Hellier Season Two – Not A Review!

I recently watched Hellier season two on Prime Video, after watching season one on YouTube earlier this year I knew that once the second season was released I would have to take a look. And I most certainly was not disappointed in what I saw.

Now originally I was going to do a kind of overview or even a review of the season, but actually I don’t want to give too much away here. This is simply because I feel many need to watch Hellier and then conclude for themselves – I could of course deconstruct season two and provide a few spoilers, but that just doesn’t seem right with Hellier. So, I will do my best to discuss the phenomena that is Hellier without giving too much away hopefully.

Whilst Hellier is pretty much a TV show, it does in my opinion present something that is fundamentally different from the standard format that generally hits our screen. Generally speaking the TV shows out there today present in more of a ghost hunting or ghost story approach, a format that although is often repackaged, remains the same. Hellier does something a little different in its approach by taking us along for the ride in way that makes the audience feel apart of the case as it develops.

Something else I found really good about Hellier (both seasons) was the various interview elements, where all involved talk individually about their experiences to the camera. This added a really good connection to the team, their thoughts and feelings as the case progressed. It could be argued that other TV shows also run with these kind of interviews, but I have to say those shows often present them in a way where the individual has recently had some kind of experience. Hellier doesn’t really do that though, it presents our team in a way that fully drives the story forwards. However, they included something a little more – a glimmer of the teams passion for the subject. It is actually this passion for the subject that really shines through in Hellier and for me that makes the series really engaging.

Once again, just like with season one, Hellier season two was beautifully shot and brilliantly put together. Each episode is delivered in a really nice way that gives the audience just the right amount of information to help them progress within the story, but also always gets to that all important point where you’re hooked and need to see what happens next. Now I don’t binge watch many series, as I often loose interest early on, but Hellier I have to admit really got me. So, for a couple of days everything else went on the back burner.

Right, now to get into the Hellier season two story, without giving too much away. The great thing about any in-depth piece of research and investigation is simply that within the paranormal you generally end up with more questions than you had when you started. This is really presented well in the Hellier story as every time the team appear to learn more, more questions arise that give this story a fantastic reach. Just to be clear, whilst many shows present conclusions that in my opinion there is insufficient evidence to support, Hellier continues to follows those threads ever deeper down the rabbit hole.

If you have seen season one of Hellier then there will be a few names that the team were looking into that will sound familiar; Wriste, Greenfield, Christie, etc. The good news is that these and Cold also feature in season two and the team continue to investigate them and their connection to Hellier. This was something I was really hoping for as the first season had left me wanting to know more about these characters. In fact I even purchased a few of the books related to the first season.

Season two would see the team go further in search of some of these leads, often finding some really interesting elements to support them too.  It would also seem that the investigation would take the group further into a world where the phenomena is no longer clearly defined by placing it in simple terms like ghosts, cryptids or similar. They would once again see the phenomena is more related than previously thought – perhaps Hellier was a symptom?

Of course, this is a TV show still, so whilst I was entertained greatly I must remain somewhat sceptic regarding the story that Hellier portrays. I am not saying that I don’t believe the work that the group has done here, but without insider knowledge of the case and the ability to weigh the details myself, I have to remain undecided in regards to its authenticity. Don’t get me wrong I am not stating that Hellier is a piece of fiction, after all its presented as a documentary. However, it would be great to learn more about the case – as full and packed as the documentary is I am sure there is still more to it. Equally, when dealing with phenomena that stretches across may areas and includes aspects of conspiracy, we must approach with a level head.

That said, like a small disclaimer I suppose, there are some interesting points of this story that both tweak my interest and my ‘boggle threshold.’ Firstly, Hellier season two shows a lot of research in regards to many areas – its book list is at least twenty books deep I am sure. Oddly, these are presented in a way that is appealing, but also not that unfamiliar. Although, its my opinion that this is likely to only be the tip of the iceberg.

Okay, so this is turning out to be a little bit of a review now, but hopefully I am not giving too much away. As a TV show Hellier is great, it is engaging and greatly different from the usual paranormal shows out there. It is beautifully shot and put together really well in my opinion – I would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in the unknown. Actually, I would probably tell a few people that are not specifically into the paranormal too and have.

Every once in while something comes along that is a little different from the norm and Hellier is that in my opinion. It breaks the mould and does something that many paranormal TV programmes out there are failing to do these days – inspire. Think about it for second, Hellier leaves us with a list of books to read and an engaging case to follow. It gets us to think about it all and ‘what if’ too. That isn’t really something I see a lot of these days in paranormal TV shows. Sure they repeat investigating various locations with dark histories and bring new gadgets to those investigations, but for me and many I have spoken to, they lack the spark of inspiration. Hellier returns us to the adventures of the original investigators like Keel, Playfair and more.  Following the leads and building the case, finding more questions than answers and often fantastical possibilities. This was the reason I began looking into the paranormal, looking at the phenomena and all that comes with it. Hellier also presents an interesting possibility that is often overlooked as many search for proof of survival, the link between the phenomena. This generates the idea of thinking outside of the box and challenging the normal routes that are often taken. It feels fresh and new, but equally old and comfortable.

Sometimes there are times of high strangeness that occur around us, often we miss them because we miss the simple signs. They can pass us all by without us even recognising they occurred. However, once you begin to see these signs its likely you will see these meaningful coincidences all around you, then perhaps you might be experiencing your own version of Hellier.

I am sure I could easily list off 93 reasons to watch Hellier, but that might give too much away. Go and give it a watch and let me know what you think. At the end of the day the answer will be in the numbers. If it isn’t then I am sure Hellier will always have a very dedicated group of individuals that simply love what the team have given us, which means it may just become a cult classic in its own right. Personally, I think that would be perfect for Hellier. I wonder if the Hellier team would agree?

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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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