Experiment 007 – Bradwell Abbey – 29th April 2015



Ashley, Gary, Graham, David, Matt, Ann & Dawn


Data Logger, Stimson TDC (connected to speakers and audio recorder), Stimson Cube (movement/tilt & magnetic field visual sensor), Audio Recorders (with connection to monitoring station), Small Bell Jar, Crystal, Mirror and Small Square Table.


  1. Setup the experiment room – using a specific table and room layout.
  2. Briefly run through the experiment proceedings.
  3. The group then take their seats in the experiment room, which are predetermined.
  4. Lights out.
  5. The group take five minutes of silence to settle into the room.
  6. Opening Prayer – Lords Prayer, spoken in unison.
  7. Guided meditation led by Gary, using a bridge as a focal point of a visualisation to allow the group to meet with half way across our spirit helpers.
  8. Main Experiment – during this time the group describe what they pick up and any communication received.
  9. Closing Prayer – Lords Prayer, spoken in unison
  10. Guided meditation completion by Gary, taking us away from the bridge.
  11. Lights on.
  12. Break down experiment.


This experiment saw the return of Ann to the group following her holiday. Although during her absence she hadn’t exactly been completely absent from the group, so to speak! During our previous sessions and our visit to Swanage Ann had managed to telepathically send messages/images with the hope they would be mentioned. Remarkably this was successful on several occasions, some previously mentioned and the fact she sent the image of a penny farthing to our group whilst we visited the Royal Oak in Swanage, which was randomly mentioned by a local Medium Teri during the séance. It was good to welcome Ann back, discuss these communications from a massive distance and also make a very important change to the proceedings of the experiment going forward.

Ahead of the main experiment we also made the agreement to close the group as it, and to focus on keeping as much as possible unchanged going forward in order to establish theat all important communication.

The group decided to change our opening and closing prayer to the Lords Prayer, based on the fact Ann was told during a reading on holiday that this would assist with opening the chakras. This was backed up by the fact that during our recent trip to Swanage the use of the Lords Prayer was also mentioned and even used during our séance there.

Straight from meditation there seemed to be an awareness of a presence in the room. I felt there were three or four behind Gary, David and Ann. Dawn appeared to experiencing the beginning of an entity attempting to communicate through her, but that did not materialise. I also felt something was attempting to channel through me, but this wouldn’t come. The meditation itself seemed to have some kind of family link or link to personal history.

Throughout the evening the entire group witnessed light anomalies at some point with some being witnessed by more than one person at a time. These generally took the form of wispy faint lights. Some of these lights seemed to be formed a little like gas, with the main light at the centre and the immediate surrounding appearing like a gas, similar to the light smoke of cigarette.

There was a couple of names that the group picked up, which were George Jenkins and Phillip Crowley. Further research will need to be done on those names to discover more about them, if we can.

We had the Data Logger crash at least twice, which seemed to coincide with us standing in a circle holding hands and focussing our energy into the centre. This was also accompanied Magnetic field, EMF and other variants too.. In fact there were quite a few spikes on the Data Logger during this point.

There were also frequency changes on the TDC a few times, which we believe could have been spirit interaction with the device.


Initial searches of George Jenkins and Phillip Crowley haven’t turned up much of significance to the Project. The only Jenkins I found was an American businessman who died in 1996, for which I couldn’t see any immediate connection to what we are doing. However it is possible that the connection is less obvious. The only Crowley I found is very much alive and once again an American, but former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs. These were only web searches though and perhaps the actual Crowley and Jenkins are out there to be found.

The Data Logger documented several interesting changes in the environment, some even appeared to be related to our standing in a circle and holding hands to focus energy. In fact the Data Logger crashed on a couple of occasions during these high readings.

At about 21:43 during one of the hand held circle the Magnetic Field jumps down, then again at 22:09. These were both accompanied by the Data Logger crashing, but following the reboot of the Data Logger the Magnetic Field values remained in place.

At around 23:15 there was a massive EMF spike followed by a drop in the Magnetic Field. Following this time there was also a change in the environment with a reduction in pressure, an increase in temperature and a reduction in the humidity.

At 23:36 there was a massive humidity spike along with an increase in pressure followed by a decrease in pressure.

Environmental Data for Experiment 007
Environmental Data for Experiment 007

In conjunction with these anomalies on the Data Logger we also managed to record some interesting audio on the Stimson TDC. This was as follows:-

  • At around 20:48 a faint voice sound can be heard.
  • At around 20:51 another faint voice sound can be heard.
  • At around 21:22 an odd sounding interference pattern, a bit like the tuning of a radio can be heard.
  • At around 22:27 a clapping or tapping sound can be heard.
  • At around 22:58 another interference pattern like clapping/tapping followed by a dripping sound can be heard.

These are all very interesting changes from the usual static we are used to hearing during the experiments, but what they may mean is still very much a mystery to us. There may be some logical natural reasons behind these sounds, especially the interference patterns. However what is interesting is that some of these audible anomalies occur remarkably close to the environmental anomalies recorded by the Data Logger.

We also witnessed a few light anomalies, which in future experiments we hope to log better on a time line to see if these also coincide with environmental changes and audio anomalies through the Stimson TDC.


The question that seems to have arisen from this particular experiment is; has standing, holding hands and focussing our energy actually managed to cause change to the environment and possibly the audio recorded on the Stimson TDC? Personally these results appear to highlight the message of focussing on the energy. If indeed the energy itself is key to communication and physical mediumship, then perhaps our future focus needs to be on the manipulation of our energies?

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