Hellier – Where Ghosts and UFOnauts Meet

Social media sparks a discussion…

Through the wonders of Social Media this week the YouTube mini-series Hellier was once again brought to my attention. Oddly a lot of what was being discussed in multiple locations on the old socials was the concept of cross-over between various paranormal concepts. This was something that I feel was well represented within Hellier and is certainly something that is beginning to enter more conversation regarding phenomena. It is also a concept that I have touched on a few times within the Psi Theory posts on this very website.

As these social media conversations developed this week I was quickly reminded of my own experiences where investigations of ghosts had shown some odd additional information that didn’t appear to fit. Then again perhaps they did. More on that a little later in the post.

As many of us who consider themselves ghost hunters would probably honestly agree, when looking at probable haunted locations and reports of ghostly activity, the last thing we may consider are cryptids and UFOnauts. It’s not that many of us are not aware of such things, we are indeed, but many focus only on the concept of searching for survival of human consciousness after death. I know for the majority of my own paranormal journey I have approached the field in exactly this way, but once my perception was changed I began to see things completely differently.

beyond the familiar…

Now don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with focussing on ghost hunting alone and looking for the potential of survival. However, I think if that’s the path you wish to follow then you should do so, but keep an open mind to other possibilities from the wider field of the paranormal. Especially as we really don’t have all the answers currently and that simply means that there are still many possibilities we should be considering. So, next time you’re wandering around a darkened haunted old building in search of ghosts and you have an experience, have a think about some other possibilities that may work beyond just the concepts that are familiar.

encountering strangeness…

Right, I mentioned earlier that I would share some of my own experiences regarding this strange phenomena cross-over in hope that maybe perhaps I can help explain it a little. Now first off the bat it’s probably important to explain that I am well aware that often these instances of strangeness occur in situations where they could be regarded as simple coincidence. In fairness, coincidences do happen more often than we would care to believe, but this is where Jung’s synchronicity plays a part. If we find meaning in those coincidences, then often there certainly could be. Initially for me this presented itself in a scenario that made me believe that something was about to happen – I’m certainly not psychic – still something did indeed happen. The first time I witness this was situation was at the Peterborough Museum. We had used music from 1916 to stir things up at the museum, commonly referred to as the Singapore Theory. In all honesty that music echoed through the building especially around the stairwell; and it was spooky as hell. That wasn’t intentional in my own defence, but the hits of 1916 are quite literally the soundtracks of horror movies. At this point we could throw in some arguments about how the spooky music could lead to us believing what happened next. As that music made its way around the building I made my way to the stairwell on the ground floor. As I stood there I became increasingly aware that the environment around me was changing. Was it actually physically changing, not really sure to be honest, but what I experienced was odd. Firstly, the area felt as if it was getting darker, which was weird as there was no reason for this, it just began to have an absence of light. Oddly the local atmosphere also seemed to change, it was heavier and slow (if that makes sense). Even though the music was still playing, sound also seemed particularly sharp too. These changes around held my attention, I waited there feeling as if something was about to happen. It didn’t, right then. Another member of my team also quantified these changes too, which gave me the reach a little beyond coincidence. Now, there may possibly be a natural logical explanation for this, but we couldn’t locate it.

A little later after turning off that spooky music, the stairwell changes had passed, another team member and I sat on the stairs discussing the events earlier. We talked about how it felt like something was about to happen, but didn’t even though we still had that expectation. At that point as we both glanced up the staircase we both witnessed what can only be described as a candlelight flickering as it ascending the stairs. We even had a camera setup on the stairs, but as per usual the camera wasn’t where the phenomena occurred. Typical right?

Now all of that probably seems like a pretty normal day at the ghost hunting office right? Of course, but that was only the introduction. Over the years I have experienced this phenomena at various locations and when it occurs its often followed by at least a little oddness. In later years whilst working more with mediums and even trance mediums it has happened, but rather than being followed by paranormal activity it has been followed by strange information. This information would come from the mediums as they would relay what ‘spirit’ was communicating to them. This is where we have often seen the cross-over, for example on one occasion as we entered a particular room in a haunted pub, the medium began to act oddly. At this point he explained that he was aware of something in the room with us, but he was reluctant to share it as it just wasn’t right. Bearing in mind that I had at this point conducted numerous seances and sessions with this particular trance medium and built up a level trust with him. Equally, he had nothing to gain from these sessions. I encouraged him simply explain who he believed was in the room with us, believing that it was going to be a spiritual character that would fit with the location somehow. What he said next took me by complete surprise. He explained calmly and simply that what he felt was the presence of a tall being, which was covered in scales like a lizard. I immediately recognised the description to be similar to that of a possible reptilian alien. Now I am no expert and certainly wasn’t then either, but it was evidentially strange on a new level – even for the location we were investigating. In all honesty at that point in time I was skeptic and struggled with this information, thinking that it was almost landing on ridiculous. However, that said there was no reason for such a strange jump in the information, especially when previous information had focussed on the location pretty much.

Those are a couple of my own experiences, which may touch on a slight cross-over of phenomena. You may read them and believe that they only fit within the concept of ghosts and spirits, but from experience there is sometimes connections to other elements beyond these.

what about the dragon film…

Over the years as I have investigated the Royal Oak case my perception has been somewhat altered to say the least. This lead me to the Scole Experiment and of course the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), then onto a lot more research. The Scole Experiment for example is in my opinion another possible case that displays this phenomena that goes just beyond our understanding of survival. The reason for this isn’t just because it is one of the reports of the greatest amount of physical phenomena, but also because it touches on possibilities of communication with beings from other dimensions, space or time. The case also presented some interesting work with film too, including a film they received called ‘The Dragon Film.’  One which in my opinion may have a link to the cypher of the UFOnauts too. Further research required as currently it’s just a hunch!

The SPR haven’t been left out of this consideration either, with a couple of the lectures I have attended linking concepts of folk lore to probable modern day UFO reports. In one context someone’s goblin could be someone else’s alien. Equally a UFO today could be a Gods sky chariot of myth and legend.

Now there is an equally important point to make here too. I am not necessarily stating that all ghosts are aliens or aliens are ghosts. The point is there are other possibilities we should be at least considering in our work, even if they may seem a little wild sometimes.

secret ciphers and ufo’s…

I recently caught an interview that the cast of Hellier recently done with John Tenney asking the questions. One of things I found interesting was that the group made reference to reading books and conducting actual research. I think they even mentioned that the book list for Hellier 2 was much larger than the first series. Personally following Hellier I picked up ‘The Mothman Prophecies’ and then a few more books in relation to John Keel. I also grabbed a copy of the book; ‘The Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts‘ – it was official I had started reading more about UFO’s and to be honest it is something I would encourage any paranormal investigator to try. Whilst it may not be for everyone, it may just open you to some wider aspects of the paranormal field. You may be surprised how many similarities you find in relation to the ghosts you usually seek. I know I have.

There is so much more to the paranormal field than ghosts and spirits or UFO’s or Cryptids – there’s almost certainly some kind of link between them all and more importantly to us. The Gaia Hypothesis proposes that all organic organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings to form synergistic and self-regulating complex systems that perpetuate life on Earth. What if that hypothesis expands beyond Earth to connect our universe, perhaps even other dimensions too. If all things are somehow connected then the possibilities that cause the phenomena we seek, be it ghost, UFO or cryptid, are in reach of understanding if they haven’t been understood by the UFOnauts already that is.

So, if you experience high strangeness, weird coincidences or odd phenomena don’t rule it out too quickly as it may have meaning, if not today, possibly in your past or future.    

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