The Psychic Projection Experiment 

A Little Background

I was lucky enough to attend Sage Paranormal’s D-Day Tour recently and meet Haunted Collectors Brian J. Cano for the second time.
Haunted Collectors Brian J Cano

It was during the investigation at the amazing Fort Horsted that Brian J Cano kicked things off with a particularly interesting experiment. The one in question was what Brian called the ‘Psychic Projection Experiment’ and we were lucky enough to experience what may have been a successful attempt.

I’ll get onto the process shortly, but first off I wanted to explain my personal interest in this particular little experiment. As soon as Brian mentioned it and the method I found my full attention drawn to this interesting concept. After all often during paranormal investigations we focus on attempting to gain possible evidence of the local activity. However this was fundamentally based on the group focussing on a singular word and projecting that onto the digital voice recorder in front of Brian. Simply speaking it added another dimension to my own theories around telepathy. However on this occasion we would be transferring information telepathically onto a device as audio that could be played back.
Standard Digital Voice Recorder

On this occasion the group were prompted by Brian J Cano to focus on the word ‘Gollum’ as this was in direct relation to a subject a few of the group had been recently discussing. Brian advised us to focus that word onto his digital voice recorder over the course of sixty seconds. During that time we would remain quiet.

Once the time was up we listened back and sure enough at around fifty seconds the word could be heard.

Pondering the Concept

This for me then raises an interesting question and perhaps one that Brian was attempting to highlight too; if we can project a particular word onto a device in a method which is very similar to the way we capture EVPs, then could this be an explanation of all EVPs? The discussion on this is obviously greater than that though, as it deals with the concept of what our unconscious could be doing whilst we are trying to capture those EVPs. However it also raises a more interesting concept of how our minds may affect something physical in this way? Is it generating an audible sound or manipulating a device? In the particular instance mentioned above the recording and sound seemed localised to Brian J Cano’s digital voice recorder, which is equally interesting.

So, what I thought I would do is add the basic method here on my website, so others could try it and then perhaps we could attempt to gather some results around how often in works and in which circumstances it works too.

The Method

  1. Set your digital voice recorder up so it’s on a solid stable surface. A table for example.
  2. Select a key word to use that resonates with as many of the group as possible. This could actually be the key to the success of the experiment. A word that means something or is prominent to the group is good. If there is some kind of emotional tie to it that may equally help.
  3. Start the recording and advise the group to focus on the chosen word, psychically projecting that word onto the digital voice recorder. Tell the group to direct the thought towards the recorder.
  4. Record for sixty seconds only. During this time the group should remain quiet, but unlike normal EVP sessions noises shouldn’t be tagged. The focus should remain on the word and psychically projecting it.
  5. At the completion of sixty seconds silent recording of psychic projection, the recorder is stopped and everyone can relax.
  6. Listen to the sixty seconds of recording to see if the key word was captured.
  7. Email me the brief details of your attempt.

Managing the Results

There’s no restriction on how often this experiment can be attempted. However what would be good would be to capture its success moving forward. This could be done by means of a simple email to me at with the subject ‘Psychic Projection Experiment’ detailing the following :-

  • Date & Time
  • Location
  • Number of participants
  • The Word
  • Was the word random or one with some specific meaning ?
  • When during the recording the word was heard, 50 seconds for example.?

I would also like to hear if it was unsuccessful as that can help understand the success rate too.

If this goes well then every now and then I’ll post some information on my findings.

Also, if you have any ideas to improve the experiment, please let me know and I may give them a go.

I hope this really takes off as it’s an experiment which can be done literally anywhere at any time.

Thank you all for your help on this one, gathering data is key to gaining more understanding of the paranormal and furthering  our knowledge.

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