Paranormal News Thursday–The Haxby Entity Case & Remote Viewing

Sometimes as I Google my way through the internet in search of a few stories to Blog about I stumble across one or two I put to one side. This was one such story. You see, many years back now I tried to write a fictional story involving Remote Viewing and the CIA projects which experimented with it a little. Perhaps I should have finished that one, then maybe ‘Men Who Stare at Goats’ could have been mine. Alas, my fictional writing is a little lacking and each project I have began usually, as with my remote viewing epic, fell flat upon its face.

However, the use of Remote Viewing and the very interest in it has never really left me. After all my own Paranormal investigation and research team is called Farsight PRS and this very Blog too has a the same reference. Gone, but not really forgotten it would seem.

In the case of the Haxby Entity what struck me as odd was the way the team utilised Remote Viewing as a tool to investigate a possible haunting. I have to admit, I’m no expert, but I don’t recall seeing this method used before. I have spoken to clients on the phone and online about the activity in their home, but never actively used technology to investigate from a remote location or even attempted to Remote View a potentially active location. Still, I have to ask myself, why not! Surely it can be as useful as looking around a cold castle in the dark!

The team in the Haxby Entity Case appear to be very spiritually orientated, not a bad thing, but something that will always come under scrutiny from those of a more sceptic nature. This probably includes myself. Although they seem to have well documented their approach and results, it still leaves you asking if some was perceived by them rather than actually experienced. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying their approach is incorrect or they are making it up, its just hard to swallow without additional evidence. My team comes under the same scrutiny even when we capture something odd on video. Its tough to prove it either way out there in the paranormal field.

They do present a fairly interesting picture though. Initial thoughts were that it was taken through a window a reflection had been captured or even double exposure, given the age of the photo. However, in closer inspection the possible apparition appears to be wearing clothes from another time. Although again this may just be my own hopeful perception of the photograph.  


Returning to the use of Remote Viewing though. I still find this a little intriguing, as I really don’t recall it used before. Also, the team in this instance seemed to use it not only for identifying a current location using co-ordinates, but also everything from the location history, odours, feelings and more. Could this be a method that delivers results as a part of an investigation? I suppose the only true way of telling is to try it out, then a bit like with a Medium see what can be quantified historically and locally. One for the Farsight experiment book perhaps?

Please feel free to take a read of the original post that I found and let me know your thoughts on it, after all I still think it to be a very interesting case.

The link is below.

Sorry that it’s been brief, but I hope you have enjoyed it. I look forward to hearing from you.

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