
  3. Iron Island (buffalo ny)
  4. Octagon Hall (franklin ky)
  5. Pennhurst State School (spring city pa)

Great places, I seriously need to organise a trip to the US and investigate some of these amazing locations.

What would be Frank Cinelli’s top five places in the world that he would like to investigate ?

  1. Iwo Jima
  2. The Catacombs in Rome
  3. Alcatraz
  4. The White House
  5. Oak Island

This could actually be my list to be fair. All these locations have fantastic history and a couple of them like Oak Island has been a location that has fascinated me for over a decade now.

What has been Frank Cinelli’s most frightening encounter?

“The first time I was part of a deliverance, I was just asked to come in and provide prayer cover. When the lead got sick I had to take over, I was no way ready for that. I had so much fear about everything involved I still look back and wonder how we got it done.”

Okay hands up, these kinds of activity and similarly Exorcisms are things I most definitely need to research more and grow my understanding around. They’ve come up a few times recently and perhaps its time to delve into this area a little more.

I would like to say a thank you to Frank for taking the time to answer my questions and I look forward to meeting Dr Spectre at Sage Paracon UK this weekend.

Get On Line And Get Your Tickets Before Its Too Late!

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a part of this fantastic event, follow the link below to the Sage Paranormal’s Paracon website to purchase your tickets now.

Sage Paracon UK 2016

Alternatively if you already have tickets to Sage Paracon UK, then please comment below to let us all know and make those not going a little jealous ha ha!
I look forward to seeing you all there and possibly talking paranormal at some point over the weekend. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for my future posts related to Sage Paracon UK 2016.

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