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Has The Black Monk Been Given The Boot!

30 East Drive gets cleared…

Social Media has been a buzz of activity recently with the news that Psychic Nick Sage has cleared 30 East Drive. A location I’ve written about previously before on my blog.


Initial responses to this across the social platforms seem to be screaming that this cleansing has been performed without the owners consent though. There are also claims that there are specific instructions not to attempt to cleanse the property inside it, which have clearly been disregarded here.

During my scan through the angry posts I even stumbled upon a photo of the fireplace with a little evidence of smudging, something else visitors are told not to do.

That’s not to mention the claims that this may indeed be ‘fake news’ put out into the vast internet for means of publicity only. Whether that’s publicity for 30 East Drive or indeed for Nick Sage, that remains to be clarified. I must admit at this point I’ve not researched into the article in the Sun on Sunday in enough detail to determine the articles authenticity.

From belief to manifestation…

What captured me about this particular story was the passionate response that some in the paranormal community have given. It’s these responses that also highlight a valid point regarding the 30 East Drive Case and cases of a similar nature, a point which actually brings the subject of a haunting into question. It could be possible that without the belief in the probable story behind most hauntings then activity wouldn’t manifest at the location for those that visit.

So, basically the activity isn’t the product of someone’s consciousness surviving death, but those that visit or focus on the supposed haunted history of the location. Thus they are all like variations of the Phillip Experiment, albeit the intent is unconscious.

When it comes to 30 East Drive this has been massively evident over the years. Could the events that terrified the Pritchard’s, investigations highlighted by TV companies and experiences of many visitors to the property, be manifestations of the minds of believers that are convinced the Black Monk lurks in the shadows?

Everyone’s heard of 30 East Drive…

Thanks to the movie on the case and a few TV series conducting investigations, the story of the black monk is well known in the paranormal community and little outside of it too. Throw in a couple of mentions in a few books too and we have a whole lot of information out there.


However could that knowledge of the story be equally something that enables the manifestations of paranormal activity to actually occur. Think of it like everyone’s memories and experiences are social media posts. One post per memory let’s say. The more visits people make to the location based on the previous individuals visits, the more posts appear on social media, but equally that presents more information that everyone can access. Let’s equally say that each thought of 30 East Drive automatically allows the thinker to access all that social media information.  A bit like scanning through your news feed and it being flooded with similar stories. Thus the information becomes ever present filling up your social feeds. Also the more information there is sitting up there in the cloud the more details are present in our story of 30 East Drive.

However if all this information was actually the product of the previous piece of information, then it means our location quickly becomes flooded with misinformation. Perhaps in these situations we should work back to understand what the original cause may have been. After all its always important to identify that original report, the ‘alpha case’ and its details. In this case that would likely be the Pritchard’s original 1966 report.

This kind of thinking often raises a lot of questions; is the location still haunted? Don’t poltergeists only hang around for a short period of time? It’s worth keeping an open mind and gathering more of that critical information.

Sounds like a perfect opportunity to gather data…

Obviously as I have a bit of thing about data I feel this might be great opportunity to gain a better understanding of 30 East Drive and what happens when the lights go out!


So, here’s what I would like to do. I would like to gain an understanding of the who, when and where of the location. Pretty simple stuff really; who’s visited 30 East Drive, when they visited and how long for, plus each visit if they’ve been a few times, if any Paranormal activity was experienced then where in the building did it occur and what happened exactly. Might be good to throw in who was present too if you can.

Right, got all that ??

If you’ve visited 30 East Drive then I would like to know the following regarding your visit:-

  • Who visited on the occasion in question?
  • When you visited, dates and times?
  • How long you visited for, hours, days, etc?
  • What activity was experienced, audible, visual, psychical, etc?
  • Where said activity was experienced in the location, down stairs lounge, upstairs bedroom 1, etc. ? (Plan below)
  • Who was present / witnessed the activity, so we know if the team were split, etc?


You can simply email with those details above. Then I’ll collate the details so we can understand this unique location. If we continue this into the future too then we can equally understand if this recent cleansing has had an effect or not.

This could make for a really interesting study of a location moving forward.

If you visited 30 East Drive and experienced no activity I would equally like to hear about this too in order build a full picture of the timeline.

Please share this post with any you know have visited 30 East Drive so we can reach as many Investigators as possible that have been to the location.

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Metetherial Encyclopaedia – The Black Monk of Pontefract
The Metetherial Encyclopaedia

The Black Monk of Pontefract

Who or What was The Black Monk?

The Black Monk of Pontefract was actually a very violent poltergeist case situated in Pontefract in Yorkshire, England. The case was based around the Pritchard family who lived at 30 East Drive, Pontefract in the sixties.

The case itself has been brought to our attention by the Unexplained writer Colin Wilson, the 2012 film ‘When the Lights Went Out’ and then more recently by a Most Haunted Hallowe’en special and also a Paranormal Lockdown special too.

Thanks to these, many Ghost Hunters, Investigators and Researchers have now heard of this terrifying house hidden in yorkshire suburbia. In fact these days the house is empty (I believe) and open to investigators to visit.

A Little Backstory!

First signs of the activity began one night in September 1966 when 15 year old Phillip Pritchard and his Grandmother Sarah Scholes were the only ones at 30 East Drive. The rest of the Pritchard family were away on holiday in the West Country.

At this point the pair realised that the environment was changing and the room they were in had become icy cold. Then half way between the ceiling and floor a white dust began to fall covering most things in the area. Pools of water were also said to have formed, which are classically connected with poltergeist activity. Impressively the pair also witnessed a wardrobe appear to walk across the floor.

However when the rest of the family returned from their holiday the activity calmed and became non-existent. That was for about two years when it returned with a violent vengeance that shook the Pritchard family at 30 East Drive. This time around the activity began with classic poltergeist phenomena such as throwing objects around the house, like pots, pans, bedding and even decorating tools.

The family brought in a priest to attempt to exorcise the noisy ghost, but this was far from successful. The priest witnessed a levitating candle stick which possibly shocked him. In fact he promptly advised the Pritchard’s to move and then left.

At this point activity escalated further and this was when the sightings of the proposed Black Monk began. The family saw a shadowy dark figure that appeared to be wearing a black robe and cowl.

It wasn’t too long after this that the teenage girl Diane Pritchard experienced the most famous event of this case, she was dragged upstairs by unseen hands. In fact she was dragged fighting and screaming, but when she was finally released there were finger marks on her neck. Could this have been the work of the Black Monk?

Oddly following this horrific event the activity at 30 East Drive reduced to nothing. However more recently some of those teams and investigators have laid claim to more paranormal activity occurring at the location.

What Now for 30 East Drive?

It would seem that with the odd pieces of activity reported at the location, some more darker than others, it may be possible that the psychical energy or perhaps spirits energy remains.

The question is, will we ever know if allowing continued investigation of the location causes more harm or will it aid us further in understanding the paranormal world?

If you’ve visited 30 East Drive, please comment below and let me know your experiences there as I would love to know more about it in recent times? After all the more we share about these experiences the greater chance we may have of understanding them.