Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year !

As Christmas Eve looms just around the corner, the year draws to a close and we look set for an actual white Christmas, I thought I would pause and post a little seasonal Blog!


Just for the record that is not a picture of my Christmas Tree or fireplace, nice though! Thank you Google images for locating that rather apt festive shot.

Time for a little 2010 reflection and some 2011 announcements, sort of …

Although Farsight PRS was founded by me back in March 2009, we didn’t actually manage to investigate as a team for the first time until towards the end of that year. However, I still include those investigations within the last year, as there were only two. _r1_c1_vals2

So, I first ever investigation was at Valentines Mansion back in 2009. After managing to put a team together getting hold of the required Liability Insurance Farsight PRS ventured out on their first investigation late on a Saturday night in August 2009. The location itself was quite impressive and I had heard many reports of activity when the building had been left derelict, but more recently it had been completely refitted! Could this refit stir up new activity, the theory matched. This investigation was a first for me, which meant not only would we be seeking out paranormal activity, but it would also be a learning curve for me in respect to organising and planning of investigations. Adding to that my sister and her team were set to film our investigations, which meant coordinating efficiently with her to make sure we got the shots we needed. Things like this can never run smoothly, but in my mind and from comments of the team, we think it went rather well. So much so we couldn’t wait for our next investigation.


October 2009 saw the team travel to south Wales to investigate Llanthony Secunda Manor, a location reputed to be highly active on many occasions. Secunda is a great little location and the place is very atmospheric, well worth a visit if you can. Farsight had an excellent nights investigation there fuelling our thirst for more. Although we left with no good evidence, I think each and every member of the team had a personal experience of some kind!


March 2010 and I made a slight error in booking us into Landguard Fort to investigate! The error wasn’t the location, but the time of year! You see I set us the tough task of fully investigating this massive location in what soon became freezing conditions! This should have been one for the summer, sorry guys! That small error behind me, I think it was a good investigation with some good results and some major milestones. The biggest milestone being the simple fact that we manage to cover such a large site really well hitting some of the major hotspots as well as some other places too. There personal experiences and some oddities here too!


Next up was the Falstaff Experience in Stratford. Our investigation here began late one Saturday night in April, but we didn’t seem to get similar results to others that had visited the site. This can happen when investigating the paranormal, not every night is active! You pick yourself up though and move on to the next investigation. All in all though the place itself was very interesting and its claim to having nearly forty spirits visiting or present, makes it a must for investigators I think. However, we did realise that audio work was a little difficult, especially on a Saturday, due to background noise from the street making its way into the old building.


In 2010, Peterborough Museum was the icing on the cake as far as investigations went! Also, from what I have read, many others feel the same. Plus when you get a comment like; ‘that was the most active investigation I have ever done!’ then you know you just had a really good investigation. Unless of course the person saying that has only ever been on one investigation! That wasn’t the case here! Myself and Judith both saw what looked like a candle light ascend the main stairs. Simon saw what looked like a person cross the corridor in front of him. There were noises, obvious changes in our environment, such as darkening or the feeling of something in the shadows. To top that Judith, Simon, Keith and I all witnessed an object move by itself, which we also captured on film! All in all a very active location, which I would be happy to return to on many occasions.

Llywernog Silver-Lead Mine 03072010 (18)

The beginning of July took some of us back to Wales to Llwernog Silver-Lead Mine, just around the corner (or ten) from my parents home. This location had only recently announced its paranormal activity in the local papers, in the form of its new Ghost Tours. We contacted the mine to see if they would like us to take a look and they accepted. As we began setting up we realised that this would be another tough one to cover, but once a again we managed actually having one camera all the way down the mine. Unfortunately it was a relatively quiet night, but still a very interesting investigation on a clear summers night.

DSC00848 August saw our first real private residence case, so we travelled to Swanage to check out the Royal Oak Pub. This was quite interesting on different levels for us really and very different from other investigations we had done. You see in my opinion when you investigate someone’s home you don’t just investigate the physical building itself, you find yourself finding out about the residence and those connected to them as a distinctive part of the case. We had already made an initial visit to Swanage and gathered information and witness statements on film prior to the overnight investigation. Although the overnight on this occasion didn’t present anything solid, it did throw up some questions and help move us forward. This case is still open for Farsight as in my mind we have yet to reach a full conclusion to the activity they are experiencing. I truly believe we will return here in 2011.


October and Farsight’s final 2010 investigation was in Portmouth and the Explosions Museum. This was an excellent investigation and location to complete a good first year for us. It also saw the first time that I have seen the K2 meter work as you would hope it would. We only slightly hindered by the rain, but conducted a thorough investigation in some of the sites buildings with good results I feel. If you ever have the chance either during the day or night (on a paranormal investigation) visit the museum, as its a very interesting place.

So, that’s 2010 done with then! I would like to thank the entire Farsight PRS Team and Harklee Films for all of their hard work this year and towards 2011 already, I really appreciate your efforts guys, you have helped make this a really god team to work with.

I look forward to investigating with you guys next year too, in fact I cant wait!!

If anyone wishes to read up about our investigations they feature regularly in Ghost Voices Magazine, I will also update the website with the case information very soon. And I hope to post Blogs on here as cases feature in the magazine too.

Hopefully, depending on time, I should be releasing a book to which will cover our first year of investigations in more detail. It will also contain info on the team and our experiments. So, keep an eye out for that one. All proceeds from that will of course go towards Farsight PRS.

There should also be the full eight episodes of Farsight Files our online series out early next year, so you can see our investigations for yourself too.

From myself and the entire Farsight PRS Team we thank you for following our progress, supporting us and encouraging us to push forward. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !


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