Amityville: House of Lies, by London Knight

Somewhere between this world and the next there is an evil, an evil so real that it seeps into the very core of ones being. Sometimes what lies between the realms of reality and fantasy lies a darkness waiting to seep into our world, grabbing hold and plunging us into the bitter brink of hell itself, a darkness of which there is no escape.

Could one house hold such an evil presence that it could cause a man to murder his whole family in their beds as they sleep? An unseen force that speaks out within the darkness of the early morning hours? Or was the shier evil within one mans own mind?

For decades the house at 112 Ocean Avenue has come to birth fear into the the nightmares of so many, bringing with it an Urban Legend that has stood the test of time her self.

I have spent fourteen years trapped within the nightmare of the Amityville Horror. Seeking out the truth of just what lies be on the realm of the mashed colorless lines of black and gray that hide in the deepest corners of insanity.

As the night air brought with it a bone chilling cold that it always had in November in New York, Ronald DeFeo sat in his room in the darkness that now surrounded him. He could feel it close by, mocking him, calling out to him through the blackness of the night that now surrounded him.

“Kill them before it is too late. Kill them all.”

As Ronald looked over at the small clock that sat on his nightstand, it read 3:15 am. The same time it always had when the voice had come for him. Ronald grabbed the 35 Marlin rifle and walked out of his room.

The voice called out again, “You know it must be done. Now go before it is too late.” Ronald walked up the stairs to his parents room where he stood in the doorway and watched as his parents slept in their beds. Ronald lifted the gun and pulled the trigger.

The Voice laughed an evil laugh, “Go on, finish them off, then you will be free.”

Ronald walked through the darkness of the house and one by one the shots from the 35 Marlin rang out.

With his family dead, he was finally free, free of the evil that lived within him. Ronald lay on the couch in the family room. His head was clear for the first time. The voice that had seemed to grab hold was now no more and for the first time Ronald fell into a deep sleep.

The house was quiet for the first time, no noise, no voice, just the sound of peace and quiet. He could feel the veil lift and the whole house took on the feeling of a home for the first time in his life.

As the sun broke the darkness of the winter night, Ronald awoke feeling refreshed for the first time, but he knew something was wrong, for the house that once was filled with the sounds of a large family now laid quiet. The only noise was coming from the kitchen where the family dog had been tied up. Ronald had no recollection of what had taken place.

For most it is a tell of Demon, after many years on this case I have come to know one, this the Evil within the heart of man is much more than any evil known. I have to say for years of looking over this case, the very crime photos have plagued my inner being casting me into a world in which one should never enter. That of the deepest parts of the mind of a killer.

I have looked into the eyes of pure evil in that within the cold dark stare of Defoe himself. As I have come to know the truth of just what took place in the house at 112 Ocean Avenue, the Amityville Horror House.

I have come to know one thing, that the evil of the house was indeed one mans lust for drugs and money.

If you wish to know more, the whole story can be found between the covers of my book, go to Amityville: House of Lies


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