After Death Communications from Parents

The case you are about to read is one that I was fortunate enough to capture for the Spontaneous Cases Committee of the Society for Psychical Research last year. Cases like this one and many others drop into the Spontaneous Cases Committee inbox on an almost daily basis. They review and respond to the cases where they can, with an aim to document them for the SPR records.

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The Cornish Owlman

Whilst many stories of Supernatural Creatures may date back hundreds of years with their origins sat firmly in historical lore, the story of the Cornish Owlman is a little more modern.

In 1926 the Cornish Echo reported a story about two boys being chased by a large and scary bird. The boys escaped to tell their story and that may have been the end of it, but it was to be the first of many sightings.

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Poltergeist: Noisy Ghosts or Misbehaving Minds?

Over all the years that I have been researching and investigating the paranormal, I think one type of phenomenon still captures the attention of ghost hunters more so than others; and that is the strange activity that occurs as a part of a poltergeist infestation. As it is one that can bring with it a unique grouping of spontaneous activity that provides the investigator with the opportunity to experience and document various types of activity at one location across a short space of time.

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