Sorry ! I Got Side Tracked!

Hello readers ! My apologies for missing a couple of my Paranormal News Thursday posts ! I had every intention of making them regular, but with my trip to Cyprus to get married just around the corner everything has become a little hectic.

However, I have a cool new gadget like phone that should allow me to make a few quick Blog updates like this one. So, keep your eye out for the little updates from time to time!

Paranormal News Thursday will return, hopefully this week with a post on the CDC and Zombies! I hope you like it!

Don’t forget if you enjoy the Farsight Files Blog please feel free to comment, Like it or even repost and retweet it to the masses!

Thank you for reading as ever.

2 thoughts on “Sorry ! I Got Side Tracked!

    1. She is alright about it really! As long as it doesn’t take over my every waking moment. As much as I enjoy it, its still important to spend time with the family in between work and the paranormal.


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