NECAPS Environment & Geographic Correlation Study

    For quite a while I have been in contact with a couple in the US (Michael Baker & Annette Victoria) both with a very keen interest in the paranormal. I have also followed some of what Michael has been up to, which has mainly been involving the more science side of the paranormal. The New England Centre for the Advancement of Paranormal Science (N.E.C.A.P.S) was setup to make some significant advancements in the field of paranormal research.

    Keen to progress my own team into some science based research in the paranormal and not just investigate haunted locations. I believed this would be an excellent opportunity to assist Michael and also advance my own team.

    Following a recent discussion with them, Farsight PRS signed up to become an NECAPS Affiliate, the first UK based team to join. Now all I need to do is enter information in the Study’s database on the locations we have investigated and that will be utilised to make comparisons to the local environment to see if their are any patterns. Something Michael and co have been doing for a while now in the US..


    Who are NECAPS?

    The New England Centre for the Advancement of Paranormal Science, founded by Michael Baker and Annette Victoria push to make advances in paranormal research. NECAPS use intensive research, tedious investigation and hands-on interactive experimentation in a laboratory environment to gain a greater understanding of paranormal activity.

    NECAPS started off life as a personal research effort by Michael Baker back in 2003. He used his experience in electronics engineering and the experiences he gained during the production of "14 Degrees", his film, to gain an excellent insight into scientific based paranormal research.

    Today NECAPS has grown and continues to research not only the paranormal, but more of the science behind the field. Exploring electro-magnetic spectrum studies, the mysteries behind electronic voice phenomena and the complex environment and atmospheric changes which are associated with paranormal occurrences.

    It is through this strict scientific methodology, controlled experimentation and grounded logical approach which NECAPS strive to find the answers.

    Check their website out at for further details..

    What is the Environment & Geographic Correlation Study?

    NECAPS aim is to hopefully uncover noticeable patterns and similes between measurable natural environmental phenomena and reported paranormal activity. There have been many theories regarding the environment and haunted locations to be directly connected. For example large bodies of water close to a haunted location have been attributed to the increased paranormal activity. Whether this is actually true or not is, like most paranormal theories, still in the testing phase ! However, NECAPS Project to gather this information and then compare paranormal activity to its surrounding environment should hopefully take us in the right direction to discover if its true.

    Information of paranormal activity is gathered and inputted into a database (via the web). Then the data is sorted and applied to a map using GIS software, which allows the comparison between collected data and a variety of recorded natural conditions for the that area.

    As the Project progresses, more reports are added world wide, hopefully the patterns will begin to emerge.

    For more information please visit the NECAPS website at If it interests you please join up and help them out by adding to their database. I think this is a very interesting and worthwhile study, which should deliver results as it continues to grow.

    Well done NECAPS..

    Which reminds me, I better get logging in soon and adding the Farsight PRS investigations to the Database.

    I will probably add more about NECAPS to my Blog and the Farsight PRS website ( in the future, as I would like to get Farsight involved in a few more studies and projects just like this one.

    Sorry for this post being a tad short, but wanted to mention it at least !

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment??

One thought on “NECAPS Environment & Geographic Correlation Study

  1. Both Annette & I and everyone at N.E.C.A.P.S. are honored to be working with Ashley and the Farsight Team. We have always been impressed with the level of diligence and professionalism he and his group have continuously displayed and the tremedous value they bring to Paranormal Research. It truly is an honor! ~Michael Baker & Annette Victoria


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