The Current Popularity of Haunted Objects

Social Media Is Buzzing With Haunted Objects

Recently it seems like every day I scan through social media there is some mention of one haunted object or another. It could be yet another haunted doll, this time making it all the way to ITV’s This Morning or the odd Facebook Live where we can tune in and watch random objects in poorly lit conditions.

If I am sounding a little on the sceptical side of things then please understand that it’s not because I disbelieve or even think these are all charlatans trying to make a quick quid, but more because of the sudden abundance of objects.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you may have caught some of my previous posts on haunted objects as these are not a brand spanking new phenomenon, in fact they’ve probably been around for a very long time indeed.

Check my posts on Ghosts in the Machine and What The Heck is a Haunting Anyway!

So, why then has there been a recent boom in haunted objects recently? Perhaps the movie industry is to blame for this with recent releases of a movie that features the origins of the Warrens most famous haunted object Annabelle the doll. I first encountered Annabelle in the book ‘The Demonologist’ which documented the ‘extraordinary career of Ed and Lorraine Warren’. Annabelle had a chapter all to her self, similar to the beginning of the film ‘The Conjuring’ and what an interesting chapter that was. It wasn’t long before she received her own film and now another depicting her origins or ‘creation’.

Above is the actual Annabelle locked away in the Warren’s Haunted Object Museum in the States, but as you can see this Doll appears a lot more like something you may happily give to a young child rather than the scary evil looking thing we see in the movies. I’m sure we all know why that is, right?

Although the many objects collected by the Warren’s probably do appear to make up the majority of what many Ghost Hunters these days remember, there are much more out there and they date much further back.

Don’t Forget Ouija Boards

One particularly interesting object that has often been associated with being haunted is that of the Ouija Board. The Boards are of course seen by many as divination tools, portals to evil places by others and well a toy by sceptics that feel its more likely the boards user is moving the planchet. However you also often hear stories about the boards housing evil entities and by using the board you could release those entities to do harm. Hang on a minute that sounds a little like those scary dolls too!

Interestingly enough I’m pretty sure that Ouija Boards housing evil spirits is something that has also developed from the movie industry too. I am no expert and if I am wrong please correct me, but didn’t the Exorcist plot line include a few problems created by a naughty Ouija Board spirit? More recently we had Paranormal Activity 1 or 2 or 6, there were a few of those after all. Specifically we also had a horror film that was called ‘Ouija’, so pretty damn sure that was telling us no good would come of using one.

The psychology of the Ouija Board though is fascinating in its self and probably deserves a post all by itself. Some swear by its use saying nothing bad has ever come of it, others maintain its evil and even fear it. Jayne Harris of HD Paranormal delivered an interesting Facebook Live on it tonight (24th August 2017) to be fair, so check that out.

What are your thoughts on the Ouija Board? Perhaps I should conduct a few experiments on this?

The Crying Boy

In case you’ve never heard of it before the ‘Crying Boy’ is painting which is believed to be cursed and often causes harm to those that choose to hang it on their wall. Now I’ve not looked into this particular object in detail and only heard the stories in passing, so not going to go into detail here, but I believe it causes fires. What’s particularly odd is that the print itself seems to survive these blazes carrying the curse onto the next victim. That needs some experimentation for sure right? I wonder where I can get my hands on the picture? Actually, I’m renting and not sure my insurance covers haunted objects!

Below are a couple of pictures I have pulled from the internet on this little blighter.

What I found interesting about both of these stories is that they are different pictures. Granted they are both crying boys, but they are different. This immediately highlights a simple factor to me, this isn’t an association with a specific object like the Dolls, but more like a connection with a piece of information.

Again forgive me as I have not researched this in detail and I am theorising on the data I have. However I would guess that these pictures (the two above let’s say) dont carry the title ‘The Crying Boy’, but they are both obviously pictures of a crying boy. The question I would have to ask to victims of the apparent fires would be simply; were you aware of the curse of the picture prior to purchasing it and hanging it on your wall. If they were aware and made the purchase for that very reason then this could help us to understand why the fires may have occurred in the first place. Now bear with me on this one and as ever keep an open mind.

What if let’s say the very knowledge of this information and belief in the curse or even simple interest is enough to actuate it into reality. Okay that might be an okay answer from a probable spiritual perspective as it could be said that is giving the picture energy to start the fire perhaps. We are back on that belief thing again! Let’s tackle a probable scientific route too. What if the knowledge of the pictures history and curse creates something psychological that leads to the fire stating. I’m not saying that the victims started the fire, but perhaps their being super-vigilant to the possibility of fire because of the picture actually caused a fire. Sounds strange right? Well not if you’re aware of Murphy’s Law, which basically says anything that can go wrong will go wrong. There’s also the variation of this, which we grew up with in my house Sod’s Law. Sod’s Law is similar to Murphy’s, but says the worse probable outcome will occur, in this case a fire. More simply and logically though its also likely that there are hundreds if not thousands of these prints out there, but in a select few circumstances were the same where a random fire occurred and the print survived. Firstly, as only the print survived this would be seen as an oddity and comparisons would be looked for and once found you have the curse of the crying boy. It’s also likely that because of the location in the building where the print was hung, it escaped fire damage.

Now these are just ideas, brief thoughts if you like. That’s what Psi Theory is all about. In order to properly look into this I will have to do further research, perhaps that’s another post too.

Are Objects Really Haunted?

Can we really say that singular objects are haunted? It often can seem that way cant it? Especially when they carry extremely interesting and convincing stories, some even with a little anecdotal evidence that appears to support their haunting.

I have previously mentioned on other posts that I often see haunted locations and haunted objects in a similar light. This hasn’t changed in the slightest. We often seem to happily accept that somewhere is haunted or an object could be haunted too. Perhaps its that we would all like to believe that there is something beyond death for each of us or perhaps because we would like to feel that our loved ones which have passed may still be with us in some form.

Here’s my take on haunted objects in relation to my own theories.

Not unlike haunted locations that have numerous cues that allow our unconscious minds to begin seeking information, a kind of ‘googling’ of the mind and collective unconscious if you like. Haunted objects can do similar. Their appearance for example may allow us to link into other information telepathically that’s out their in the minds of others. The very appearance of the object is a cue for example and then of course there’s whatever information we already know about it. These things could all be elements that allow us to telepathically obtain the information that is associated with the object in question. A process often referred to as psychometry or at least very similar perhaps.

In regards to those objects which appear to move by themselves or even cause harm somehow, these could be more of a trigger for Psychical behaviour. Perhaps we are moving them with our minds similar to the concept of telekinesis, but unconsciously because we believe there is an associated haunting. That’s ruling out natural cause of course and I bring up natural cause for good reason. I watched a documentary once that showed how many believed that an ancient Egyptian artefact in a museum was haunted because during the nights it would turn around to face in the opposite direction. However instead of jumping to this claim, some clever science types done two things; 1) placed a camera to capture the movement and, 2) setup a device to monitor localised vibrations. They had a theory you see that localised vibrations were just right to effect this particular artefact due to its location and mass. Sure enough the clever clogs were correct. The camera captured the artefact gradually turning around throughout the night slowly and this was supported by the measurement of localised vibrations. You see sometimes there’s a very real very logical reason.

Are haunted objects really haunted, sure they are. Problem is our understanding of what the term ‘haunted’ actually means I think. In that our understanding of the source of the paranormal activity becomes very important. After all it may not be the afterlife that is amazing us by contacting us, it may be our connection with each other which allows this transference of information. A supernormal connection that in time may help each of us understand more about ourselves and our fellow man.

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Ghost Frequency – Brian J Cano 

Graham Smith and I are proud to present our new internet radio show Ghost Frequency courtesy of Paranormal UK Radio Network. 

Our second show went out at the beginning of March and our guest was the brilliant Brian J Cano from TVs Haunted Collector. 
We chatted with Brian about how he got into the paranormal and also some of the more current projects his working on.

The concept of the National Ghost Hunting Day and the Bridge Experiment from last year came up. 

Then we covered Brian’s 2017 trip to the UK for the D-Day Tours in association with Sage Paranormal. I’m hoping to join him on that, possibly at Fort Horsted. 

So, don’t miss out head to the Paranormal UK Radio Network website and listen again to find out what is coming up next for Brian J Cano in 2017.

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Haunted Collector’s Brian J Cano Talks To Me About What Could Be The Worlds Largest Ghost Hunt!

National Ghost Hunting Day 1st October 2016

With the National Ghost Hunting Day in the US now only hours away, I managed to get hold of a very busy man indeed. Haunted Collector’s Brian J Cano. He agreed to have a brief chat with me, granted it was by email, but hey the guy is very busy.

Haunted Collector’s Brian J Cano

As I am joining Sage Paranormal and friends to investigate a location in the UK and link up with the US National Ghost Hunting Day Teams to do our part from this side of the pond, I wanted to ask Brian a little more about it. That and from what I’ve read the experiments have some interesting approaches and seem to touch on a little of the research I have done in the past. Utilising a few methodologies which have proved interestingly successful in the past. I wonder could this collective approach raise the energy enough to truly bridge the gap between this world and the possible spirit world?

Let’s see what Brian has to say?

Brian J Cano’s Paranormal Start

Known in the U.K. for appearing on the TV show The Haunted Collector, Brian’s investigative work alongside Johnny Zaffis has brought him into all our livingrooms on regular basis. However I was interested in how Brian first got into the paranormal initially and how did that lead to Haunted Collector, so I asked.

“Even at a young age I was enthralled by the mysteries of our world: Stonehenge, the Loch Ness Monster, alien abductions, etc. But my public facing interest began with a cable-access show in 2002 called, “Scared on Staten Island”. It was a show I produced with my friends and we explored abandoned, supposedly haunted buildings. That got me into reading more about ghosts and researching the paranormal. To do anything in the paranormal seriously for a prolonged amount of time will eventually lead to the Godfather of the Paranormal, John Zaffis.”

Perhaps my own meeting with the Godfather is just around the corner then! John Zaffis, I am ready, drop me a line anytime, haha!

Haunted Collector’s Brian J Cano

To be fair Haunted Collector was one of the first shows I saw that linked up parts of my own research and left me asking a lot more questions. The concept of a location being haunted was widely accepted for example, but I found many that struggled to accept a simple object as the source. Especially when that object was something as simple as  a basic tool or similar. Although effectively a building and an object are one of the same. I asked Brian if working on the show helped develop his own understanding of this?

“Being that I’d worked with John before, the concept was already familiar to me. It was funny how long it took people to accept the concept though. But there are no hard and fast rules in the paranormal yet, since so much of it is ruled by perspective. The public just had to widen that perspective to allow for the new information.”

That was exactly what happened too, once the concept became more understood and that there could equally be a solution through the removal of said object then haunted objects became more understood. I have to admit I still have numerous questions myself on this area, but you all know me – if its paranormal then I am bound to be questioning it somehow somewhere! In all fairness I often find myself questioning that what we call reality too, a post for another time though!

US National Ghost Hunting Day Has Gone Global!

The 1st of October 2016 is literally here and with it possibly the largest ghost hunt ever! What began as a National Ghost Hunting Day in the US has already gone global. My friends at Sage Paranormal told me about it and got me involved. In fact I am really looking forward to the investigation for numerous reasons. As I am involved I wanted to know a little more about this huge ghost hunt, the concept behind it and how far it now reached. I put this question to Brian.

“I wanted it to reach across the globe to have the maximum impact. The concept is to build a web of consciousness that will allow for a bridge to open into the spirit world by having investigators run simultaneous investigations, united in purpose and lead from a central location; in this instance, from Scarefest in Lexington, KY.”

So, my understanding is that by having many Ghost Hunting teams linked in together there becomes this collective consciousness across the teams, across the globe attempting to obtain the same result. As my own research deals with telepathic interaction both locally and at a distance I am quite excited to see the results of this experiment. I wonder what data will come back from the many investigations, so I asked Brian if he has any personal aspirations for the experiment.

“I go into it hopeful, but with no expectations. Despite all the seeming New Age terms I’ve been using, this is still very much a scientific experiment and my job is to record the data, without overlaying my hopes or assumptions. But, my hypothesis is that by all of us aligning our intents at the very same time, we can “supercharge” the attempt, perhaps raising our vibration enough to get clearer, more reliable communication during the time of the experiment.”

It really is a fantastic idea and hopefully Brian’s hypothesis will be recognised. I have read quite a few pieces of research on collective consciousness and also where individual teams have been so focussed together that their communication has been amazing. The Scole Experiment, The Philip Experiment and possibly even the Cross Correspondences could be examples of this by their results. If this experiment manages to bring together many teams across the world for a common goal then that alone is an acheivement, but if it equally manages good communication then that could be very interesting.

Given the vast number of teams involved I wondered if anyone had contacted the Guinness Book of Records regarding this experiment as it could equally be a world record. Brian advised me of the following regarding this.

“The board of the National Ghost Hunting Day has. I’m unsure of the status at this moment.”

Let’s hope the Guinness Book of Records recognise this amazing event and then perhaps all of us involved will then be by the nature of association holders of a Guinness World Record.

Back to the experiment. I believe that Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious in its simplest understanding suggested that, the fact that certain symbols appeared in similar formats the world over where physical contact wasn’t possible, meant there must be a collective link. I wondered if Brian had any experiments that may add weight to Jung’s idea.

“As a sideboard experiment, I plan to have a code word. I will think of a word, write it down and seal it in an envelope. I will tell no one what it is, but focus on it with the help of the psychics with me at Command Central. I’ve let everyone know I’ll be doing this, so report any random words or responses that come across. Even without an Other Side, I’ve experimented with this for years now, theorizing that many EVPs we get could very well be our own thoughts made to manifest. I call it the Psychic Projection Experiment. I’ve been doing it since 2009. It has worked five times in all those years and all within the last two years…”

This is a curious little addition and something that has popped up in my own research and something I’ve also tried before myself. However I don’t recall a scenario that I have seen that has so many people attempting to pick up the code word as this one. I would be very interested in the data around this experiment, its success and associated probabilities.

During a previous encounter at the first Paracon that I attended in the UK, Brian was also there and I caught his talk along with everyone else. During the talk he mentioned somehting that resonated with me, which  was about the search for an equation to help explain elements of the paranormal. Something I am also seeking. I wondered if Brian had discovered it or had any theories that he believed might be heading in the right direction to achieve this.

“Quantum physics has some interesting theories that would overlap, however it all comes down to phase and dimensions. Since everything is vibrations and energy, we need to look there. We’re still in the infancy of that research as well.”

I have to agree 100% with Brian, I too have discovered many overlaps with Quantum Physics and its understanding of the universe. I look forward to hearing more about Brian’s theories the next time we meet.

Get Involved, Keep Up To Date, But Don’t Miss It!

If you want to know how and where you can keep up to date with this epic and far reaching Ghost Hunt then look up the following on your internet browser.
National Ghost Hunting Day

Those Classic Interview Questions

As usual it wouldn’t be an interview without a few classic paranormal interview questions.

What are Brian J Cano’s top five favourite locations?

“I’m bad with favorite questions. What would go into determining what they would be? Activity? Architecture? The people with me when I went? The pleasantness of the owners? The surrounding adventures? For a philosophically analytic person such as myself that question becomes impossible to answer.”

In all honesty I can totally understand Brian’s answer to this, I’ve been asked similar and there are a few places I would return to, but are they my favourite? Like Brian I don’t think I could categorically answer, giving one place above another. Plus I’ve not investigated every known haunted location on the planet, so it wouldn’t be fair.

What has been Brian’s scariest encounter?

Brian told me that his response to this question was far too long for this interview alone, so perhaps he would do me the absolute honour of discussing this for a future post? What do you say Brian, go on you know you want to?

Where in the world would Brian most like to investigate?

Quite simply Brian’s response to this question was “The White House” and what a great answer that is too. Given the understanding I now have of this amazing building and its detailed history, I can totally see where Brian is coming from.In fact I would like to investigate the White House myself, sorry Brian that’s on my wish list of locations too now lol.

Catch Brian J Cano In The UK

As I’m based in the U.K. and for all of us Brits, I wondered where and when we might next see Brian in our neck of the woods..
“This coming March, for my D Day Tour, in conjunction with Sage Paranormal.”
Sage Paranormal D-Day Tour 2017 with Brian J Cano

This is certainly not one to miss out on and with very few tickets remaining for the D-Day Tour you should contact Sage Paranormal to get yours NOW!

Thank You Brian

I would like to finish up by thanking Brian for his time in answering my questions so that I could add this post. As the Sun is now only hours away from rising on National Ghost Hunting Day in the US and the others taking part across the globe, I know Brian was extremely busy. So, taking time to complete this interview shows he’s dedication to the field. A dedication resonated amongst all those that are participating in this fantastic event. So, thank you to all you guys that helped organise the event and everyone that has signed up to be involved. Your dedication to the field and acceptance to work together on this will also help further field.

I look forward to an excellent investigation tonight and collaborative effort towards the experiments. Good luck everyone and have a great ghost hunt.