Experiment 003 – Bradwell Abbey – 4th March 2015



Ashley, Gary, Matt, David, Dawn, Claire, Michelle & Ann


Data Logger! Stimson TDC (connected to speakers and audio recorder), Stimson Cube (movement/tilt & magnetic field visual sensor), Audio Recorders, Video Camera (not IR), Upturned Vase (substitute for Bell Jar), Platform (wooden), Quartz Crystals, Movement Sensor Ball (placed on empty chair) and Small Square Table.


  1. Setup the experiment room – using a specific table and room layout.
  2. Briefly run through the experiment proceedings.
  3. The group then take their seats in the experiment room, which are predetermined.
  4. Lights out.
  5. The group take five minutes of silence to settle into the room.
  6. Opening prayer (written specifically for the experiment), which is led by David and repeated by the group.
  7. Guided meditation led by Gary, using a bridge as a focal point of a visualisation to allow the group to meet with half way across our spirit helpers.
  8. Main Experiment – during this time the group describe what they pick up and any communication received.
  9. Closing prayer (written specifically for the experiment), which again is led by David and repeated by the group.
  10. Guided meditation completion by Gary, taking us away from the bridge.
  11. Lights on.


We arrived as ever around 8pm to half past and began to setup the experiment room, but right away we realised that the usual large round table we used was not available. The use of a round table had been mentioned as preferable in the Scole Experiment, but now we only had access to a small square table. We had no choice, but to go with what we had.

I began by using my phones compass to set the table along the cardinal compass directions.

Rough Sketch of the Experiment Room

Once the table was set along the cardinal directions we set up the chairs in a kind of horseshoe. Our chairs were around the table from the North East to the North West, as above. I also set a chair for Graham, even though he wasn’t present on this occasion. I included an empty chair set in Northern position too.

On this occasion the positioning on the table itself was equally important. At the centre of the table was the upturned vase (representing our Bell Jar) on our make-shift platform. In the Northern direction of the table we placed the Data Logger, which was setup and started recording data before we started. In the Southern direction of the table was placed the Stimson Cube. In the Eastern direction of the table was placed an audio recorder. Finally in the Western direction of the table was placed the Stimson TDC, which was connection to speakers and an audio recorder beneath the table (to stop a feedback loop occurring).

The Experiment Table Layout

Once all was setup and ready to go the group took up their seats in the experiment room, where we briefly ran through the proceedings of the experiment. We then spent the first five minutes after the lights were turned off to quietly settle into our environment. After the five minutes had almost completed David led us through the Opening Prayer, which each of us repeated. The Prayer itself is universal and set as a means of connection to our Spirit Team and also to define protection for the group. Once the Prayer had been completed, Gary took us through a little guided meditation. This was in the form of meeting our Spirit Team members on a bridge during a visualisation.

Following the guided meditation we began the main body of the experiment where we hoped communication would occur. This was given a kick-start by Gary asking the group what or who they encountered during the guided meditation. As Gary done this I personally became very aware of a man and a woman near to the door. What’s odd about this is that I don’t really class myself as a sensitive or medium and certainly don’t pick up on individuals. However this man and woman seemed to be observing from the edge of the room for some reason. Oddly as Ann was recounting her own experience during the meditation I also felt the need to say; “Madam, may I interject?”, which I believe is when I pointed the man and woman to the group. Equally interesting was the fact that a few members of the group experienced or met similar characters from the previous guided meditation.

I feel it’s also important to mention at this point that the energy of the group was on a natural high during that evening. Everyone was happy, excited and looking forward to the experiment. This probably helped raise the group and help us work better together.

Gary continued around the group to Claire, but she immediately stated that she found it hard to concentrate as something was touching her neck. Michelle then described her experience highlighting the fact that she met a man in a suit, with a briefcase and some paperwork was important. Michelle also mentioned that a fleur-de-lis and weighing scales were also important. Continuing around the group Dawn spoke of her experience and how she met a Falconer, but with an eagle. Finally Gary told us of his own experience and how he met a man wearing a bowler hat, possibly in a dark suit and also with a briefcase. Similar to Michelle’s experience. Gary also mentioned that the place Ann described was similar to his own personal meditation place that he goes to in his mind’s eye.

The Fleur de Lis

The question then becomes, why are there now apparent similarities in the groups meditation experiences? The answer is varied and also unknown, but it could mean that the group is becoming more in tune with itself. An aspect which is important to the success of the experiment. Some could also argue that we are also now becoming influenced by other group members too, but I don’t personally believe this to be the case.

As we progressed into the main part of the experiment hoping for communication, it wasn’t long before the more sensitive of the group begun to pick up on things. This began with Michelle giving the name ‘Mary’ and Gary believing that he saw a figure behind David. Oddly the group also acknowledged a drop in temperature at about that moment.

Following this Michelle saw someone sitting on the empty chair next to me, which I had literally just cleared for someone to sit on. It’s important to mention that the light was relatively poor and I don’t believe Michelle witnessed me clear the chair.  However this also highlights the fact that if Michelle couldn’t see the chair properly, then did she only feel there was someone sitting next to me?

A few minutes later many of the group identified a noise and thuds possibly coming from the other room, but the audio recording (of mine) doesn’t appear to reflect this. Hopefully our other more sensitive recorder may have picked something up.

Moments later Claire advised the group that she felt something touching her hair, similar to earlier. Just afterwards Michelle picked up on a small boy playing with a green train, which also coincided with some of the group hearing another ‘thud’. Claire explained that something was now rubbing her hair and she wasn’t comfortable with it. With this in mind the group asked the spirit physically making contact to step back for us, which it did so almost immediately.

A few minutes passed and then Gary identified some movement between me and the door to my right. I had also noticed the light density has been changing constantly throughout the experiment in this area. I also still felt the presence of a man and a woman observing the proceedings. Oddly I’m not one to ‘pick up’ on the presence of a spirit either. Michelle then asked if a train bell ringing to me was significant to me, which it could be.

Shortly after this both Ann and Matt noticed some movement by the empty chair placed to the north of the table. Dawn also picked up on the name ‘Humphrey’ and Michelle the name ‘Felix’ at this time.

Moments later Michelle picked up on a figure possibly a Monk stood behind David, but this figure was linked somehow to David in good way. Gary also saw the outline of a figure behind David. From this point on Michelle picked up on a lot of details related to the probable spirit which were related personally to David. Later David identified this spirit as possibly being Alan, a man who had been an inspiration to him and someone who David could identify with as a surrogate Grandfather.

Following this Gary identified a possible light anomaly which had passed his eyes and was similar to an orb. He described it as being a greenish-white in colour. Matt also saw what he described as ‘a white misty smoke’ around the same time. Michelle at this point picked up on a line of people stood behind me; she believed they were related to the Scole Experiment or our own Spirit Team.

Over the next few minutes Gary saw light anomalies, heard a possible voice and also a knock. The knock can be heard on our audio.

Minutes later Gary believed he could smell sulphur and at the same time Claire began to feel unwell and very dizzy. The group immediately reacted as one, asking spirit to move away from Claire.

Following this Gary went over the protection again; he also asked for Claire to be left alone and the energy to be re-directed elsewhere. At this point I asked for that energy to be directed towards me instead. It was also shortly after this that Gary and I swapped seats, as we believed it to be the correct thing to do.

It was shortly after this that Michelle picked up on Gary’s grandfather and described him with quite good detail too from Gary’s reaction.

At this point many of us comment on the feeling that the atmosphere feels lighter which is followed by some of the group seeing more light anomalies.

About five minutes later I was sure that I could hear music playing from the Stimson TDC, but really faintly as if it were very far away. However no one else heard the music.

Over the next twenty odd minutes Michelle picks up on a lot of information which is associated with some of the group’s family members. This includes a possible connection to my own Aunt Rose. This came to an end though as Claire began to feel dizzy and Gary felt cold, but also as if he was being watched too. Once again as a group we help Claire, but also switch a torch on. A couple of the group comment on the drop in temperature and Gary tells us that he is feeling odd. However it isn’t long before high spirits return to the group and we are all laughing again.

With the lights off again, Gary revisits the protection once again and draws attention through visualisation too. He then asks the Spirit Team for some phenomena. At this point Michelle feels that the spirits can be seen holding hands around the table and within our own circle. It’s also at this point that my own memory of the events ends or at least becomes very vague.

Gary asks the group to link hands, but according to the group I didn’t engage in this. Michelle then added that there should be no talking, but for some reason I laugh and then apologise. Which Michelle tells me off for, stating that ‘they’ are not impressed with me. I add ‘I don’t know why I’m laughing’. Then for some particularly odd reason I say; ‘Who’s on the phone?’ twice.

As the group realise something isn’t quite right with me, Claire switches the torch on and accidentally shines it directly in my eyes. As the glare of the light passes, I become aware that the whole group is now staring at me. As an epileptic I’m actually all too familiar with this situation. When I used to have seizures this was the very look family and friends would give me as I came round. I know I didn’t have a seizure because the group would have witnessed it. At this point my memory was missing a chunk and was a little like Swiss cheese. As I mentioned my last memory was just before Gary asked us to link hands. Although I was a little thirsty following this, what I really craved was sugar for some reason. I’m not sure if it’s connected, but I felt a little nausea too.

After this strange event and realising that our Data Logger had crashed we decided that it would be best to call it a night there. David led us through the Closing Prayer and Gary completed the experiment by leading us away from the bridge in our visualisation. Then the lights were switched on and we cleared up.


In addition to the audio recording and personal experiences documented in the Experiment Notes, Gary later advised us that we had an interesting oddity on the Data Logger. He advised that we had some out of the ordinary and slightly unexplained hits across four of the sensors. Interestingly these hits all occurred around the same time.

Please note that times on the Data Logger are incorrect as they weren’t reset, but 13:30 is actually 21:00.

Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor

As above the Temperature Sensor showed three out of character drops in temperature.

Pressure Sensor
Pressure Sensor

As above the Pressure Sensor showed several raises and drops over this time frame.

Humidity Sensor
Humidity Sensor

Similarly to the Pressure Sensor, the Humidity Sensor showed several raises and drops over the time frame.

Magnetic Field Sensor
Magnetic Field Sensor

As above the Magnetic Field Sensor also displayed several drops and raises over this time frame.

EMF Sensor
EMF Sensor

However the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Sensor showed no change throughout the experiment.

Interestingly though these seem to coincide with reports of light anomalies, a voice, knocks and connection with spirit through Mediumship. Also, on analysing the data its Gary’s understanding that the most probable explanation is that someone/something entered the space around the Data Logger and then left the space seconds later; and then repeated this for a few minutes. However this is not a definitive possibility as there are other possibilities that we must test before understanding this fully. After all there still could be a relatively simple or at least normal explanation for this, which currently eludes us.


It’s possible that the data recorded supports the possibility of some kind of interaction taking place. The question then becomes does this data help quantify that interaction occurred? Currently on its own the data doesn’t establish this, but it does suggest the possibility. However a possibility which still requires a large amount of supporting data to support the theory.

Given the additional events which took place, with probable audio and visual phenomena this could be attributed to coincide with paranormal activity though. Still its early days in our research and we still don’t fully understand these results as yet and how it all ties together.

The key now becomes to observe the experiments moving forward and see if the experiences match the data in a similar pattern to this going forward. The more we begin to understand about these experiments from both the spiritual and scientific approaches the more we can understand what exactly to look for and what elements are in place during communication or physical phenomena. Hopefully this will help to simplify an area currently filled with complexities. Perhaps it may even help us understand the Survival Hypothesis too.

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