The Rude Voice on the Stairs

Sarah’s Boy in the Window

Without doubt Supernatural Synchronicity is back and with it the enthusiasm I felt for blogging that I had last when writing alongside Sarah on this project the first time around.

However, what I was a little shocked to read was the few private messages that I received from some individuals that used to be regular readers of my blog posts. No not just my mum. As I have had a little bit of a break from blogging, they welcomed me back and stated they were happy that Supernatural Synchronicity was back too.

Whilst not everyone may agree with my theories on psychical matters from time it time, I enjoy the discussion and this blog series should hopefully generate some of that. So, please feel free to submit your comments, as they may just find their way into some of these posts. Our perception of the experiences we have, be they general life experiences or the odd paranormal ones; are what shape our outlook of the world. They can be the difference between our understanding of an anomalous experience being seen as something we may relate to the afterlife and possibly a psi event.

This brings us to Sarah’s answer to my last post ‘The Women in the Window‘ the oddly synchronised post about ‘The Boy in the Window.’ A strange case that Sarah shared shortly after my own post. However, there are also elements of balance here too, my experience occurred to me from outside the building looking in at a woman looking out at me. In Sarah’s account the boy they locked eyes with was outside the room they were in staring in at them as they looked out. We could equally provide the very obvious balance of my experience included a female adult, theirs a child boy. Then there is the time aspect, my experience occurred over thirty years ago, their one occurred more recently. Of course in reality these are all simple coincidences that only find meaning once we begin to attach it through comparison of the two unrelated events. The point is that this often occurs during paranormal investigation and we must keep it in mind at all times. However, I have to admit that when investigating and even researching the paranormal, sometimes I do stumble on a few of these true synchronicities. They often make me pause for thought, so in this case I thought I would share it with you all.

Sarah’s account of ‘The Boy in the Window‘ reminded me of many an experience that I am sure a lot of seasoned Ghost Hunters have had at some point in the darkened corridors of an old supposedly haunted building.

Suddenly I heard my brother yell out. “Hey kid!”. I asked him, “oh are you seeing this boy everyone is talking about?”. His response was “No I saw a real living kid in the window to the hallway door!”. He yelled this as he took off running with one of the regular guests that attends our investigations as a backup. The back entrance door to the outside was closed. He opened it and ran outside. He went around every inch of the perimeter of the building to see if he could find this kid that he saw. He eventually came back in around 10 minutes later confused and a bit startled.

One key component that stuck with me throughout Sarah’s account of the experience was the simple fact that people had sensed the presence of the boy prior to the sighting. In fact this began as the guests at the Black Rock House suggesting that they were picking up on the probable spirit of a boy. As Sarah explains, her and her brother were always careful not to play on such a narrative. Which is an excellent position to take, otherwise this can quickly lead to the whole group beginning to feed a belief.

Whilst Sarah’s theory of the boy being a retrocognitive vision of the past is a good one, and she provides a good account of a recent event as the source; personally I feel this could be more akin with a hallucination. Hear me out before you jump to conclusions about me making assumptions of Sarah’s brother. When I say hallucination, I mean in the context that there was no physical phenomenon at play here. The group were of the belief that they were picking up on a boy in their locality. As the night continued and the belief increased that there was indeed a spirit of a boy near by, the group would likely add to that information. As this progressed the comprehension of this boy may have reached a point where the information was enough to present itself within the mind of Sarah’s brother as potential sense data. Sense data being the data our minds receive from our physical senses to allow us to understand what is in our immediate local space. Is it possible that this information known through the verbalisation of the group and potentially through telepathic interaction could provide Sarah’s brother with the view of the boy in the window? The same information from the group would equally tell them how the apparition would behave and in this case he ran away. An action that would be my first guess of any child of that age. Hence the apparition was not appearing to Sarah’s brother at the window, it was appearing within his mind and as such seeming as if it was in the environment with them. This would mean that Sarah’s brother only chased his own mind’s vision around the building.

Then there is that distinct possibility that it was a real live boy, that was playing tricks on them too. Either way its an interesting account for the Case Files.

The Rude Voice on the Stairs

Whilst this next experience of mine may appear to be completely related to Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), that is only a part of the story really. Sometimes we may capture something, which at the time to us may seem to be the Holy Grail of paranormal evidence, but often we can be quickly disappointed when others do not share our enthusiasm regarding that evidence. This is certainly something that I had to find out the hard way over the years whilst I investigated various locations around the UK.

On this particular occasion I was investigating the Explosions Museum in Gosport with a small team. The location has always been one that I have found to be incredibly active during one visit, but then on your next visit it may feel like a completely different location. Equally, I do not believe that I have ever investigated the location the same way twice. This being due to the various locations on the site available to use, which over the years often changed due to access at the time.

On this occasion we had a team of about eight at the location, but had split it down into two groups of four. Whilst the investigation itself was eventful in its own way, this particular experience is not so much about what happened in the moment itself, but the impact of questioning ones own memory.

During the investigation our group made its way around the Admin Block during one of our vigils, which was mostly enclosed, but in parts beginning to loose its integrity. It would be a location within the museum grounds that later would become somewhat unsafe I believe. As we did so we tried various things like electronic voice phenomena (EVP) sessions, calling out, the usual Ghost Hunter techniques.

If memory serves, a pigeon caught us off guard at point and provided some good entertainment on that cold night. However, for most we found some sensible explanations for the odd noise we heard.

The important thing here is that, as far as I can remember today there was no discussion regarding any male spirits from more northern areas of England, with a slight love of swearing. Certainly not one on the stairs ahead of us as we climbed to the first floor to continue our investigations that night.

At that point in time one of the team was carrying a camcorder, documenting our investigation. It would be this very camcorder that would later be the piece of technology that would be found to have captured the potentially crystal clear voice of someone on the stairs ahead of us that was by all accounts, never really there.

However, at the time when this occurred none of us heard the voice call us names and this is apparent as we did not really react in any form. The problem today is that the only clip that remains, is of the voice alone and shows us all behind the camera. So, we four that were there that night are unable to categorically prove that it was not us. Something which is often the case when it comes to such things as EVP captures.

As such the experience here is not so much the strange voice itself, which is interesting on its own, but the how and why it occurred as it did. Equally in reality I guess it is only us four present when it occurred that would like to know the answer to this, as anyone beyond that group could easily reside with the probability that it was one of us and we just have forgotten it.

Now I have to admit the possibility that it was one of us and we simply forgot was something that plagued me for many years. I was happy to accept that as a possibility because I think it would be something that each of us in that group would admit that from time to time we may be a slight joker. The problem with this explanation is that, the voice received no reaction at the time or on film. Bearing in mind that I only have that small clip these days, so if it turns out we missed something on the original longer piece of film then fair enough. Something which has never come to light.

So, ruling it out as being us within the group we are left with something paranormal, but even then we are also left with something completely audible that none of us heard. If this was a slight whisper this maybe understood, but the voice was loud on the recording. How could such a loud audible clearly recognisable phrase be recorded on a camcorder without us hearing it?

This is the question that still remains a mystery to me. As to date the closest explanation I can come to is some kind of psychic projection onto the device. Which even as I write that seems like an almost mad explanation to suggest, but I have gone over it time and time again with no real other possible answer available. I have ruled out fraud as the group I was with were trust worthy and not interested in falsifying the results of their investigation. As previously stated this would have been heard at the time or the only other alternative would be that the individual with the camcorder doctored the recording to include the voice. I do not believe they would do such a thing.

Sometimes whilst investigating the paranormal we may encounter various experiences which occur to us at the time and we can share with those that are there with us. However, when an experience such as this occurs it can really push the ‘boggle’ factor of how we understand things around us. It should not be possible to record something audible without us hearing it at the time like this, but this is an example of such a thing and I have to admit it fascinates me greatly.

Whilst I have tried on numerous occasions to figure out this one there is one more explanation that I blame my good friend Kev for as he was there that night too. Kev would always say to me, that if anything paranormal would occur then he would likely not be present or it would be happening behind his back as he looked in the opposite direction. In reality looking back over the years, I am pretty sure we had activity on every investigation where Kev was present. The one at the Explosions Museum that time was one such investigation, but still Kev uttered that nothing would happen where he was.

So, is it possible that the mention of this possibility generated a paranormal event where Kev and I were present, but never really experienced anything at the time? It is certainly an event that does not fit the realms of regular reality. Perhaps a strange case that we may never quite understand. However, that is one of the great reasons I remain so passionate about the paranormal. That and great friends like Kev.

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