Pre-Investigation Thoughts…

Tomorrow see’s my team head down south near to Bournemouth to investigate a little pub which has caught my interest in a very unique way. The case itself was brought to me by fellow investigator Aaron, who will be joining us tomorrow night. However, from our first initial visit to the pub I realised how different this case was going to be.

You see up until now Farsight PRS have taken on and investigated to the best of our ability mostly known haunted locations and even a couple which are not so known. This little pub though doesn’t really fall into this category of investigation. In fact this would seem more like a private or residential investigation! This is simply because most of those involved either frequent or live at the location. Not to mention that some of the main investigation area’s are in the upstairs of the pub, in the bedrooms.

I have to admit I am slightly apprehensive of this investigation, but that is simply because its so very different. Although Farsight are only investigating the claims of paranormal activity at the location, with the hope to discover some supporting evidence, or even debunk some. I find myself thinking of those that live in the pub, have lived in the pub and have experienced things there. Rather than investigating the claims of a location being haunted, I feel we have a kind of obligation to try and provide some answers to these people. Well hopefully we can.

Already a great deal of work has been done in the background on this one by my team and I. Some historic investigation into the pub and area has been done by my sister and I. In fact one of Leanne’s first stops will be the Dorset Historical Society. Chasing down some of the facts is what we like to do!

As for me, I have already contacted the Dorset Police to find out more about any cases they have related to the pub, including a human bone which may have been found there around ten years ago.

So, as the team prepares to make its way down towards Dorset from various locations across the UK, I am mindful that although we have a long night ahead of us, this may not be the end of this case !I have the feeling it may be somewhere we continue to investigate after this weekend! Wish us luck ?

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