The Spirit Dimension with Kerry Greenaway – Talking to Dr Terence Palmer

As I am becoming a bit of a regular co-host…

I thought as I am fast becoming a regular ad-hoc co-host on Kerry Greenaway’s Parasearch Radio show The Spirit Dimension, I had better start mentioning it here on my blog! That way any of my regular readers could also check out the shows that I am involved in and any of the other interesting shows that Parasearch Radio has to offer.

Check out the Parasearch Radio YouTube Channel for all their shows..

Talking to Dr Terence Palmer…

Last Sunday I once again found myself back on the Spirit Dimension show as co-host with Kerry Greenaway as she interviewed Dr Terence Palmer discussing Spirit Release Therapy. We also discussed pre-intervention to determine if the probable cause was spirit attachment or psychological. Dr Palmer advised us of multiple types of spirit attachments, using a psychic medium as a type of remote viewer.

We briefly touched on Dr Palmer’s book too; ‘The Science of Spirit Possession’, please click on the image below if you’re interested in obtaining a copy..

Palmer discussed many prominent characters in the field of psychical research, such as William James, FWH Myers, Rupert Sheldrake and more.

We even talked about poltergeist at one point too. All in all it was a packed show, which shouldn’t be missed. In fact check it out below…

Once you’ve watched it don’t forget to comment, share, like and subscribe to the Parasearch Radio YouTube Channel…

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