Experiment 002 – Bradwell Abbey – 18th February 2015



Ashley, Graham, Gary, Matt, David, Dawn, Ann, Claire & Michelle


Stimson Data Logger, Stimson TDC, Stimson Cube (movement sensor & magnetic field sensor), Audio Recorders for the TDC & Table, Upturned Vase (temporary replacement for the bell jar), wooden platform (for the vase), quartz crystals, movement sensor ball in a glass bowl & a standard video camera.

These items were either placed on the main table, with the vase at its centre. However the Stimson TDC was placed behind me on a chair and attached to speakers, so we might hear any communication that came through.


  1.  Setup the room with the materials, which in this case had been moved to a new room in the main building as the light was darker in there. 
  2. The group are to sit around the table in the male, female arrangement.
  3. Lights out.
  4. Five to Ten minutes settling in time, during which the group relax into the environment and the Gary guides us through the bridge visualisation. 
  5. Opening Prayer – on this occasion we will use a reduced version as we’ve yet to prepare a formal one, but this should introduce the group and attempt to connect with spirit giving our intentions. 
  6. Main Communication of the experiment.
  7. Closing Prayer – short prayer to thank our communicators and to close our circle. 
  8. Lights Up.


Once everything was setup we took up our positions around the table and turned the lights off. 

It wasn’t long before we realised that this new room within the main part of the building was better in regards to visible light. We also recognised that with a few more tweaks we could darken the room further. According to the Scole Group working in complete darkness would be one attribute which increase the potential of physical phenomena. 

Although we didn’t have an opening prayer (also indicated by the Scole Group) we wanted to start to follow their process as we established communication. So, we began with about five minutes to relax the group into the environment, which was followed by a kind of light guided meditation by Gary. This took the form of the spirit bridge visualisation, which was very similar to the Rainbow Bridge visualisation used by the Scole Group. 

At the end of the five minutes, Gary gave a brief prayer to help introduce us into the main part of the experiment.

There had been many changes since Experiment 001, apparatus, members and location, so understanding if any had impacted individually to the experiment would be difficult. Still at this point in the Project our main concern was establishing that regular communication from our Spirit Team.

However we ventured forward once again and attempted to make contact with the Scole Spirit Team. In particular on this occasion we tried to contact the spirit of Mrs Emily Bradshaw (from Scole). Incidentally a few of the group believed that we made contact with Mrs Bradshaw or at least a very similar spirit. And this was due to the kind of character they believe they were in contact with, which appeared to be quite a well to do proper, possibly Victorian lady. We attempted to engage with Mrs Bradshaw in a respectful manner.

However at some point we slipped into contact with more localised spirits that are associated with Bradwell Abbey. One particular of these local spirits is known to be a little more on the darker side too. We tried to re-direct our focus, but this appeared unsuccessful to begin with.

The problem then became determining which information could be linked to our spirit team and which was linked to localised spirits.

At one point Claire advised me that I looked as if I was wearing a mask. A mask which was later identified as a ‘plague mask’, which was associated to the abbey we believe. Something like this picture below, it’s no wonder she appeared startled when she saw it!

Plague Mask
Plague Mask

Michelle picked up on a number of things throughout the experiment which may have been associated with Mrs Bradshaw and the Spirit Team, but equally some may have been associated with the localised spirits at the location. I still need to thoroughly study the audio in order to understand all the details and information picked up by all the group. Especially for the specifics of the communications.

However Michelle did pick up on a particular image which I recall her mentioning during the experiment. This was linked to Gary’s Stimson Cibe design and my own design at one points. although I am not entirely sure that’s the case. A few days later Michelle drew and sent me what she believes to be the image, I have included it below:-

Michelle's Image
Michelle’s Image

There are of course several possibilities to what this particular image may relate to; for example the circle with a cross can represent ‘terra’ or ‘earth’ one of the elements, it also represent all the elements combined with the fifth of spirit too. However that doesn’t explain the additional marks above and below the circle or the arrow to the right. We will continue to look into this symbolism, but if our readers have any ideas we would appreciate their opinions.

During this experiment we added to the table the ‘Stimson Cube’, which was designed and built by Gary as an interaction device following the contact made by the movement sensor ball in Experiment 001. As a cube the device would be required to either be physically moved/tilted or have its local magnetic field interacted with in order to cause it to illuminate. We were hoping that this interaction could be used for communication.

The Stimson Cube - Prototype
The Stimson Cube – Prototype

However during this Experiment the Stimson Cube didn’t light up, but once again the movement sensor ball in the glass bowl did! Although on this occasion the interaction with the ball was brief and didn’t seem to coincide with any particular communication from us. Still like the interaction during Experiment 001 the ball didn’t appear to move when it lit up! Further investigation of this device and related phenomena are required.

What was particularly interesting about this Experiment was that several people mentioned the odd feelings that sound similar to those that have experienced a spirit attempting to channel through them. These feelings seemed to escalate through certain members of the group, but finally reached its full potential with Gary. The extent of the channeling involved resulted in Gary feeling unwell and appeared to literally pull him by the arm off of his chair to the ground. What was equally interesting about this was the sequence of events which occurred prior:-

  1. Dawn felt a presence close to her.
  2. Gary invited the presence into the circle to communicate with us.
  3. One of the group identified felling a vibration of some sorts.
  4. Gary felt a pain in his right arm, as well as a temperature drop for the same arm.
  5. I noticed that the visible light in the vicinity of Gary and Dawn had reduced dramatically.
  6. One of the group mentions that they feel the atmosphere has changed.
  7. Gary is either overwhelmed by the feeling and falls from his chair or is physically pulled from it. Which ever it is, Gary believed the energy associated with this was negative.

In order to remain balanced in our approach where we can; we must ask was this a case of psychological contagion or was the group interrupted by a particularly negative entity of some kind? If this was an entity how do we interpret these events truly? As Gary was dragged from his chair and received feelings of pain we often associate them with negative forces, but is it possible that we just don’t speak the language and our communicator was frustrated perhaps? The point is without conclusive identification we often go by our feelings, generally these are built within our psyche to protect us, so our position becomes defensive. As we move forward with the experiment we can only document the events of the experiment and our associated feelings related to said events. We can draw our own conclusions based on those feelings and events, but we may equally need to look at an objective approach too.

There is still plenty to perfect before we will be following the process from Scole closely and of course there will be an element of our own footprint added to our experiments in all this. However the experiment appears to be making progress little by little. We just need to refine our approach in some aspects. Effectively setting up the room and then spending adequate time to relax from our day prior to the experiment is important here. Hopefully we will see as much success with our next Experiment.

If you wish to know more about the Cosmopathic Project or The Metetherial Project, please don’t hesitate to ask?

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