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My Own Journal

As long as I can remember I have kept a journal of some kind in regards to my investigation and research of the paranormal. Unfortunately some of the older ones have been lost over the years and probably thrown away because they resembled the scribbling of a mad man no doubt! Still the documenting of the ideas, investigations, research, bits of information, random brainstorms and general stuff related to my interest in the paranormal has always been close to my heart. 

More recently I became a member of the SPR (Society of Psychical Research) and discovered a new type of journal which was also based on my passion too. I’m of course talking about the more academic science journals which membership of the SPR allows you access to. These fascinating journals written by and in my opinion aimed at the world of academia contain some interesting experiments, research and theories in the field and sparked an idea for me. Why not create a similar journal, but make it bridge the gap between the academic and us usual guys out there investigating locations around the world. 

That’s not to Journals like the ones the SPR allow you access to are not accessible to all, but they do require membership and a certain understanding. I’ve read a few now and these guys do speak a different language, I’m convinced of it! Of course I’m joking. 

However very much like the worlds of spirituality and science often seem to be separate entities within the paranormal field, which they are not by the way. So does the higher lever of academic approaches and those of us investigating in the field week by week. Of course we are often told that our investigation fail to include the important elements of science such as controls and minimal variables, but in reality the approach taken in location based investigation is to observe the location and probable activity there. We may use certain stimuli sometimes, but of course we are restricted. However we still report unexplained experiences on many occasions. 

The idea of the Journal of the Metetherial Project is to include ideas, theories, investigation reports, experiments, device ideas, device reports, location information, information sources, and much more. Originally I wanted to produce a journal physically like the SPRs, but I have now decided to have an ongoing journal each year adding posts to my web site throughout the year. At key points I will produce a downloadable PDF of the journal entries for free and at each year end possibly a print on demand book, a compendium so to speak. I would like the information in this journal accessible by us all in the field to assist research and investigations going forward. It’s information like this that will give us the very power to understand more about the field we are all passionate about. 

So, if your interested in having something you’ve done included please feel free to email me at ashleyknibb@msn.com and I will take a look to see and hopefully include it. I look forward to hearing from you all. 

If you have any questions, please add a comment below. 

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