Experiment 010 – Bradwell Abbey – 10th June 2015

The Cosmopathic Project
The Cosmopathic Project



Ashley, Gary, David, Ann & Dawn


Data Logger, Stimson TDC (connected to speakers and audio recorder), Stimson Cube (movement/tilt & magnetic field visual sensor), Audio Recorders (with connection to monitoring station), Small Bell Jar, Mirror and Small Round Table.


  1. Setup the experiment room – using a specific table and room layout.
  2. Briefly run through the experiment proceedings.
  3. The group then take their seats in the experiment room, which are predetermined.
  4. Lights out.
  5. The group take five minutes of silence to settle into the room.
  6. Opening Prayer – Lords Prayer, spoken in unison.
  7. Guided meditation led by Gary, using a bridge as a focal point of a visualisation to allow the group to meet with half way across our spirit helpers.
  8. Main Experiment – during this time the group describe what they pick up and any communication received.
  9. Closing Prayer – Lords Prayer, spoken in unison
  10. Guided meditation completion by Gary, taking us away from the bridge.
  11. Lights on.
  12. Break down experiment.


We set the room up as usual with the small round table at the centre and the five of us sat in horseshoe shape from East through South to West of the table, leaving two free chairs in the Northern area of the table. Seating placed Gary in the East, followed by David South-East, Dawn South, Ann South-West and myself in the West. I’m not sure if this is significant, but it seems appropriate to mention.

On the table we placed the Data Logger, Stimson Cube and TDC (which was connected to a recorder and speakers on a table at the back of the room by a long audio cable). On the wall above the fireplace (North-West of the table) Gary hung the Mirror.

As ever we began with a brief meeting to discuss the proceedings and understand how the experiment would go, although the process itself is quite familiar now to the group.

Then following lights out we sat quietly for about five minutes, simply to relax into our surroundings. Then led by David we all recited the Lords Prayer in unison. Following this Gary took us through the Gate and Bridge visual meditation, to enable us to meet our spirit helpers on the bridge and bring them back to converse.

We then began by sharing our experiences during the visualisation with the rest of the group, which oddly had a few differences from the normal things picked up. Many of us saw a bridge of a different type to normal and even made of a different material too. In fact my own bridge was located within a wood and made completely of wood, unlike the usual humpback stone bridge I see. In fact for me, I met on the bridge an entity of some kind, but couldn’t determine any features. Others picked up similar characters as before, like the man with the moustache and a woman in a Victorian dress. These characters could well be our spirit helpers or even team, but at this point this is still very much undetermined.

Telepathic Interaction - Phase 1
Telepathic Interaction – Phase 1

Above is documented the first interaction Phase the group experienced after the meditation part of the session. This shows that during this particular phase, both Gary and Dawn were connected to an Unclassified Agent Unknown to them. Whether it was the same Agent or not is undetermined, thus defined here as two. The level of detail of their interaction was of a basic level. However during this Interaction there were also some interesting other elements. We all heard the audible phenomena signified by the ‘R’, which was a kind of tap. Three members of the group felt a possible pressure increase. Gary also felt a drop in temperature too, observed a light anomaly and a manifestation too.

In relation to this the actual temperature only increased very slightly, the pressure fluctuated a little, but the magnetic field did spike on three occasions.

Although at this point the relation between the actual reading and those experienced by the group are undetermined, it does begin to show in a snap shot what occurs during these possible telepathic interactions.

Following this, I think it was Dawn that made the next connection, although it took her a while to do so. After a short time we received the message; ‘you’re walking a thin line’, which although vague in whom it was directed at and what it was in reference to, came across as quite a worrying statement. This is primarily because as it is, it can be perceived as quite a negative statement towards our experiment or group. Still undetermined we continued and shortly following this communication through Dawn was ceased during what sounded like a noise similar to strangulation, but this could have equally been another entity attempting to make contact too. Either way communication through Dawn at this point was stopped.

As there was some concern over the group’s safety following this communication we went back over the protection of the circle.

After a little quiet time within the room we began to hear a few noises, but it was hard to determine their origin. This was shortly followed by Gary slipping into Trance Communication when he identified himself as a woman by the name of Vanessa. What was odder about this particular communication was that Vanessa told us she was in what I interpreted as a Lecture Theatre full of people all around her. We had to keep our voices low because the lecture was on going. Vanessa (Gary) also told us that at the centre of the lecture was our group, as if we were the very subject of the lecture, but equally visible to them. An odd sequence of events to be sure!

I believe there were some other communications, but unfortunately the battery in the audio recorder expired leaving our session only partially documented.

We would complete the session in the normal manner according to our process, with the closing meditation and prayer.



Experiement 010 - All Data
Experiement 010 – All Data

The overall results show an interesting chart of the events experienced. The only problem is that we don’t have significant audio to understand the time line of events. The Interaction Phase documented in the Notes occurred between 21:53 and 22:02, but the greatest fluctuations appear after this when the audio had failed.

Experiment 010 - Humidity Extract
Experiment 010 – Humidity Extract

An interesting drop in humidity around the 22:50 point, but again we are unable to quantify this without the audio to understand what occurred.

Experiment 010 - Magnetic Field Extract 1
Experiment 010 – Magnetic Field Extract 1

Then at around 23:30 there is an interesting fluctuation in the Magnetic Field, which we can’t be sure what was occurring without the audio. It’s my assumption that this is when Gary spoke as Vanessa in the Lecture Theatre. However I can neither prove this nor even be sure if this is the case.

Experiment 010 - Magnetic Field Extract 2
Experiment 010 – Magnetic Field Extract 2

All in all we had some interesting results on the Data Logger, but unfortunately without the supportive audio we can’t determine what was happening at these points in order to understand the interaction more.


This experiment has shown that there may be a requirement to ensure we have a backup audio device running during the session. This is simply because when one fails we lose our time line and ability to cross reference the data against what was actually happening. This is kind of obvious and something we should have had covered. However at these early stages we are effectively still finding our feet with so much of this experiment it’s understandable we may miss a few things. Over time we will be able to determine the best and most successful model for this and then gather good data from it.

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