Trance Mediumship

Where I met my first Trance Medium!
Where I met my first Trance Medium!

Since as far back as I can remember whilst researching the paranormal I have been aware of Mediums. Deeper research soon highlighted that there were quite a few different types of Mediums and some particular types were very interesting indeed.

Over the years I have met quite a few Mediums, many of which I found very interesting. Perhaps it’s the simple link to the survival of human consciousness after bodily death, which they appear to be able to tap into. Maybe its because it is a mystery how communication of this nature is even possible and I love a good mystery!

However it wouldn’t be until 2013 that I fully realised another level of Mediumship which if I’m honest prior to my own experience would have heavily questioned! During a visit to the Royal Oak pub in Swanage I conducted a kind of vintage seance approach where my aim was to experience the pubs spiritual circle. I wanted to know and understand the spiritual approach more, to observe and even experience the event. After all we need to observe and in a way experience the very phenomena we study in order to better theorise how and why it may occur. As with most of the paranormal though this usually presents more questions than answers!

In comparison to some of my other location investigations this was completely different; trusting in the experience itself and allowing ourselves to be immersed in the situation was the plan on this occasion.

I organised the group to sit around a large table which was actually made up of several smaller bar tables. I then assigned specific locations around the table to specific individuals to sit in. In all honesty I have no idea why I believed certain people had to sit in certain places, but these seats would assist in balancing the groups energy somehow. Of course this was a little out of my usually understanding and approach, but also made perfect sense to me and apparently others too!

There was one other additional element to this setup which I added, but I’m going to keep that part to myself for now!

As we sat around the table the entire group looked towards me for guidance on how to proceed, something which I was a little unsure on. As the locals had conducted many Spiritual Circles in the past I decided to go with their experience. One of the local group started us out by grounding us and adding a little protection to the group too. I have to be honest back then it wasn’t really my thing and didn’t see how either would help. However when you enter a new approach which requires an understanding of someone’s beliefs then I believe it’s important to respect how they do things.

As we continued many of the group began to pick up on certain pieces of information communicated by spirit, but this was soon cut off when one member of the large group drifted into trance! This was something that the visitors to the pub were really unprepared for really. As Mo entered trance he let out a loud shocking burst of laughter, it made many of us jump. However it also seemed to raise the energy in the room. I was sat directly opposite Mo and totally unprepared for what was about to occur.

Mo’s voice changed completely and during the course of less than a minute I personally witnessed his face change shape dramatically too! In fact the facial changes were so dramatic in shape and size that it was hard to believe my own eyes! I would usually assume the low light levels had been the reason for me experiencing a form of matrixing, but the variations were too great and only Mo’s face changed! Mo gained control or the spirit settled, I’m not entirely sure which occurred, then he spoke. His voice was completely different and it was amazing to witness. The information that was passed was vague to begin with and also slightly disconnected. However this spirit claimed to be from London, which was slightly unusual for those that have come through previously.

The connection was brief, but the event had already left a lasting mark on me. In fact it may have been this very evening which led me back to the very roots of my understanding of the paranormal, the fact that it’s not simply about the activity or evidence, but those whom investigate it.

As the evening continued around that table two other members of the group slipped into trance and brief pieces of information were communicated. It was evident that some information was specific to possible individuals that had passed, but in reality it was hard to present this information as conclusive proof. However this was also a message within itself to me and I soon realised that if a spirit communicated their full name and date of birth, then that would still be insufficient evidence of survival of bodily death. So, it was obvious that valid information was cryptic by nature.

It was the events of that evening that started me thinking, not about gathering evidence of this kind of communication, but understanding how or even why it was possible.

So, initially here’s what I understand from a little reading and little discussion with said mediums. The easiest way to explain the phenomena of trance is that the medium manages to file away their own consciousness, most probably within their own sub-conscious mind. Then the spirits consciousness which is initially transferred into the mediums sub-consciousness is moved into the mediums conscious mind. Once the spirits consciousness is present in the mediums conscious, then from there it can articulate information and even begin to physically move the medium. The only problem is that I believe everyone’s conscious is setup slightly differently, so the compatibility is gradual by nature. When the medium wishes to return and/or the spirit leaves usually the mediums guide will assist in transfer to get the mediums consciousness back in their conscious mind. Although I have now witnessed situations now where the mediums consciousness has got a little lost on the way!

Now I understand that is a lot of conscious, sub-conscious and consciousness to take on board, but right now I don’t have a better way of describing it without using computer terminology oddly!

Also it is imperative to understand that this is my own opinion right now of how it may occur. I’m not stating this is what happens just theorising a little I guess.

This has now opened up a whole new perspective for me and an angle of research that I wasn’t really prepared for. However it’s an interesting one, one that has been looked at before and one hopefully that will enable me to combine both the science and the spirituality of the paranormal field.

I will be posting more on my website in regards to the spiritual side of the go paranormal and very soon I will begin to include some of my notes on the research I’m conducting.

With all this in mind, please feel free to comment and discuss. After all it’s the discussions that will help further my own quest to learn so much more.

One last thing; never approach an element of the paranormal or anything with a closed mind! Always look to embrace the experience, immerse yourself in the situation and approach from all angles. Often we focus from one perspective and from that one approach we can miss so much.

If you have any thoughts on this, please don’t hesitate to comment.

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