A Bit of an Update !

Well its been a busy few months that’s for sure ! In fact its not stopping as it seems the moment we get back from an investigation we are off on another one, hardly having the time to review footage and write the report! However, we will soldier on and do our best to deliver hoping you all enjoy reading the Ghost Voices Magazine articles and watching our online show Farsight Files. I know we have enjoyed making it!

This month sees another issue of Ghost Voices come out towards the end of the month ! And I think it has our report on Landguard Fort in it, one to look out for there! Chilling for all the wrong reasons! Apparently you shouldn’t book a fort in those colder months, my bad! Interesting though!

I have just returned from a reccie down south, but more on that one later!

I will try and make the blog a more regular thing now, hence the change to wordpress some of you might have seen, tad easier than creating new web pages for the site!

More blogs to follow so keep an eye on Facebook, the website or RSS it !

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