A New Approach for a New Year

As 2014 fast approaches with Christmas very much upon us now I have changed a few things about my website and generally my whole approach to the paranormal. This doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten all I’ve learnt or the many people I am in debt to for advising me and teaching me various aspects of the field either. In fact far from it! I’m actually combining all of the past to try and understand some greater aspects of the paranormal and look for some very fundamental aspects to help possibly prove the survival hypothesis.

2013 has helped me understand a great deal in regards to the more spiritual and faith driven aspects of the paranormal which has become equally interesting and widened my horizons a great deal. I’ve personally experienced a few things which are beyond my own understanding and by all means very unexplainable. However this did require a slight leap of faith in my part in order to gain a better understanding. It also meant at various points leaving the usual investigating behind such CCTV and audio recorders in order to fully emerge myself in the experience itself rather than anything else.

The unfortunate problem with this is that it may have just sparked a thousand more questions and quite possibly expanded my own journey further than I have ever imaged before.

Experiencing the more spiritual wasn’t the only thing I discovered in 2013. I’ve also met some more amazing investigators to add to my friends in the field too. Friends that I hope to be able to investigate along side again in the near future as these experiences are always best shared with like minded people after all. Some of these investigators have also reminded me of some very cool gadgets for capturing audio and visual evidence. I was also reminded that collecting data is very important, but this too covers so much in the paranormal field its amazing. We need to capture everything from temperature, humidity, light to so much more which isn’t just related to the environment we investigate, but also the individuals that are investigating. There is so much more to learn!

It was this new found thirst for more knowledge that led me a little off the beaten track through a wood of spirituality and knocking on the door of physics to explore time and space! If that sounds a little odd, then you should really stay tuned for my posts in 2014!!

Recently one such door highlighted the fact that I needed to make a change, a change to confirm my new approach and understanding. As my friends from the more spiritual side of the coin would say I saw a sign, the more scientific would probably describe it as coincidence or chance! Still it was obvious and felt right! This is why I have now closed the chapter on Farsight PRS and opened one as myself, after all my new approach is built on my own personal beliefs and primarily can be truly attributed to what is now, well me!

However this doesn’t I’m now working alone, in fact far from it. Where as before I used to lead a team on investigations, I would like to think that going forward I would be inviting other investigators and teams to join me on investigations in order to investigate collectively on the same level. After all in my experience working like this has always brought better results, whether its questioning an experience and looking into logical explanations or being able to see/feel with the help of a medium what can’t be seen. Then combining both of these aspects to breach the unknown.

This is why I have now changed my site to http://www.ashleyknibb.com and my Facebook page to ‘Ashley Knibb – Paranormal Explorer, Investigator & Researcher’, it feels the right thing to do in order to clarify and define my change of approach to the paranormal. I hope you all enjoy my future posts and continue to support and follow my exploration of the paranormal.

I have many many questions that constantly seem to be flying around my head these days too, which I often don’t think believe are directly related to the paranormal, but often end up having a bearing on it too. These questions have been anything from the proof of life after death using various methods such as ciphers to odd concepts and theories around time space and multiple universes! Weird I know! Still it does begin to explain why I’ve added the ‘Explorer’ element to my site.

So, where you see a ‘like’ button, be it here or Facebook, please show your support by clicking it. Please follow my posts and feel free to comment, question and discuss everything as I get the feeling thats what I may be doing too!

Sit tight, buckle up and get ready for the journey!






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