Interaction of Telepathic Information

What is telepathic interaction?

Whilst many are aware of telepathy it’s often believed to be more associated with a mind reading trick. In fact in the past I have asked a few people here and there what they believe telepathy to be and they have described it exactly as that ‘mind reading.’

Although I partly understand where they are coming from with their explanation, its equally more than a little incorrect. FWH Myers, who coined the term, referred to it as; ‘the communication of impressions of any kind from one mind to another, independently of recognised channels of sense.’ Which in my opinion is completely different from ‘mind reading’ which suggests some kind of trick or access to someone’s mind purposely. However, it appears that telepathic interactions seem to occur through belief of other aspects being at play. The focus is on specific information during tests rather than randomly attempting to read the deepest darkest thoughts of another human being. That is not to say it is not impossible or even probable, we just still lack solid accepted evidence to prove its existence.

So, for the purpose of this post, telepathic interaction is where information transfers between minds. What that information is can be very difficult to narrow down, as its a variable that appears to fluctuate in many forms. However, in this post I would suggest that the information is most likely related to an experienced event. As such could be considered a memory held in the mind of someone.

A haunting may not be what we believe it to be

Hauntings are in their simplest form believed to be where a location presents some kind of paranormal activity, which is often experienced by visitors to that location. This could be in the form of visual and audio impressions experienced by a living visitor, and as such believed to be directly related to the history of the location. Hence the impression could be believed to be a member of a family that once lived at the location. These are then seen as ghosts and/or spirits present at the location, which are either residual recordings of the past or a consciousness that we may communicate with.

This is often why historical research goes hand in hand with ghost hunting as those impressions present certain information that tie them to individuals that may have once resided at the location. The belief is that through the use of various gadgets, photography, videography and audio recordings, the ghost hunter may capture evidence to support this belief. Also, in doing so they would present probable support for the survival hypothesis and thus sustain the possibility of an afterlife, which likely in some if not all cases helps justify their own belief systems.

However, what if all of this is completely wrong?

If we break it all down we are fundamentally presented with information. Often the experiences are limited to one or a few people too, with others present not experiencing anything. There are of course exceptions, but once again there always is. However, we could be totally missing the point with these experiences, because we rely on our sense and minds, which can all be fooled.

We often believe that many things are dependent on both time and space; as in we process them by the fact the occur at a certain time at a certain location. This is apparent when it comes to aspects of the paranormal too. Is a paranormal event really something that happens at the location we are at or is it ambiguous information that we struggle to process in our four dimensional reality; which means it becomes a ghost?

How telepathic interaction might explain a haunting

So, this is where we enter a psi theory mindset. If the location itself or perhaps what is on our mind at the location; especially if that is related to finding ghost, could be a trigger. Then it is possible that could allow our minds to connect to information at that point in time that is either local or even non-local to us. This means that our minds kind of google out into the either; across time and space perhaps. Let’s reduce it only to space at this point though, as that could be more realistic.

Imagine you are walking the darkened halls of a large haunted house. As you do so you hear a what sounds like a voice say your name and then see what looks like an apparition of a man walk across the hall in front of you. It all happens in a split second, but you recall it vividly.

This is a relatively common description of a paranormal experience during ghost hunting, but is only that a personal experience. However, it is an experience that can turn a disbeliever into a believer we are told. I have had such an experience myself. Although I am still not willing to state I am 100% a believer just yet.

So, how may we explain this event using telepathic interaction?

This is where for me its often feels like a slight leap, but also makes more sense. The location in this idea is going to be our trigger, a trigger for the mind to kind of unconsciously ‘google’ for random information in the minds of others. Now I used to assume that this could be for specific information, but if we perhaps believe this to be events so to speak. Then we have an interesting correlation to our residual hauntings that appear to present themselves as a recording of an event.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the information from the other minds of people out there is related directly to someone that has died. The information could be presenting you with an event (the apparition crossing the hall) that occurred last week or even last year. The information is then interpreted by our minds in relation to the circumstances we are in, namely ghost hunting. So, our natural assessment is that what we witnessed was a ghost. However, it may be possible that the information is only within our minds and only appears to exist in the environment. Our minds combine the information from our senses of the local space with the information received by telepathy, which may then create the paranormal experience we believe occurs.

There is no actual ghost of someone that had died, just interpretation of various information received by our minds.

Why is information so important?

We live in an information age, where it helps drive everything we do. Whether its combating the global pandemic or predicting which adverts to place on our social media feeds that we are more likely to purchase; information is captured, stored, analysed and utilised in almost every part of our lives these days.

Its relevance to who we are and how we live our lives is like a blueprint to each of us. Hence information is an important part of any equation where we may be dealing with the survival of consciousness, in my opinion.

If that information is accessible by telepathy, then that could begin to help us explain paranormal events such as ghost sightings. As we struggle to correlate the information presented in our minds alongside our primary senses. The result being the oddity of an apparitional sighting. This could be the same for what is often referred to as intelligent communication, as often this is sporadic and random in its nature. It actually is often very far from what is seen as intelligent communication. Still we define it as such with the hope we have made contact with a spirit.

Interpretation of the information is based on perception.

Fragmented memory of events

One last thing that I will leave you with on this idea, which I have pretty much just dumped on to this post, is the probable concept of those accessed memories of various events being fragmented across many minds. This would also help to explain why sometime elements of the information can be confirmed by one individual, but other parts do not seem to fit. This is simply because one persons perceptional view of an event is different from another persons. Two people would visually see things from different angles, hear different things and even comprehend things differently. Their memories although would contain correlations would also contain differences.

So, if we take into consideration this fragmented memory of events across multiple minds, then the information that could be providing us with that which is interpreted as paranormal is simply multiple perceptions gained through telepathy.

Of course this is just an idea and our personality could actually survive death, making ghosts exactly what we believe them to be.

What do you think ?

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