Paracon UK 2014

Paracon UK 2014
Paracon UK 2014

Well it’s been a long time coming for the UK, but finally, thanks to the guys at Serious Paranormal Investigations it looks like we will have our first annual Paranormal Convention.

During the time that I’ve been an investigator I have always tried to reach out to other like minded individuals, investigators and teams in order to share with others my passion for the paranormal. I thoroughly believe in unity with the paranormal field, both in the UK and beyond. Which is another reason why I am looking forward to Paracon as the event organisers are also keen to promote unity in the field.

After speaking with Matt Hall and Michelle Hare (SPI) about Paracon UK and the work they do within the paranormal field I knew that I would like to work with them going forward. In fact I will be working with them on The Metetherial Project (check it out on this site), it should be an interesting Project.

This is where an event like Paracon UK will help us all in the paranormal, from investigators of haunted locations, to those looking for Cryptids, those with their eyes on the skies looking for UFOs and so much more! With a gathering of such interesting and amazing people the conversations alone should be epic!

I am also very excited to announce my own involvement in Paracon UK. I will be there throughout the weekend, but I will also be speaking too. The guys at Paracon have given me a slot and I will be speaking about the ‘Perception of Communication’ with the assistance of a couple of friends.

Right now I don’t wish to give too much away regarding my lecture, but suffice to say I will be looking at how many of us perceive communication with spirit in so many different ways. Then asking if we can really determine which is correct, more effective or indeed fits best with our own belief systems. Understanding more about communication with spirit should lead us into the survival hypothesis.

Paracon UK will have a multitude of guests from the paranormal world whom I’m happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with over the weekend. Its amazing to see so many supporting the two charities which Paracon UK is also raising money for. If you have an interest in the paranormal then this is an event not to be missed.

Please follow the link below in order to purchase tickets for Paracon UK and please spread the word. Let’s get as many people there as possible, after all the more we have the more we can all learn and talk about.

I hope to post more information regarding Paracon UK 2014 during the run up to the event in November. if you have any questions regarding Paracon UK, please contact the guys via their website at

Please show your support for the event, the charities it represents and for unity within the paranormal field by grabbing a ticket and joining us all in November. I look forward to seeing you ther!



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