Wardown Park Museum – Case Notes

On the 26th January 2013 the Farsight PRS Team returned to the paranormal to investigate the many claims made about the Wardown Park Museum in Luton.

In fact this case was highlighted to me by a fellow investigator and author Damien O’Dell of APIS. His team had recently investigated the location with some excellent results and knowing that I wanted to get the Farsight PRS Team back together investigating he suggested it as a good starting point.

I won’t go into too much detail here as the investigation report which I will post once I have completed reviewing any CCTV footage, digital audio, etc. As you can image this can be a time consuming task when you have to fit it around a full time job and your family too.

Our initial research, provided by Mathew Robson seemed to indicate a known local ghost story which linked in with two apparition witness statements too. This along with other reports of paranormal activity helped me to focus our investigation perfectly. One of the witnesses told of footsteps being heard by him and his work mate on the basement stairs as they worked there. They looked up expecting to see the caretaker, but instead were confronted by the ghostly apparition of a women in a kind of uniform. He mentioned that in his mind it seemed to be a nurse perhaps, but the local story indicates that this ghostly figure is that of a housekeeper that worked at Wardown Park many years ago. The story basically states that following a fling with a gentleman that scorn her, she committed suicide in the nearby river. Although Farsight PRS have not been able to confirm this story as yet.

Below is a picture of the basement stairs, where we believe the apparition may have been seen.

The basement staircase where an apparition may have been seen!

Wardown Park reminded me a lot of our investigation at Peterborough Museum. The house itself had a similar background history and created a similar investigation approach. This also included using the same audio for the Singapore Theory Experiment to stimulate some activity. Whether this was as successful though I am not entirely sure.

The investigation went really well and we managed to cover all three floors at one point or another too. The more sensitive of the team picked up on some interesting pieces of information which helped us direct our investigation at times too. All in all a good first investigation for 2013 and after being off the paranormal radar for the last year.

The investigation has also highlighted a few areas for improvement which I am already working on. After all in a field where everything is really theory you have to keep changing and adapting to new ideas and approaches to find more.

Please continue to check back with the website as I will be posting the full report for Wardown Park Museum very shortly.. If you have any comments please don’t hesitate to post them..

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