A Paranormal Dinner at the Cromwell Hotel 

An Interesting Paranormal Event 


With the 4th of August fast approaching I thought I would chuck something together regarding my upcoming Paranormal Dinner  at the Cromwell Hotel.

Granted straight off the mark the term Paranormal Dinner may seem a little odd when we talk about a potential paranormal event. As we usually say paranormal investigation or ghost hunt, but I wanted to approach things a little different and for a good reason too. Although I will get to that shortly.

Here's The Plan – Roughly

The evening itself will begin around 7 to 7:15pm when all the guests arrive and start getting to know one another. This may sound like a simple beginning to a paranormal evening, but this as every part of the night is important to the process.

All going well I will kick things off with co-host for the evening Graham Smith, who is an excellent investigator. So, we thought we would start the evening with double act, where Graham will be singing. Okay, I'm joking obviously. We will run through the evening ahead and add in some explanation too.


Once all the twenty guests are all aquatinted we will look to serve dinner around 7:45pm in the Bouichier Suit. This will be a three course meal and the options will passed onto the guests closer to the event. However this part of the evening isn't just about sitting down to some great food, its about getting to know the rest of the group. Is it possibly that the connection we have to each other is where psychical information comes from or perhaps that connection helps to connect to spirits? As the guests enjoy their meal there's no better time to discuss the paranormal and exchange stories. It may sound a little old school to some, but it's my belief that by learning from some of the methods used over the last hundred plus years we may find the source of the information. That includes what we know now and may learn in the future too.


As long as the dinner conversation doesn't get too in depth we should be all ready for Psychic Medium Terri Powell to attempt a little platform mediumship with the group. Terri will work in the classical sense of platform mediumship, which generally means possibly connecting with the spirits related to the group. Although given the age of the Cromwell Hotel and the reports there its equally possible that Terri may pick up something a little more localised. Again this is conceptually more than just platform mediumship on this occasion, again the theory is if platform mediumship connects to the spirits we have close to use then perhaps that connection can help towards the end goal of the Séance.

By now you maybe reading this uncertain by what I am offering during this event and as this is the paranormal I can't guarantee activity. However, I can assure that as group we can experience this entire concept and see how we do. At worse we will have a good night with good food, new and old friends, lots of paranormal techniques and certainly an abundance of discussion throughout the night. This is certainly one for anyone who loves the paranormal and has an open mind. It's going to be an interesting night that's for sure.

Once Terri has finished the Platform Mediumship we will then move onto the next phase of the evening, hopefully around 10:30pm. During this part of the evening I hope to take the group into a few of the reportedly haunted rooms of the hotel including the very room I spent the night in, room 100. Unless its been renamed in the refit. As the rooms are smaller spaces the group of twenty will be broken down into smaller groups otherwise we will saturate them with too many people. Given the amount of time these will be small vigils in the rooms and in order to give them focus we may look to attempt some experiments whilst they take place. After all my own brief attempt at the variation of the Ganzfield Experiment certainly created some interesting results. Again though this part of the night has its importance too, this time we will be reaching out further into the specific locations at the Hotel which have seen possible paranormal activity in the past. Hopefully this will enable the connection between the locations spirits and the group to grow stronger still.


At around midnight the group will return to the Bouichier Suit for a break and time to reflect on the evening so far. In the background once the Rump & Wade has closed for the night, we will setup the room for the final part of the night, a Séance. This will be lead by Psychic Medium Terri Powell, with some assistance from Graham and I. The idea is that hopefully at this point we may be able to bring in and communicate with either local spirits of the Cromwell or possibly a few visitors. This will not just be a spiritual affair though, it will also be an opportunity to use a few gadgets to see what we can pick up too. This is where the open minded approach is going to be required though, as in my experience of Séances I have attended the ones which appear to work best are also the ones that have a particular process to them. Good examples being one that I attended at the Royal Oak in Swanage a few years back now and also the Scole Experiment. I'm sure by this point the group will be working brilliantly together and ready for whatever experience may lay ahead of them.


It is my assumption that somewhere between 1:30am and 2am the séance should reach its conclusion and we would reach the end of our night. Just in time for a quick chat to some up the evening and any experiences that may have been had.

How About It Then?

If this unique event sounds like your kind of thing or if you're just curious about the paranormal, then please do not hesitate in booking your ticket as soon as possible. They are already selling!

Booking your ticket is actually really simple. Just call the Cromwell Hotel on 01438 779954 and ask to book a ticket for the 'Paranormal Dinner' on the 4th August.

The tickets are £70 per person, with a £20 deposit and the remaining balance due a month prior to the event. There are only 20 tickets available for this particular event, so please don't hesitate too long before booking.


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