Paranormal News Thursday – Saint Death in Mexico City

Post on mexico cities saint death protector of those that can’t afford a bulletproof vest or coat. Thanks to BBC’s Andrew Marr’s Megacities.

As ever some of my Blog posts seem to develop from some odd internet searches or even from a discussion or two. This one really surprised me given it was from watching a documentary I wasn’t going to watch at a time when I was meant to be writing something else!

I’m talking about Andrew Marr’s Megacities which was on last Thursday night. An interesting documentary series contrasting and comparing the megacities of our beloved planet. Andrew cleverly draws similarities between the cities by using the very elements they each have to deal with. In this case crime and violence, natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes, and sickness. Of course some cities are well prepared using modern technology to aid them, like Tokyo. Others are not so lucky with high numbers of slums.

santa muerte

What caught my paranormal interest was how the less fortunate in Mexico city would worship a saint directly linked to death above the usual more flashy Christian offerings. Simply because in their violent, gang riddled city this Saint Death or Santa Muerte produced results!


Paranormal News Thursday–CDC Prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse!

Don’t panic !! The dead haven’t reanimated and started wandering the planet in search of human flesh and brains to munch on!! I haven’t gone all fictional either grasping at random things to write about.

The idea of a Zombie Apocalypse has been around for quite a while now and has possibly had a little more revitalisation recently. From films to TV and in our video games too, if you don’t know what a zombie is then you may have been in suspended animation for the last twenty years.

Okay I should probably admit a slight admiration for the horror film genre which I do have. However, at the top of that list are zombie films. A couple of favourites being the Resident Evil series and 28 Days Later. Oh, and I know its not exactly terrifying, but Sean of the Dead is pure genius in my book. Not forgetting the recent TV hit The Walking Dead.


One thing that came to light and certainly made me chuckle was when Farsight PRS began investigating, the locations would be compared and rated for their ability to be base during said Zombie Apocalypse. An exercise we performed in jest, but all took quite seriously. If that’s something you would like to hear more of, let me know and I’ll get the team to scribble down some ratings.