The Paranormal Radio Show Christmas Party with Marc Richardson
Marc Richardson

It’s Christmas Party Time !

Well it is the season to be jolly and all that, which means its Christmas Party time too. A favourite time for us all to grab a few drinks, plenty of food and spend some quality time with good friends. The paranormal community is no stranger to this either and often around this time there are a few Christmas special investigations and shows out. 

The Paranormal Radio Show, hosted by Marc Richardson, Mel Richardson and Lucy Harlie-Symonds, also celebrated Christmas through their show to. However they went a little extra and provided their listeners with a Live broadcast from their very own Christmas Party in Peacehaven. 

How do I know all this I hear you scream! Well I was lucky enough to be their Guest on the show and also at the party which was a great honour. 

So, after a lengthy journey around some of the UK’s greatest roads (not) I arrived at the Paranormal Radio Show’s Christmas Party just in time and as I walked through the door Marc introduced me to a packed room. Thank you to Marc and your guests for your hospitality.
A Real Christmas Special Guest Perhaps

The atmosphere reminded me a little of a family Christmas party, very comfortable and welcoming. Not to mention a tonne of laughter.
Our Host Marc Richardson

Around 8pm Marc, Mel and Lucy kicked off the Paranormal Radio live show. As they did I sat with some other special guests, Kevin Ling, Rachael Derby, Amanda Wood and a couple more.
The ‘Special’ Guests
Our Cake Attempt lol – Dave

The evening wasn’t without event and the Paranormal Radio team gave us all a few activities to get stuck in to, including cake decorating (yes that’s what I said), balloon modelling and a slightly messy activity I avoided which involved cream lol!
I have no words lol!

All in all it was a fun filled evening with some good friends old an new. Just as it should be at Christmas don’t you think? 

Thank you to Marc and he’s team for the invite it was a fun night guys. I look forward to working with you guys again soon. 


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