What is the Cosmopathic Project?

“Open to access of supernormal knowledge or emotion”

– FWH Myers

As a part of the Metetherial Project we wanted to focus on communication, to understand that side of the paranormal and how it may fit in with the survival hypothesis. In order to do this we needed to conduct some experiments which could be based around this element and that may produce some good data to support the communication.

We had heard a lot about the Scole Experiment and how over the course of a five year period they managed to communicate with various spirits on an almost higher level. Generally during investigations there is a lot of time spent verifying the identity of the spirit with various means and even then the informaiton can be vague. The other interesting thing was that the Scole Experiment seemed to follow my own interest in combining the spiritual and scientific approaches in order to communicate with spirits. The Scole Group also invited members of the Society for Psychical Research to join their experiments and document them, which of course they did. The findings of Montague Keen, Arthur Ellison and David Fontana can be found in the Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research Volume 58 Part 220 November 1999. However if you don’t have access to the SPR, then their book ‘The Scole Report’ is available from Amazon.

The Scole Report
The Scole Report

The Scole Group had some quite unbelievable communication which came to them through Trance Mediums, Direct Voice (although I believe the Scole Group prefer it to be better known as a kind of energy communication), audio through a device called the TDC (more on that later), physical objects that materialised in the room, touch, light anomalies, messages left on film and video. This is just a very brief over view though.

The Scole Experiment
The Scole Experiment

I’m not going to dive into immense details about the Scole Experiment just yet as there was an awful lot to cover. However if you are interested, then please check out their website at http://www.thescoleexperiment.com. It is well worth a visit.

The primary aim of our experiments was to look at how the Scole Group achieved their continuous communication with what they called the Scole Spirit Team. We wanted to do the best we could to recreate these circumstances and like the Scole Group use Mediums of varying type to assist with our communication. However we also wanted to throw some more monitoring devices in to the mix to try and understand the environmental and individual changes that occurred during these communication sessions. Verifying the identity of whom we were communicating to wouldn’t be required, as we are more interested in the information they may have to pass onto us. Plus the SPR conducted book tests and other experiments to verify certain aspects during the original experiment.

So, the aim of the Cosmopathic Project is to understand the communication itself, what occurs when communication is happening, the elements required to establish communication, how to maintain communication and ultimately how to improve it.

The other important thing to remember is the that a project like this requires a long term commitment, the Scole Group conducted over five hundred sittings over those five years. Realising this we know that it could take us this long to reach our conclusion too. So, rather than wait until the end before telling the world what we’ve been up to we have decided to post regular updates to everyone in the loop.

We have put together a dedicated team made up of a few members from Milton Keynes based team RSVP UK , a few Mediums that I’ve worked with before. Together we are all equally interested in understanding the spiritual and the science sides of these experiments.

At the moment its hard to go into immense detail on this project as we are only just starting out, but we hope very soon to bring you more details, experiment overviews and much more. However if you’re interested please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I also hope to start up a Journal soon under the Metetherial Project which will include reports from our experiments, theories and also papers from us and others in the field. In fact if you have something of interest that might go well in the Journal please message me.

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