Derby to Mid-Wales

As it had been a bit of a while since my last Blog entry, a very long while indeed, I thought it was best to get back on the ball and post something at least!

Since my trip to Derby I have been a tad on the busy side, with a visit to the Morcambe Winter Gardens Theatre with DHN, returned to Derby Royal Infirmary with DHN, investigated Landguard Fort with Farsight PRS, joined DHN at Peterborough Museum, investigated the Falstaff Experience, Peterborough Museum and Llywernog Silver-Lead Mine with Farsight PRS. Oh and my daughter Summer was born in May! So, all in all a busy time wouldn’t you say?

Right, I wont go into detail about the investigations and events I have attended or we could be here all day I think! Suffice to say there are some interesting locations and some interesting Farsight Files to come on some of these places. Please keep reading Ghost Voices Magazine for my report and checking the website for the episode of Farsight Files on the investigations.

Also, as ever we would love to hear from any readers, your opinions, thoughts, ideas and locations are more than welcome.

Now, with this being the first update in while I find myself unsure of what to write about!

Morcambe Winter Garden’s Theatre was an interesting place for me. Like many I had seen it on the telly, when Most Haunted done a Live show from there. In all honesty the place looked bigger on my TV, don’t about yours. I walked in expecting a massive theatre, only to find what can only be described as a derelict building. It didn’t disappoint though as once under the cover of darkness the building becomes a very atmospheric location indeed. I won’t give too much away, but will say if you fancy a visit for yourself take a look on the DHN website for the next available night they are there. For me, it was a location which ticked the boxes and hence I booked it for a Farsight PRS Investigation next year, so stay tuned for that one!

Derby Royal Infirmary was location I had already been to with DHN, but this time round I returned as a Team Member (well trainee) and on this final occasion we had access to some different buildings. The night for me proved a little uneventful, but I was concentrating on Team Leading, which as a member of DHN meant observing and guiding without taking part. Abandoned Hospitals are interesting and this one still had some of the equipment in it in places, which made for a spooky atmosphere.

Next up was a very cold Landguard Fort in Felixstowe, which was an interesting night to say the least. I won’t say much more as the report is out in Ghost Voices Magazine at the end of the month.

I then joined DHN again at Peterborough Museum which was very interesting. The museum is a favourite of DHN and I can see why. Not only does the place hold its own as a location, but also returns some oddities on a regular basis. This night was no exception. What I found more interesting was the contact Stuart, a guy who truly knows the location inside out both historically and paranormally it would seem. Stuart works at the museum and has had his share of experiences there, experiences which would bring me and Farsight back to investigate.

We then ventured up to Stratford to investigate the Falstaff Experience, a location which is said to have nearly forty visiting or resident ghosts. However, our investigation seemed a little quiet, but this can happen and by no means is conclusive evidence to the contrary. Keep your eye on Ghost Voices Magazine for that report and our website of course.

The Farsight PRS team then returned to Peterborough Museum with me and some investigators which hadn’t joined us before. Simon, Judith and Kev became members of the team for one eventful night as we investigated the museum and tried some methods never tried before at the location. Which may have ‘stirred things up’ a little at least. Again keep your eye firmly peeled for the Ghost Voices Magazine article on our investigation.

Which brings me to last weekend and our investigation of Llywernog Silver-Lead Mine in Mid-Wales. The location had never been investigated before and it was an honour to be the first team to do so. With a report from the owner Peter of a sighting of a miner one evening and some detailed information picked up by a Medium in the mine itself. It was going to be a challenge to investigate, but one I think we managed to accomplish well. Again, keep your eyes peeled for our report!

There you go! Although quick and brief we are up to date. Hopefully, from here on out I will endeavour to keep my blog update at all times.

There are still plenty of investigations planned for this year and a couple for next too, so keep checking Farsight PRS for updates. Also, feel free to comment or contact us, as we love to hear from you.

Thank you as ever for following Farsight PRS.

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