Peterborough Museum – Case Notes

The latest issue of Ghost Voices Magazine will be available very soon online and in your local news agents! As ever contained within its glossy pages of paranormal activity is the latest feature of Farsight Files and what article this one is! This month, if you haven’t guessed from my Blog title it’s about our investigation at Peterborough Museum back in June of this year..

With positive reactions to our Singapore Theory Experiment, moving objects and odd sightings the museum delivered brilliantly in terms of a paranormal investigation. Peterborough Museum I applaud and thank you for a brilliant night! As I mentioned recently on Haunted 911 Radio, the museum is probably top of my list as far as investigated locations go. Well worth a visit if you get a chance!

Peterborough Museum 19062010 (21)

In my previous Case Notes I gave a little history and bits on past activity, but I think going forward I will make it a little more less in depth. The reason for this is because the magazine article contains most of this information, as will our website and hopefully a book I am trying to put together!

So, what to include now! Well I can tell you a little more about us and the night itself really. There’s always plenty to chat about as we spend hours at a location investigating.

In this case myself and what we call the ‘film crew’, which is basically Leanne, Lucy and Keith arrived around lunch time. Once we negotiated the town and found the museum, and yes I have managed to get lost on a previous visit, we decided to head in and take a look around. I felt that the building even carried itself in a slight eerie ambience during the day. However, this could be down to ‘large old house syndrome’, which basically means because its a large old house with a few quirks and you have the knowledge of a possible haunting, you automatically associate it as being strange all the time! We browsed the exhibits, but also took time to realise where previous activity reports were referring to, giving us the opportunity to plan ahead. We made some decisions on CCTV locations and got a feel for how things might progress throughout the night.

Peterborough Museum 19062010 (11)

We then left the museum, as it was due to close, and headed towards the town. Leanne and her team wanted some photo’s and establishing shots, so we got them on the way. I managed to even have a go on my sisters camera, although I get the feeling she wasn’t overly impressed with my filming ! As we waited for the Museum to reopen for us we grabbed a bite to eat and discussed the investigation ahead.

When we returned the Museum we waited for the rest of the team in the Car Park. It wasn’t long before Simon, Kev and Judith arrived and we made our way in to meet Stuart.

I feel I should pause briefly to describe Stuart, as he helps to make the investigations at Peterborough Museum truly unique. Stuart works for the Museum and has an extensive knowledge of the place, both historically and paranormally. Information from both areas he keeps well and truly to himself, only sharing it when a team or individuals discover something very specific. Oh, he has also had numerous experiences in the building himself, again information on which he keeps to himself. He does tell of a few choice stories though, but these are already well known.

Peterborough Museum 19062010 (46)

Once in we established the plan for the night and then got setup straight away. Following a quick break, we split into two teams for the evening and cracked on with the investigation. The main details of the investigation are in the Ghost Voices Magazine and will be on our website soon, so won’t go into that to much.

However, suffice to say we had numerous little occurrences of activity throughout the night. In fact the investigation had it all, strange feelings, knocking doors, light anomalies, moving objects, dark masses and a few odd noises. All in all a blinding investigation.

Was this stirred up by the Singapore Theory Experiment, not all as some occurred before hand and some after. Most importantly though, the moving object is caught on camera. However, if you look at it objectively, then its not a conclusive piece of footage! I reckon a sceptic would tear it apart! Saying that though, unless I experienced it myself I would!

Peterborough Museum 19062010 (53)

Although Most Haunted reported a darker character in the cellar, for me the more intriguing element was that of the ANZAC Soldier that has been seen on the stair case. So, much so in fact that one day I may return purely to investigate that area alone! Basically, the story tells of sightings of the ANZAC Soldier gliding up the staircase and disappearing. When I first heard this I believed this to be a Residual Haunting and the sightings and reports I read would seem to agree. With this in mind I created an experiment in the area of the staircase to attempt and capture (hopefully) a picture or video of the Soldier. Research had presented the Singapore Theory to me and from that I formulated an experiment using period music from the time the Soldier was said to have died. All in all it had a little promise and when we kicked it off at about one thirty in the morning things did change after a while! In fact at one point, Stuart said ‘you have certainly stirred things up a little’, which was my aim. In fact it was whilst the period music was playing in the stairwell that myself and Judith saw light travel up the last flight of stairs. Once I realised that chasing the light, which simply disappeared lead me nowhere, Stuart helped us recreate it. As the colour and the way it flickered reminded me of a candle he tried a couple of variations, with a large candle in a lamp fitting what we saw almost exactly. All I can say is ‘wow’! I can’t explain it, I have no idea what it was and there was no reasonable logical explanation for it! I felt like a kid at Christmas afterwards and to an extent still do when I recall it. I think the best thing is that Judith saw exactly the same thing as me, at least that means I’m not going mad!

Other team members and myself experienced activity of varying types that night, which places Peterborough Museum proudly at the top of my list of places to investigate. I will have to return and try for some more conclusive evidence to support our experiences.

Peterborough Museum 19062010 (59)

We left Peterborough as the sun began to rise, but still very excited by our investigation! In fact it was one of the best so far I had attended!

Perhaps this was how things were to be going forward !

For more details check out the Ghost Voices Magazine article this month or our website at

As ever, please feel free to leave a comment as I love to hear what you think..

Peterborough Museum 19062010 (44)  Peterborough Museum 19062010 (65) Peterborough Museum 19062010 (52)

Peterborough Museum 19062010 (58)

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