Zak Bagans’ Demon House – Is it a fake?

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Paranormal News Thursday – Does Conewago have a Mothman?

As I done my usual search of the internet to find this weeks News subject I stumbled upon a recent report about the Conewago Phantom. It wasn’t long before I could see many similes between the phantom and various other supernatural incarnations.

Placing aside the more religious definitions for the moment, we will come to those later on, the creature that sprung immediately to mind, was that of the Mothman. Point Pleasant’s famous cryptid reportedly sighted between the 12th November 1966 to December 1967. These sightings have been hypothesised as being related to the collapse of the towns bridge on the 15th December 1967. It is believed that the Mothman appears prior to disasters and may warn some people about the event.


The question is, could the Conewago Phantom, sighted since 1988 it would seem, also be the Mothman?

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Paranormal News Thursday – Three Demons

In my usual search around the web I stumbled on this story about Danielle from Winnipeg, Canada. Now, its not something that is bang up to date and I realise that it appears to based mainly on the point of view of Danielle, but the subject of demonology has always interested me.

No matter how you look at it story’s of demon possession, Ouija boards, Satanism and the darker side of the paranormal work if not religion tends to make for a better story for the non-believers to enjoy.


In this case Danielle, through the curiosity of youth was drawn away from her church to the dark side of religion, where she discovered a deep interest in demonology. It wasn’t long before her interest grew and she began to attempt to summon demons. Something which failed until the 8th April, when she tried to contact her Guardian Demon.

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