Supernatural Synchronicity – A Collaborative Approach


Welcome Sarah Chumacero…

For those of you that are regular to my blogs it will not come as much surprise to you that I am collaborating with another blogger, as one of the things I have always attempted is to bring the field together in various ways. Which is why I am particularly excited about this new section of my website and really hope that you all enjoy it as much as I know I will writing alongside Australian Paranormal Blogger Sarah Chumacero, best known for the Living Life in Full Spectrum blog.

You have probably caught a few of my retweets and shares on social media when it comes to posts by Sarah, as I feel that she is an author after my own heart when it comes to things paranormal. Like me you will often find a few of the standard posts on her site, but equally you will find some slightly more out of the box stuff too. Posts that are not a million miles away from my own thought patterns, highlighting once again that there is fundamentally more to this field than stumbling around dark old buildings looking for ghosts.

Sarah and I started talking earlier this year on various things paranormal and this soon highlighted to me her passion for the subject and for writing too. I have a funny feeling that although I had stumbled on a few posts by Sarah myself; I think it was actually Kerry Greenaway of Parasearch Radio that fully highlighted the Living Life in Full Spectrum website to me and it was that which resulted in me reading more of Sarah’s work. Following some conversations over good old social media, we realised a similarity in parts of our research too.

A new idea on working together…

As Sarah noted in her recent post regarding this collaboration; if we lived closer, then we would probably meet for a coffee and an extremely long discussion on the paranormal. The problem was we don’t live near each other, not even close and also in completely different time zones. Luckily these days the size of the planet is really insignificant due to the internet, so began some interesting conversations online. We soon realised that it would be good to work together on something, bringing our own research together somehow. We had a few ideas, but eventually settled on a collaborative blog piece.


One thing that I have noticed is that Sarah is a prolific blogger on things paranormal, delivering many posts on varying aspects of the paranormal, all of which are well worth a read. Tackling subjects like the Stone Tape Theory and the Singapore Theory, asking what their origins actually were; to discussing various points that paranormal investigators should know. It was in reading some of Sarah’s posts that made me think about some of the subjects I had written about again and also a few things I hadn’t considered too. I especially liked the way that Sarah explained the subjects she discussed and gave some great examples to define those explanations. It was this ability to tease the readers into greater thinking regarding the subject, that I truly respected about Sarah’s writing. As bloggers in the paranormal field one thing that I feel is really important for us to achieve is to stimulate people to start thinking differently about the subject they are interested in.

Getting everyone involved in the discussion…

It was this concept of stimulating people to think about things differently and begin to discuss those ideas that got Sarah and I thinking about creating a way of achieving this. This sparked the idea for ‘Supernatural Synchronicity’ and our hope that between us and through our blog posts we could discuss various subjects, encouraging others to join in and voice their opinions. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree as long as you explain why, voicing your opinion respectfully. It has been discussions like this that I have had with Sarah and others in the field that have led me to research certain subjects in greater details. It’s our hope that readers of ‘Supernatural Synchronicity’ will also be inspired to seek more out regarding the subjects we discuss, increasing their knowledge and formulating more questions.

I am personally really excited about this new section and I know Sarah is too, but it’s not just about us writing posts that link to each other. We want to hear from you too, get you involved and look at some of the stuff you have questions on. We are no experts, but perhaps through the writing we are both passionate about we can start the conversation for others to join. Sarah calls it a new journey and she is spot on, that’s exactly what it is for us and for you too. We invite you along to join us on this journey and be a part of it as we move forwards.

Please take five minutes and head over to Sarah’s website and read a few of her posts. Then feel free to post a comment if you find something you feel we should start the discussion on.

Supernatural Synchronicity will launch properly in early 2019.

Check out Sarah’s blog at Living Life in Full Spectrum.

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