We Are All Looking For Something..


Why do we search for ghosts after all?

For me the search for ghosts probably began when I was around the age of eleven, but that remained an interest that was mostly research for many years. I only really started heading out to possible haunted locations to investigate just over ten years ago.

Granted I had my head firmly in books, TV shows, various research and I most certainly was talking to various people about the paranormal. The subject fascinated me and anything related always seemed to catch my attention, so it would have been rude not to follow it up.

The reason I search for ghosts has always been something that I find difficult to answer. I guess I have always had an interest in science and perhaps a little in spirituality too. Certainly over the years psychology has crept in there too. One thing I do know is that it often boils down to one question; ‘does human consciousness survive bodily death?’

However, this question has often taken on many forms for others in my opinion. It presents itself as an individuals desire to comprehend if their loved ones are still with us to the concept of a physical location having attached entities, which equally may or may not be related to its history.

Regardless of how we look at it, there’s always a pronounced ‘paranormal cocktail’ of understanding that brings us to looking into the subject further.

Understanding what we don’t understand!

What I often have found remarkably interesting is the concept of understanding, one persons belief have equally become basis for fact in their mind. Something which I often find both interesting and at times highly annoying.

You see I know what I have discovered through research, experimentation, talking, investigation and more over the years; but I equally understand that I simply don’t know as yet and really don’t have all the answers. Those that know me and have read my blogs, know I have theory after theory, but they are simply theory. Hopefully one day one such theory will become proven.

A great couple of examples for the point I am trying to make here are as follows:-

The Stone Tape Theory

The Stone Tape Theory is one of those excellent paranormal theories, which has been around a lot longer than most in the field. However, the problem is that many seem to accept the theory as fact now. They will quote the theory in relation to a probable residual haunting as a means to prove this to be true.

For example, they will state that the encountered ghost isn’t intelligent as it doesn’t respond, but continues to follow the same path perhaps over and over again. The Stone Tape Theory is often thrown in for good measure to create a relationship between a probable event and thus also defining the ghost wandering the path as an individual.

The problem is that this is quite a lot built on assumption and theory. Don’t get me wrong its great and its a path worth investigating and researching, but lets not pin all our hopes on just these.

Electronic Voice Phenomena

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) are undoubtably a fascinating element of the paranormal and widely used to show the probable existence of activity and communication.


The problem I have is that we just don’t have enough information to support their source. Often these are recorded with the investigating team in the room or near by, which in itself creates some interesting perceptions of recordings. I have on numerous occasions observed a group as they have conducted an EVP session, thought they had captured something paranormal, but it was actually something as simple as a jacket or distant sound.

There is also another interesting factor to EVP’s, which I was lucky enough to witness as a success on one occasion. This was the Psychic Projection Experiment where an EVP was recorded in direct relation to a word that a group was trying to psychically project onto a digital voice recorder. This in my mind presented an interesting position; if we can psychically project a word onto a digital recorder consciously, then perhaps we could equally do it unconsciously when conducting the standard EVP sessions. The point being that maybe the voices we hear on EVP recordings are our own and not that of spirits at all.

The psychic projection experiment presents greater problems with that which we call ‘evidence’ too though. If we can project an audio recording onto a digital device, then perhaps our video and photographic ‘evidence’ is equally in jeopardy in the same way.

Electromagnetic Field

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) is an interesting theory too, which thanks to many and TV could almost be seen as fact. Actually I have spoken to many in the field that believe (and the key word there is believe) that EMF is directly related to the presence of a ghost or spirit.


Interestingly there is equally the understanding that increased or high levels of EMF may cause paranoia or even hallucinations.

These could be considered almost opposite concepts when you think about, one neutralising the other perhaps. However again these are theory.

Its certainly not proven fact that the manifestation of ghosts and spirits are directly related to increased levels of EMF. There has been anecdotal evidence to support that during an experience, which may have been related to manifestation and EMF may have fluctuated, but we really require further data on the matter.

However there has been much research conducted in regards to the effects of EMF Radiation on the human body. So, its probable to understand that such effects from a heavy output of EMF could cause us ill health, which could equally result in us believing we were experiencing something paranormal.

There has also been some research conducted where EMF was focussed on the mind in order to better understand its effect or if it presented paranormal results, but the results were not conclusive.

Naming Spirits

I have often found that research can equally be a thing that seems to hinder some investigations too though. The research often covers the location history, names related with the location, paranormal activity too. As soon as certain paranormal experiences are obtained and namely spirit communication, many jump to applying the name from the research to the probable spirit they have been communicating with.

Now don’t get me wrong I have probably made this very mistake myself in the past too. Many of us have. During an EVP session or perhaps using a device that gives us immediate feedback like a KII, we make the jump to understand the name of whom we are talking to. If the research has been conducted then that can mean trying the name we have learnt.

The problem with this is that the slightest response can often lead us to believe we have the right name and then link it with the spirit. Then if we inform others that we may have communicated with the spirit of X, then the next group to investigate may see that and try that name straight away. All of a sudden the spirit haunting the location is named, even though our ‘evidence’ is circumstantial.

Thinking out of the box!

At this point you maybe wondering where I am going with this and if I am just having a general moan about the paranormal perhaps?

The truth of the matter is that in actual fact I’m not, all of the above helps us gather information on location based hauntings and more. However we do need to reach beyond accepting some of these as fact and start remembering that they are still theory. Granted the research is building, but we need to push farther than those that have come before us.

We need to think outside of the box, in fact we need to leave the box so far behind its out of sight.

Let’s suggest more than a ghost or spiritual theory to explain paranormal activity. Perhaps the reason is based on our own ability to interact telepathically with others or even the location itself. We may be obtaining the information from the minds of others locally and possibly at a distant too. Take time and space out of the equation!

We should also do the ‘leg work’ as my parents called it, thats proper research to you and me. Find the ‘alpha case’ as Greg Lawson calls it, I like that approach. Researching the history and most definitely the paranormal activity may present more interesting facts than you may have realised. Cross reference accounts from different groups to find similarities and oddities too.

Try something different!

Experiment in ways to counter what you believe and how you’ve already approached the investigation. Write down those odd questions to share with us all too!

Observe the location, your team, everything! Then see what happens when things are not observed! Okay that last one is a tough one to do lol!

At the end of the day, question everything and gather loads of data where you can. Even if you don’t like it or you feel it meaningless, there maybe someone like me that likes the data.

After all not everything in science can be seen with the naked eye, but we know its there and how it behaves because we spent the time to gather data on it and understand it through that data. We now need to start doing the same for the paranormal field, which is actually more simpler that you think! Especially with the internet so easily accessible from almost everywhere.

So, on your next investigation try something a little different and tell me how you get on?

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4 thoughts on “We Are All Looking For Something..

  1. I like reading your Blogs as you see it from all sides, which is a good place to look at things.. i agree with the assumption on identifying spirits from research or knowledge of a location. As a private case team, the last thing we do is research the property or location before hand, as like you say, you are already looking and presuming things you already know. Which is why we like to investigate, write a report on our findings, present this and all footage and audio to our clients. Then we will look into researching, see if any info we got has any historical fact, and if things we got that made no sense can be confirmed. I think this is a better way of investigating, for the reasons you mentioned.
    And what you are saying about Stone Tape Theory, as you say it hasn’t been proven, but it does make some sense. I’m also in the mind that just because a spirit doesn’t communicate, does that necessarily make it risidual?.. or is it living in it’s own time and has no idea of us being there? as with everything paranormal.. we seem to get more questions than answers.. but i guess if we keep at it, one day we will get some answers


  2. Ah yes, think outside the box! We agree, but it’s hard to get those that believe their methods have brought forth ‘proven facts’ to step further.
    We have found that when we stick to the tried and true, we are in essence in a created rut; therefore things maybe are, or possibly could be – nothing definitive.
    Wouldn’t it be a great step for the field at large if we measured differently and improvised new theories?
    We suggest instead of copying the ‘edited for entertainment’ TV shows, to create new resources and expand the self inflicted boundaries.
    Others before us did this when some of our best scientific advances were discovered ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There is plenty of research out there to read that has already pushed the boundaries a little. Parapsychology is now relatively prominent in universities world wide. However we need to conceptualise the possibilities that the Paranormal is based in more than psychological aspects, looking at physics and even quantum physics in order to understand more, not to mention looking at the physiological too.
      Let’s all talk it through and discuss aspects of the Paranormal too. There’s much work to be done I feel.

      Liked by 2 people

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