Can We Tell The Future?

Science fiction to deja vu…

As someone who has grown up surrounded by science fiction stories and films, two things have often been prominent in all those stories; time and space. Whether it was an epic story that took place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away; a mission of exploration to the final frontier in the distant future; or even a teenagers attempt to get back to the future in a DeLorean; they all sparked my imagination. Each challenging the possibility that we either reach beyond our own solar system and travel the stars; or even travel backwards and forwards in time. These stories of impossibility for many remain just that, stories of fiction that will never come true. However in my lifetime alone we have already begun to travel the stars, work on a space station and explore new worlds. Granted that as far as we know we have yet to travel in time, certainly not in a DeLorean either, but actually time isn’t quite as solid or set in stone as we may believe. In fact, this was something I discovered during my school days when I experienced a strange increased volume of déjà vu.

As a matter of fact déjà vu is probably a really good place to start this post, as I am sure that most of us have experienced it at some point in our lives. Derived from the French, meaning ‘already seen’ the term is often associated with events that we believe we already have knowledge about. This is usually formed as memory we already feel we have, a memory which is sparked by the events or at least a part of them when they occur. I have always been fascinating by déjà vu, especially when it occurs to me as I know that what I am experiencing in that moment is remarkably strange. Still the one thing that has continued to baffle me is how the knowledge appears to be a memory and one that we feel we have already stored in our minds. So, the question of déjà vu is; how can future events become past memories?

A little zero dimension perhaps…

One possibility that could explain this is if a zero dimension does exist where information related to all times resides then perhaps we somehow telepathically access this zero dimension early at some point. That way we are receiving information of those future events before they actually occur, obviously right? The other thing in this scenario which I always wondered about was when do we access this information, so that it becomes a part of our memories. One explanation could be that this kind of information is obtained whilst we are in a dream state, which we often appear to have no knowledge of once we wake up. However it is likely that the information is retained in memory or our unconscious lying dormant until it becomes relevant to our current state, at which point it’s retained and we have déjà vu.

I guess we are then left wondering why we may have access to the future information from our dreams, why should that state link to the future and why are we unable to do the same in our usual conscious state. The simple answer to this could be that whilst conscious our minds are receiving lots of information and thus focus on processing that to ensure that we keep safe. However that said there have been experiments and events documented that suggest perhaps such things could be accessed under the right conditions.

Crystal balls, tarot cards and palm reading…

When we talk about telling the future one thing that often comes to mind is crystal balls, gypsies, tarot cards and perhaps palm reading. Sure they may seem a little old school, but they are still methods that many appear to place faith in and in many cases people will make regular visits to gain an understanding of what their future may hold for them. If you have ever visited someone to have your future told I would love to hear about it, so please comment below and say a little about your experience? Personally I don’t believe I have ever had such a reading myself, certainly not of future events that’s for sure. Any readings that I have had have been connections with family members that have passed away. It’s often been an ongoing debate that perhaps such mediums don’t actually have the ability to tell the future and their readings are purely pieces of information that resonate with us or simply fit with events in our lives that we believe them to be true. However often those events could actually relate to anyone. A great example being the horoscopes found in most tabloid papers.

I couldn’t really do a psi theory post about telling the future without mentioning precognition, as it is the form of extrasensory perception (ESP) that we are talking about here. Over the years I have read a number of accounts of precognition, both anecdotal and from experiments too. One of the most well know ESP experiments is that of the Ganzfield Experiment, which places a receiver in a state of sensory deprivation whilst a sender attempts to telepathically send them information based on an image for example. It’s been an experiment of great debate for a number of years and for a number of reasons. However in regards to experiments like the Ganzfield it could be said that the receiver is actually gaining precognitive information regarding the results of the experiment. Something which could possibly gain weight when you consider that those that receive feedback of the image sent often perform better. This was also identified during Russell Targ’s Remote Viewing experiments too.

Studies of precognition…

Studies of dream precognition has been ongoing for many years now with some landmark results acquired at the Maimonides Laboratory in New York in the 1970’s. In fact these precognitive dreams are one of the most commonly reported paranormal experiences. Studies of these experiences have been studied in sleep laboratories providing fascinating results. Perhaps even providing some links to the possibility that those future events may well be accessible through our dreams.

Our perception of time is something that is more fluid that we realise I think. How often have you been working only to realise the day or even the week has passed quickly; time fly’s when you’re having fun right? It’s strange to think that something we measure by can be so simply perceived as having different speeds or even occurring in different ways. Often I wonder if time occurs more as interlinked events rather than the linear concept we live by. This is something I have touched on in a previous post.

So, can we tell the future…

So, can we tell the future? There is certainly evidence to support that some may have this ability and equally that it may not necessarily be an ability, but something that simply occurs. It also suggests that it may not be restricted to a gifted few too. Individuals may experience it through déjà vu or perhaps a precognitive dream. Either way if someone like me, as psychic as a brick, can experience something like déjà vu, then perhaps foresight of future events is far more common than is given credit. There is so many more paths I could take this one, more about dimensions, multi-verse theory, entanglement and so much more.

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One thought on “Can We Tell The Future?

  1. I’m a tarot reader, and my cards and clairsentient abilities do tell the future, but as I tell my clients, it is only the likely outcome based on decisions you’ve made to this point. You always have free will, and you can change the outcome in the cards by changing your strategy moving forward. I believe in the fan shaped concept of the future described by quantum physics. Every decision is a crossroads with multiple possible futures fanning out from it, one for every option, the idea being there is an alternate dimension created for every outcome. Whatever choice you make, in an infinite universe there are an infinite number of different versions of you, each making every possible decision. It truly is an exercise of your will to surf those possibilities and those potential realities to land in the future you want to have. The cards can read ahead on your current trajectory so if you don’t like where you’re headed, you can change your path.


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