The Annoying Thing About Light Anomalies!


Psy Theory
I’ve decided to add this section to my website / blog in order to share some of the ideas, thoughts, theories and general oddities that pass through my mind in regards to my personal psychical research. It’s a kind of mind dump to be honest, but also an opportunity to find out what those that actually read this think about the ideas too. Hopefully a discussion point if I’m lucky! 

This website itself pretty much maps out the last ten years of my research and investigation of the paranormal, which in turn has lead me to want to understand more about telepathy and perhaps telekinesis in particular. The site also covers my main project of the moment, the Metetherial Project which investigates the concept of our consciousness surviving bodily death. However before we delve into that conundrum, I have also created the Cosmopathic Project to look into communication itself. It’s under this project that I am joined by friends to help me research and experiment in the very concepts of communication. This communication is better known as telepathy as it is literally the transference of information by means outside of the normal senses. 

Oddly though the normal senses do seem to play a part, but often we find ourselves loosing trust in them! If this sounds a little odd, then let me explain. During our experiments we began by following the approach utilised in the Scole Experiment, working in a room which had so little light that often you couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face. In such an environment it would be logical to understand that as you settled you may pick up a few light anomalies caused by the minimal light accessing the room from somewhere. This was indeed the case, but later when we were settled and also a few experiments in some of the group began to experience various light anomalies. The reason that we lost trust in our own senses is because on the occasion these anomalies were seen, they were not seen by all. In a situation where more than one if not the whole group should be seeing these odd lights, often only one person would see them. The obvious answer to this is that the individuals eyes are adjusting differently and thus see lights. The problem was the behaviour of the lights didn’t fit this possibility, with the lights on occasion appearing as colours too. 

It was experiences such as these which began to raise simple questions within the group and on some occasion rather more complex ones too. For example, am I seeing the light with my eyes or is the image a projection from my mind, which could be of my subliminal self or transferred to me by some unknown agent. Another thought pattern was, if I’m seeing this with my eyes, then is it appearing in some manner which is only accessible by me within my field of vision, but obscured from others. Personally I think these are also transfers of information from an agent to the Automatist which the mind processes as external images experienced in the present. If indeed they are, then how does that help with communication? 

Of course this isn’t always the case, some light anomalies are experienced by many simultaneously which then gives us the perception that possibly we are seeing actual light move around a room in an odd fashion. Is it possible that each of these individuals has the same information transferred to their minds that in turn enables them to take part in the same experience? Personally I believe it is possible, especially if this is caused due to the presence of fields, which enable the telepathic interaction. 

Often when we discuss communication we think initially of verbal conversations that allow us to understand each other, but actual communication is more complex than this. There’s various languages, the addition of hand gestures, facial expressions, how the verbal communication is delivered audibly, body language, the assumption that those communicating understand one another, physical touch, scent (good and bad) and the knowledge to understand the other person. However there is in my opinion also an element of telepathy too. An opinion which seems equally supported by Dr Rupert Sheldrake in his book ‘The Sense of Being Stared At’. Sheldrake, as indeed I do believe that we utilise an element of telepathy during general communication to assist us in understanding others better. Something which is made more apparent in those that have stronger emotional bonds, such as family, friends, etc. It’s most obvious in those situations where few words are used to explain something and those involved, just get it.  Equally and more apparent is those times where even a facial expression allows you to totally understand what the other person is ‘saying’ even though nothing is actually said at all. 

The annoying thing about those light anomalies is that we still don’t really understand what they are trying to communicate to us! During the Scole Experiment they were seen to buzz around the group, interacting with them, even passing through them at times and fundamentally presenting themselves as more than just light. It was almost as if they were little entities in their own right, with their form of communication being bouncing off the sitters and making patterns in the air. So, the communication itself may not have been complex in nature, but more of a confirmation of existence perhaps.

Of course there are other possibilities here which should be considered, the light anomalies could have equally been a kind of collective hallucination. Although I don’t mean in the usual concept of how we understand hallucinations. Perhaps in this instance the group all received information transferred from an agent collectively allowing them all to experience the light anomalies together. 

Either way these light anomalies are curious and very interesting when they occur. They could be projections of our mind created through telepathic interaction and information transference, or strange occurrences that don’t fit reality quite right. 

Something that might be worth further research and investigation I feel! 

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