Ghosts of the Mind

Precognition, telepathy, psychic projection and more…

Wow! Only a few posts in and we are already talking about some of my favourite areas of psychical research. Sarah’s recent post on ‘Precognition vs Psychic Projection‘ is excellent and a must read before you continue.

As ever Sarah has taken the ideas and points from my post on, ‘Seeing the Unseen & Understanding the Unknown‘ plus a little from both of our previous posts and expanded brilliantly on them. Discussing concepts like Extra-Sensory Perception and Psychic Projection. Sarah also mentions the classic psi experiment from the 1970’s too, in which a group in Toronto decided to attempt psychical communication with a made up entity. This was of course known as the Philip Experiment. Its this concept of manifesting probable entities that I am going to delve into within this post.

Now the idea of manifesting something isn’t a new one and I’m sure if you trace back enough various belief systems would certainly describe instances where individuals have tried to manifest various things. However the question of these manifestations is often if they are true manifestations into our reality as physical forms or perhaps simply images we see in our minds.

Was it Philip or the unconscious…

The Philip Experiment wasn’t perfect by any means, but still presented us with the fact that something interesting was going on. However it equally dropped in something a little extra, the possibility that our minds could generate communication and also act on the physical world too. As amazing as this sounds though its again something that really fits into telepathy and perhaps telekinesis. For example, when the group received communication from Philip that could have been the unconscious minds of the group answering the questions they asked. When their table moved by itself it may have been at the will of the group. As they were of the belief that Philip would move the table, the intent directed in this way may have made it possible, but ultimately it would be the telekinesis of the group.

Keel’s point of view…

Oddly I’ve recently been reading ‘The Mothman Prophecies’ by John A. Keel. Perhaps a spark of inspiration from the recently released ‘Hellier’ on YouTube. Within this book Keel talks about a case of an apparition sighting in New York’s Greenwich Village; a case that had been catalogued by Hans Holzer in his epic; ‘Ghosts: True Encounters with the World Beyond.’ A book which I often use as a reference point. However Keel’s take on the apparition; often seen dressed in a long black cape and wide-brimmed slouch hat, is a little different from Holzer’s opinion. In fact Keel’s comprehension is a complete change from the norm, which is often seen to be the restless dead. Holzer seems to suggest that the ghost at the Greenwich Village residence to be that of John La Forge. However Keel suggests that the ghost isn’t that of someone that has passed away, but is perhaps a character that was invented by the prolific writer Walter Gibson. According to Keel, Gibson produced a full-length novel every month for many years. With many of Gibson’s novels being written at the Greenwich Village residence. The character that Keel refers to is ‘The Shadow’, which Gibson created in the 1930’s and was quite successful too. Interestingly though in the novels ‘The Shadow’ lurked in dark alley’s dressed in a cape and broad-brimmed slouch hat.

This now sounds a little like the Philip Experiment right? We have descriptions of apparitions sighted at the Greenwich Village residence, but these descriptions match a character created by Gibson. So, what’s really going on here?

Keel follows this with a really interesting point;

Could it be some kind of residue from Walter Gibson’s very powerful mind? We do know that some people can move objects, even bend spoons and keys, with the power of their minds alone. Mental telepathy is now a tested and verified phenomena. And about ten percent of the population have the ability to see above and beyond the narrow spectrum of visible light. They can see radiations and even objects invisible to the rest of us.

The Mothman Prophecies by John A. Keel

Could Gibson’s genius have created a Tulpa…

The concept that perhaps Gibson’s prolific writing about ‘The Shadow’ somehow actuated the character into reality is an interesting one indeed. This follows the more spiritual concept of a Tulpa, which is supposedly created through spiritual or mental powers. However in Gibson’s case the only method or process that’s used here is his own creative process and the fact that he would have written about ‘The Shadow’ on many, many occasions. Does that mean that the Greenwich Village apparition is a Tulpa of Gibson’s character ‘The Shadow?’

Another possibility in my opinion is that of some kind of telepathic interaction occurring here. Perhaps when individuals enter the property their unconscious reaches out for more information and that connects with the novels of Gibson and that’s where ‘The Shadow’ apparition comes into the mix. Information which is likely to be available from the minds of the living, rather than having communication from probable spirits.

Of course there is one more possibility here, which is less supernatural; which is simply that the individuals had knowledge of Gibson’s novels. Now although having knowledge about Gibson’s novels is one thing, it doesn’t necessarily create a link between the individual and then being located in Gibson’s former property. However perhaps this is where additional psychical links come into play between the information, the individual and the location. This in turn could generate the apparitions in the minds eye based on the information known and localised triggers.

A different view of UFO’s…

Returning to Keel and ‘The Mothman Prophecies’, these concepts don’t only need to apply to apparitions. Often we make the assumption that Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) or Extra-terrestrial (ET) sightings are related to alien visitations from beyond our solar system. However there is a possibility that UFO’s and ET’s could equally be a kind of apparition experienced by individuals. Its believed that as our belief’s and understanding of the universe has evolved, so too has our sightings of the unknown. Whilst a few hundred years ago people may have associated sightings in the night sky with perhaps witches on broomsticks, fairies or other supernatural creatures, these days the same sightings may be associated with UFO’s and ET’s. Our perception of the unknown has changed over time, which equally suggests that the sporadic information we receive is influenced by our current perception of the world around us. What we understand as reality certainly seems to be the product of a mixing pot of ideas, memory, education, belief, sensory inputs and perhaps a little feeling too. A generalisation which sounds relatively straight forward, but each of those are unique to each of us. Perhaps that’s why its so damn hard to pin down exactly what consciousness is?

It certainly seems to suggest that our minds are powerful things indeed. Is it possible that many of our probable unknown experiences could simply be ghosts of the mind? What do you think? Is it all in our heads?

Over to Sarah…

I could continue to write on this subject for ages, but as this is a collaboration with Sarah Chumacero, I will now hand over. Sarah will then comment on what I’ve written and add her own thoughts too in a post on her website ‘Living Life in Full Spectrum‘, but this discussion shouldn’t end there. Please feel free to get involved and comment below.

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One thought on “Ghosts of the Mind

  1. Keel noted that the “Shadow” figure in Walter Gibson’s house only was seen to appear in the 20 years since Walter Gibson had left the place, when Keel was writing his own book, thus his hypothesis of the “tulpa” (a stretch IMO), though I too thought of the “Philip experiment,” the interpretation of which may have been over-simplified (ghosts are known to be tricksters on occasion). On the other hand who is to say that Gibson hadn’t been seeing the “Shadow” himself during his occupancy and that it could have been the ghost of La Farge he was seeing? Hard to identify somebody only by their shadow . . . 😉


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