Experiment 011 – Bradwell Abbey – 24th June 2015

The Cosmopathic Project
The Cosmopathic Project



Ashley, Gary & Dawn


Data Logger, Stimson TDC (connected to speakers and audio recorder), Stimson Cube (movement/tilt & magnetic field visual sensor), Audio Recorders (with connection to monitoring station), Mirror and Small Round Table.


  1. Setup the experiment room – using a specific table and room layout.
  2. Briefly run through the experiment proceedings.
  3. The group then take their seats in the experiment room, which are predetermined.
  4. Lights out.
  5. The group take five minutes of silence to settle into the room.
  6. Opening Prayer – Lords Prayer, spoken in unison.
  7. Guided meditation led by Gary, using a bridge as a focal point of a visualisation to allow the group to meet with half way across our spirit helpers.
  8. Main Experiment – during this time the group describe what they pick up and any communication received.
  9. Closing Prayer – Lords Prayer, spoken in unison
  10. Guided meditation completion by Gary, taking us away from the bridge.
  11. Lights on.
  12. Break down experiment.


Firstly, it’s important to mention that during this particular Experiment Session there were a group of individuals camping in the field outside Bradwell Abbey, which places question on some of the light anomalies and audio phenomena experienced.

As per the experiment procedure we began as normal by setting up the room and then settling in to the environment. Once we had turned the lights out and spent a brief amount of time to settle our thoughts, we began with the opening prayer and then moved onto the guided meditation with visualisation of the bridge.

We followed this by spending some time allowing each member of the group to report back on their personal experience during this visualisation. Dawn indicated that her bridge was a road bridge over a railway. She said that she had met with a probable inventor possibly related to the car, a gentleman with a full bushy beard. Assumption of the group related this to Henry Ford. My own experience was that of a stone path, across a gulley and the bridge was a rope bridge. However there wasn’t any particular individual in my visualisation, the detail was within the surroundings. Gary’s experience was that of a normal path, a wooden gate, stone bridge over a rapid river. He met a woman in a black dress, with a bonnet and an umbrella. It was Gary’s assumption that this woman was Victorian. He also saw his Grandfather and his dog. He also had the name Anne.

We then moved on and Gary called out to any probable spirits that we may be able to communicate with.

Following this we experienced approximately five probable Phases of Interaction which were simplistic and carried little information. I’ve not documented these Phases here, to enable this to read easier and to cover the following three Phases of Interaction. As these Phases in my opinion are quite interesting.

Phase Six occurred between 22:08 and 23:03. Usually a Telepathic Interaction Phase would probably (in my opinion) span less time than this, but on this occasion it was hard to separate the Interaction.

In order to simplify the documentation of these Interactions I thought it would be easier to simply add my notes straight in. For details on the ideograms seem directly below, please see my Theory of Telepathic Interaction, also on the website.

Beyond that I have labelled the particular ideograms for Automatists and Local Observers with their initials, which can then be found on the right of the notes page.

The Brief Notes section details anything that I believe should be noted in relation to the Interaction, but wasn’t necessarily mentioned during the Interaction. The Key Words section details any single or groups of words mentioned by the Automatists during the Interactions. This is probable information that could be received from the Agent, but equally could be the Automatists subliminal self.

Phase 6 - 22:08 to 23:03 Interaction & Brief Notes
Phase 6 – 22:08 to 23:03
Interaction & Brief Notes
Phase 6 - 22:08 to 23:03 Key Words #1
Phase 6 – 22:08 to 23:03
Key Words #1
Phase 6 - 22:08 to 23:03 Key Words #2
Phase 6 – 22:08 to 23:03
Key Words #2

Phase Seven occurred between 23:03 and 23:15, which occurred as the group stood holding hands around the central table. The reason for this was suggested and agreed to by the group. It’s believed that standing like this can generate greater energy to enable a stronger Interaction.

Phase 7 - 23:03 to 23:15 Interaction & Brief Notes
Phase 7 – 23:03 to 23:15
Interaction & Brief Notes
Phase 7 - 23:03 to 23:15 Key Words
Phase 7 – 23:03 to 23:15
Key Words

Please note the last three entries spoken by GS, these occurred whilst we believe he was in Trance possibly. The entries on the left of the page are what GS spoke, whilst I have noted that GS spoke first in a foreign/unknown dialect before settling on English. As I am not a language expert I couldn’t quantify whether the first dialect was an actual language unfamiliar to me or simply gibberish.

Phase Eight occurred between 23:20 and 23:50; and the group were seated once again for this Interaction. Interestingly during this Interaction we asked for some light anomalies to appear in specific locations. This didn’t occur! However this did lead onto a logical conversation regarding light anomalies, the additional guests at the Abbey and the possible quantum mechanics behind generating light anomalies. I mention this for a very specific reason that I will return to later.

Phase 8 - 23:20 to 23:50 Interaction & Brief Notes
Phase 8 – 23:20 to 23:50
Interaction & Brief Notes
Phase 8 - 23:20 to 23:50 Key Words
Phase 8 – 23:20 to 23:50
Key Words

Please note the Key Words spoken by Automatist GS that have ‘T’ on the far right were presented during the Interaction at a point where we believe GS was transferring information through trance. Thus speaking as the character ‘Jacob Stevenson’. The letters on the left of the pages correspond with the Agents identified A to E.

With the completion of this Interaction and the time heading quickly towards midnight, we decided to close down the Experiment, pack up and head home.


Firstly let’s look at the audio recording from the TDC device. In general the TDC outputs relatively similar static throughout the recording. However as you can see below there are variations in the recording from clicking, crackling and even beat skipping. The problem is that we don’t know at this point if our environment is causing these anomalies somehow. For example, this could be localised electricity installations or equipment that we are not aware of. The location for example is in close proximity to a railway track, which could cause interference.

With this all in mind though, we still see a strange sound and rhythmic clicking noted around the same time as the Interaction during Phase Eight. Interesting, but at this point inconclusive.

TDC Audio Notes #1
TDC Audio Notes #1
TDC Audio Notes #2
TDC Audio Notes #2

Looking at the data from the Data Logger for most of the phases there doesn’t appear to be anything that jumps out in relation to probable Interaction. However during Phase Eight there is a small fluctuation in the Magnetic Field. Represented below.

Phase 8 - Magnetic Field Data
Phase 8 – Magnetic Field Data

As you can see, as the Interaction begins the Magnetic Field remains relatively normal. Then it appears to fluctuate slowly at first, then more rapidly and then slowly again before returning to the same (albeit different from the start) reading.

Of course there is a possibility that there is a natural explanation for this fluctuation, but currently we are unaware of such a thing. During the Experiment the Magnetic Field didn’t remain at around -30 for the rest of the logged data, it changed on a couple of a occasions. The question is why and can we define a logical explanation for this.

Experiment 011 - Pressure Data
Experiment 011 – Pressure Data

Interestingly each of us mentioned or even felt an increase in pressure throughout the evening, the final three Interactions include notations on pressure increase too. The Data Logger confirms this with continued pressure increase throughout the night. This could have occurred for natural reasons, but I believe is interesting to mention.


Utilising the methodology of telepathic interaction has made documenting of the session much easier, helping us to understand what is occurring, what is felt, what actually changes and when.

It’s obvious that members of the group are developing well in their ‘spiritual’ attributes with greater confidence and ability to connect and obtain information during Interactions. However each of us still questions this, which is actually a good thing in my mind. As most of us began as sceptics and were unsure that this kind of work was for us, it holds additional value. It also means that we don’t simply accept what we get or what may happen, as we are looking for greater understanding.

Looking at the three Interactions documented here it is very hard to quantify them as having a source beyond our subliminal self. Also, equally if it did come to the Automatists of the group externally its then just as hard to ascertain the source as alive or dead. This indeed highlights the necessity to look at aspects of the experiment to see if we could bring this kind of thing into effect. Currently our Interactions are Random by nature because the group opens itself up and then asks for a connection. This Interaction could originate from an Agent which has passed, but could equally then be an Interaction with another member of the group subconsciously or even beyond. Alternatively the subliminal self could be completing the requirement for us, giving us something rather than nothing.

How can we identify the source as external, without doubt of being the subliminal self? How do we ensure the information transferred during an interaction is by means of telepathy?

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