What is it?

The word ‘telepathy’ was originally conceived by one of the founding members of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), Frederic Myers around the 1880’s. Myers defined it as ‘the communication of impressions of any kind from one mind to another, independent of recognised channels of sense’. He also suggested that telepathy may exist between two people in the same room as truly as between one person in England and another in Australia, or between someone still living on earth and another that had died a long time ago. 

Experimenting in Telepathy

Many have since tried to create experiments to prove telepathic communication as fact. J. B. Rhine’s card-guessing tests have attempted many times over the years to prove Interaction beyond chance, but this has often been seen as chance, subconscious clues and so on. Other approaches like the Ganzfield Experiment have also tried hard to prove telepathy too. Although the Ganzfield may have raised controversy of its own within the science community.
Victorian Spiritualism

Other researchers such as Harold Sherman, Sir Hubert Wilkins and Gardner Murphy attempted to ‘tune in’ to a distant locations environment and record their impressions of it. This had many impressive hits which appeared to be beyond chance. 

Modern Research

More recently research into telepathy has picked up again possibly due to an interest in consciousness and reality. However technology has now become a bigger and interesting part of the research with non-intrusive devices used to decypher brainwave activity, then send information to other devices. 

My Understanding of Telepathy

Telepathy has now become a large part of my own research due to my understanding of it and how it may fit into the paranormal field in general. I understand telepathy as the method in which information is transferred from one mind to another. However with this in mind we must also take into consideration how our minds may interpret that information and its my belief that we do this in many ways. In understanding telepathy better we may understand how determine the source of communications which are often associated with that of the spirits of the deceased. We must look to understand the source of information without bias in order to truly utilise this methodology of transferring information outside of the recognised channels of sense.  

Telepathy actually ties into my own research quite a bit, so there will be without doubt more on this subject in the future. Please feel free to check out my Theory of Telepathic Interaction

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