A Walk in the Park! 

A Walk in the Park!

One of Those Phrases…

It’s a phrase we all have heard at some point in our lives and although it may be seen more as an American statement, it is still well known in other parts of the world too. 

Where am I going with this, well I was taking the kids to the park, which is effectively ‘a walk in the park’ and as was trying to think of a subject for this very blog, well eureka! 

The point is that the phrase ‘a walk in the park’ means that the task at hand is either relatively simply to complete or something that the individual is particularly confident at. 

When it comes to the paranormal and its investigation there are many occasions where I’m sure I have believed things were going to be easy. We have all probably rocked up to a location thinking we’ve done setup on a place like this loads of times or activity always happens in this area of this spooky old museum! This often means that we become complacent in repeating what’s been done before once again. After all it’s a walk in the park, right? 

Here’s what I’m saying…

So, here’s what I’m saying here; next time you’re out investigating the paranormal do something new or at least different from what you usually do. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work or what it is exactly, as long as you’re trying something different. 

I remember years back when I first started doing overnight investigations and we often approached things very seriously. Probably too seriously at times. On one occasion the location we were investigating was particularly ‘dead’, pardon the pun. We started to chat as a group and that soon developed into a little banter too. Before we knew it we were all chatting and laughing. This actually lifted the mood and afterwards our investigation was actually more interesting. 

It’s little snippets like this that have lead me to do what I can when I can to try different things during investigations. It’s also something that helps us to expand our scope and experiment with new ideas. Hence why I started to attempt more little experiments which were a little more than the simple ones we all start with. Some have been more technical and the entire investigaiton has become based around, such as the Singapore Theory Victorian Seance Experiment

In my opinion if your investigaiton feels like it is going to be a walk in the park, then perhaps its time for a little re-evaluation and to come up with some ideas to push the boundaries a little. Let’s never let our investigations be less than they can be, especially when there is an abundance to be discovered out there. 

Of course in most cases our investigations are never a walk in the park, as we are all out there doing our very best to touch the unknown and gain an understanding of the paranormal. Keep on trying new things and old things, as you never really know what may on occasion might just work. 

Apologies for the short little post today, but I wanted to write a little quick read blog post. Sometimes its just nice to get them thoughts out there. 

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