Seeing the Unseen & Understanding the Unknown

An excellent start…

As a writer its always fantastic to see your ideas evolve and already we are beginning to see that with Supernatural Synchronicity. As I had hoped, Sarah took my initial post and expanded on a particular point within it, which has given us ‘What Part Does the Pineal Gland Play?‘ An excellent talking point. Before you read on please check it out, after all these posts tie together.

In her post Sarahgives us an overview of the pineal gland, but also does a great job ofestablishing why this part of our physical brain could be considered the seatof our psychical abilities or even consciousness. So, effectively this littlepineal gland could help us see what might not be there or perhaps understandthe unknown. Let’s focus on that for this post shall we; how do we manage tosee the unseen or obtain information from what seems like nowhere?

Now Sarah mentionsClairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance in her post,aspects of the paranormal that I’m sure many are familiar with here. A commonunderstanding is that spirits are energy of some kind and this is whatmanifests to allow use to witness an apparition. However I am now going toattempt to present this slightly differently, let’s throw a little randompara-theory into the mix shall we!

Time for a little para-theory…

I’m going to startby casting out the idea of energy and its relation to apparitions to startwith, but not entirely! Let’s simply call ghosts and/or spirits information.Actually let us rephrase that and state that there is a degree of sporadic orrandom non-referenced information both local and non-local to us in theuniverse. Stay with me please! As random as any information may be we willalways attempt to process it within our subconscious minds. This is often toascertain if it is relevant to our current situation. If it is then it becomesa part of our conscious mind. Now the source of this information is withoutdoubt a ‘Hard Questions’ of the paranormal, but given Sarah’s post letstheorise that the information is also coming from another pineal gland. Thusmaking the pineal gland a transmitter and receiver of psychicalinformation. 

Stop and think aboutthat for just a minute or two. That could mean that the information we pick upon, say during a paranormal investigation might just be coming from anotherliving person, rather than a local spirit.

Time & Space confusion…

At this point it’sprobably a good idea to confuse things even more so, I think! The reasons weoften disregard the possibility of information coming from another person is,a) we are looking for proof of the afterlife; and b) the time and spaceproblem. The time and space problem refers to the fact that we often use timeand space as our premier measurements in our lives. This is far from strange aswe all base our day’s events on where we will be and when. The problem is thatwhen presented with scenario’s that may not conform to this materialisticviewpoint, we may confuse the information or disregard it. For example, whensomeone sees a ghost we mark the occasion by stating where and when itoccurred. The thing is that although this observation is correct, we couldequally be seeing something from another time and even from somewhere else. Itdoesn’t necessarily mean what we are seeing, hearing or feeling is actuallyrelated to where and when we are. Phew! Sounds mad doesn’t it, but then quantumentanglement will often tie things together in a way which seems to soundsimilar. Granted I am not stating that it explains paranormal activity and itis a lot more complicated than that, but still it’s an interesting similarityisn’t it?

What I’m suggestinghere is understood in two parts; a) the transference of the information; and b)how we may interpret the information. We’ve already discussed the possibilityof the pineal gland being a possible receiver/transmitter in our brains. Nowit’s equally a possibility that some information wasn’t random and itsacquisition is gained or perhaps triggered by being presented by certainscenario’s. So, basically as you enter a particular location, perhaps our mindsseek additional information from a more supernatural source. It’s almost as ifour minds ‘google’ that information from the ether, pulling it down to give usmore. This may often be attributed to spirits as a source, but I would like tosuggest that the information is present in somebody else’s mind. Somebodyliving. This would then mean that we obtain the information telepathically fromanother person; that could either be local or indeed non-local. What’sinteresting is that this concept actually links in a little with Jung’s CollectiveConsciousness. It also may have links to Lovelock’s Gaia Theory too, linkingall things together as one system, which proposes a reservoir of sharedconsciousness amongst us all; as James suggested. These concepts also losetheir references of both time and space too, which makes sense when we aredealing with psychical phenomena.

So, that’s how theinformation finds its way to our minds, possibly. The problem really beginsthough when we try to interpret it. In order to understand something we need apoint of reference, that way we can learn about it and then store all that inmemory. So, when we are presented with information it is checked against ourmemory to formulate an understanding based on those reference points. Howeverthe mind can be tricked and those memories are not one hundred percent proofall the time either.

This presents ourfirst problem of understanding; we are bound to understand information based onwhat we know ourselves, this becomes the basis of our perception. Our lifeexperiences, feelings, belief systems, education, memories, desires and moreall feed into our perception of the world around us. Hence how I may interpreta piece of information could be very different from you. Although there areobvious standards in our interpretation based on elements of life which are thesame for us all, like certain educational aspects. Others like belief systemswould likely be different though. One person’s grey alien is another person’sgoblin!

One person’s grey alien is another person’s goblin!!!

Next up is how thatinformation is presented to us individually and sometimes in groups. Again thisis a tough one to explain as each of us are likely to perceive informationsomewhat differently due to various aspects of our lives. Now I believe that ifthe information has let’s say a visual element to it, then it is these that webelieve we actually see, like an apparition for example. However it’s myopinion that we don’t actually see the apparition, we perceive its presentslocally to us due to the information received. The information of theapparition is presented in conjunction to the information received from oureyes, so we get the apparition in our reality. It’s a little like augmentedreality I suppose. Imagine an overhead projector, if you place one image overanother, then you only see one image made up of image one and two. Which meanswe could possibly have multiple sets of information being perceived at once. Aghost of a haunted castle for example, might just not be from that castle atall. Perhaps its information received from someone else regarding one of theirmemories, but as we were not there our perception delivers a strangeapparition. This certainly makes sense when you think about crisis apparitions,as they often take the form of someone known to the individual and appear atthe point that something traumatic is occurring to that individual. The personperceiving the crisis apparition can identify it as them, because they knowthem and have a memory reference for the information.

A medium whilst in a trance like state channelling a spirit once said to me; ‘communication is perception, perception is communication.‘ This seems like an excellent place to add that thought to Supernatural Synchronicity. Although I could continue to theorise on this for ages, I should really hand over to Sarah and of course you the readers.

Let me know what you think of these ideas, be honest, but be respectful please. Let’s get the discussion going. After all if you make a really good point perhaps Sarah or I will write about it.

Over to Sarah…

I could continue to write on this subject for ages, but as this is a collaboration with Sarah Chumacero, I will now hand over. Sarah will then comment on what I’ve written and add her own thoughts too in a post on her website ‘Living Life in Full Spectrum‘, but this discussion shouldn’t end there. Please feel free to get involved and comment below.

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