Could Artificial Intelligence Help Understand Paranormal Experiences

The Robots are coming..

Recently there has been a number of programs on TV on robots and artificial intelligence, which have been quite fascinating to watch. Especially as they have shown how real and advanced robotics are already, not to mention how intricately they are woven into our society currently.


Now when many of us think of a robot, we quickly think of the movie robots that have been our understanding historically. These are cyborgs like the terminator, Number 5 from Short Circuit and part of the cast of Robocop. Some of these require artificial intelligence in order to work, regardless of them being fantasy. The thing is that artificial intelligence and something called machine learning is very much here already.


Machine learning is everywhere..

In fact a lot of machine learning algorithms have been here a while and you probably use them almost every day of your life. Social media apps for example utilise algorithms in order to bring specific information to you as individual. Search engines like Google utilise these algorithms in order to find exactly what you’re looking for online. Don’t forget your smart phone either, many have voice recognition assistants like Siri on the iPhones. It doesn’t stop there though, even our entertainment is learning what we want too, Netflix does this too. We now have clever cars that can drive themselves too, a technology that is being developed at speed by many manufacturers. They are even building trucks that can drive themselves too. The point is that we are surrounded by this technology, which is learning our needs and giving us what we want or in some circumstances trying to sell us what we may not.

Robots and the paranormal..

Now by this point, you’re probably wondering where the heck I might be going with all this robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning stuff. Well, here’s the interesting thought I had recently; could a robot that has artificial intelligence experience something Paranormal similar to one of us whilst at a location that is supposed to be haunted?

Firstly, the initial response to this would be an overwhelming ‘no’ and ‘of course not’ after all how could a machine have a Paranormal experience. After all a paranormal experience is only something that a conscious being such as one of us may have and even some of us have failed to have over the years. Fundamentally we take the assumption that a machine couldn’t share the complex nature that we associate with the experiences we have as humans, but this is generally based on the concept of us being conscious and that we feel these experiences. However if we break it down it’s really all about data and information comprehension in my opinion. After all humans collect data on their environment from their senses and then utilise their knowledge, memory, experiences, etc in order to comprehend their environment and then when something Paranormal occurs individually understand it.

Data again..

Now what is really important here, possibly something I feel will really help us truly understand psi and indeed most paranormal activity, is that we really need to start gathering more data. The data itself is something that we really need as elements like machine learning could use that in order to help gain an understanding of psi. Big data is essential to gaining an understanding of psi and for any system to utilise machine learning to comprehend the Paranormal it will require an abundance of data. This wouldn’t simply be data related to the paranormal, but from all aspects of life too.

Part of the reason that I would really like to see the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in Paranormal investigation and psi research; is that a machine could be designed to work in certain ways that will help us understand the required building blocks that may deliver Paranormal experience. We could even simulate telepathic interaction by means of feeding these machines pieces of information via wireless technology.

Robot paranormal investigators..

When it comes to physically investigating a haunted location using this kind of technology we could see some really interesting developments. One approach could be to use drones with artificial intelligence that when they detect anomalies in the environment would follow that information in order to gather more data. We could utilise the work that has been done around swarm robotics to use many systems as one in order to gather lots of data at the same time and see what they may learn from that experience. Perhaps we could place a robot in a haunted location and then allow it to learn gradually to see if there is a potential point when such a system acquires knowledge enough to speculate the Paranormal.


The potential that using artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics could bring to psi research and the paranormal could be fantastic. However it does all rely on accessing that favourite element of mine; a world of data. That data will be the foundations to the understanding of that which we all seek.

So, if you’re looking to make advancements to the field perhaps it may be worth looking into robotics and artificial intelligence too, as these could truly assist in the advancements of gathering data. They may also help us to understand many philosophical concepts of psi and could even contribute to the comprehension of consciousness too.

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