The Farsight Way

Whilst I wait to see the next Issue of Ghost Voices Magazine and our report on Landguard Fort, due out next week I think, I thought I would quickly run over our kind of approach to paranormal investigating here at Farsight PRS.

First up, top of the bill is always to investigate a location thoroughly and hopefully capture good evidence. By good, I mean supported video and audio, which we can’t explain away through logical explanations. This alone is harder than it sounds, actually I would go as far as saying its quite literally nearly impossible sometimes! Why ? I hear you shout ! Simply because we set ourselves such high standards that finding that piece of evidence becomes very hard. As a team we don’t generally jump to conclusions regarding certain scenario’s and often present logical reasonable explanations for oddities! However, this can sometimes present us with a paradox, to which a team divide can develop! A divide only in opinion and belief, which is why I like working with the guys I do! If everyone sat there stating every little thing as being paranormal without a good argument to support it, then I don’t think I would want to be a part of my own team, lol !

My team doesn’t do that and often are opinionated and full of explanations to boot! Well done team!

So, far we have investigated a few locations and to be honest I think logic and science has taken the lead, perhaps it should! On occasion we have been presented by some strong spiritual beliefs at locations, but a few of us have attempted to discover logical explanations. These explanations in most have only been our own assumptions, of which we don’t claim to be the definitive answer, but are usually good reasons none the less.

We have had members of the team that seem more sensitive than others on some investigations, who may have picked up on some things too. However, we have never had a Medium lead our investigation. Saying that, I would never desire a Medium to lead us! Our investigations are lead by what we know, the evidence or witness statements.

Often we enter a location which may have claims of certain paranormal activity occurring in certain areas. It is this areas that become the hotspots and focal points of our investigations. Nothing new there I am sure many teams do that! Also, sometimes depending how the investigation goes I may change things during the night in the attempt to capture something. Sometimes the great plans just don’t fit on the night and require a little tweaking!

This all leads me to what I would like to achieve, which is the clean smooth integration of both science and spiritual aspects in one team during an investigation. With ideas and leads bouncing of each for results. Sounds easy doesn’t it, but isn’t really. My first issue is that finding a Medium you 100% trust is really hard! There is probably one and that is because one sceptic member of my team recommends him, which in itself is unusual! For this guy to trust him, must mean the evidence is pretty damn good! And from the story he tolled me it really is! That’s no reflection on other Mediums out there, just it would take a lot for me to totally trust one! I have to also respect that the more science orientated members of my team would also have to trust the Medium. I can’t expect them to trust them on my say so alone! I believe this is because trust in a Medium or anyone, is such a personal thing.

Then you need to ensure that the Medium is happy as a part of a team, an information source if you will, that will more than likely be tested regularly. Something which may require a thick skin, wouldn’t you say?

Sometimes remaining grounded during an investigation can be hard when you are dealing with a subject field of the unexplainable! However, the science side of my team manage to keep us there, focusing on capturing evidence. However, we use sensitive’s as a tool to create active leads which we can follow during the night. The trick is not to go too far off on a tangent following information which may or not be proven at the time.

Currently most of our cases have involved more science than spiritual aspects, and we do well in that respect. However, there are personal experiences we can’t explain nor use as evidence which we have had. We have also had some strange reactions which can only be described as some kind of connection at a sensitive type level, but once again they are lacking as evidence and remain personal experiences.

Currently the evidence box has a few audio oddities which are inconclusive in my mind and more recently video footage of a moving object. However, only those in the room can truly confirm that the object moved on its own accord. We can’t really prove that nothing else was the cause, as we only have it from one angle with one camera. As with many paranormal videos the sceptics would rip it a part. We know though what we experienced and that’s half way there for me.

Perhaps the paranormal is something you have to experience for yourself and video footage or audio will never be quite enough to convince the sceptical!

What are your views, can the spiritual side be successfully integrated with the science during an investigation? Will we be able to draw from both sides to create supporting evidence? Perhaps the two should remain apart and teams like ours should choose one or the other? Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know ?

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