Time to Encounter the Third Kind with Supernatural Synchronicity

Around this time of the year back in 2019, I was fortunate to embark on a collaboration project that would evolve beyond my expectations. Supernatural Synchronicity, a blog series written by Sarah Chumacero (Living Life in Full Spectrum Paranormal Blog) and I delivered posts that tackled varied subject matters in the paranormal, whilst answering the questions and statements we had both previously raised in the previous post. This meant we had months of online content delivered by both of our websites for our readers. The content organically evolved with each post, discussing the source of psychical phenomenon, ghosts of the mind, phenomena dynamics and many more.

Supernatural Synchronicity quickly became a piece of work that both Sarah and I were very proud of and it was because of this that we decided to take the series beyond just the blog. We both wrote some additional offline content and compiled all the posts from both of our websites into one book, available on amazon. This meant that we saw Supernatural Synchronicity evolve throughout 2019 and then in November we released the book version of Supernatural Synchronicity. The book has been well received and this inspired us to return to Supernatural Synchronicity in 2020 for another series.

So, after spending 2019 writing about the probable source of psychical phenomenon, where do we go next? Sarah and I knew that the series still had more to offer, but this time perhaps a little more of a focused subject area. As Supernatural Synchronicity was able to challenge us both as writers and potentially push our understanding forwards, we knew that we want to write about something that both interested us and would equally challenge us. Of course the paranormal itself is a wide-ranging subject that actually covers many other concepts that are by definition ‘beyond normal.’ Whilst both Sarah and I often write about matters that are linked to ghosts and hauntings, we have equally touched on stories about cryptozoology, UFO’s, conspiracy theories and more. This time around we thought that perhaps we should cover some cases that would allow us to research another area we don’t usually cover.

If you had not already guessed it from the title of this blog post and our series title and image, then that is a little concerning, but we decided we would venture into the interesting subject of UFO’s. A subject you may recall me touching on recently when discussing the likes of John Keel and the Mothman of Point Pleasant. In all fairness, the subject of UFO’s has been one that has been at the back of mind for quite a while. The subject is, in my opinion an interesting one that like ghosts and haunting has some very interesting stories worth investigation. Equally interesting is how many of those stories are based on witness statements that are often lacking in physical evidence, not unlike the stories of hauntings we have all heard.

Very soon Supernatural Synchronicity will be revived for 2020, but with a whole new subject area. Opening the case files on some well know UFO cases and perhaps some lesser known ones too; we will look at the facts, provide our own views on those cases, and throw in a little of our classic Supernatural Synchronicity theories as well for good measure. Some theories that may surprise you, but have actually been around for decades now.

As with the work we completed in 2019, once the blog series wraps up for another year online, our work will continue offline to bring you more additional content for a second Supernatural Synchronicity book to be released towards the end of the year.

Supernatural Synchronicity: Encounters of the Third Kind will start soon, whilst for some UFO’s may not be their thing, we urge you to at least give it a go. As UFO’s are going to be a new area for us both and we have already indicated some different points of view, our opinions on UFO’s may not fit the standard ones and hopefully generate some discussions. After all Sarah and I would like to invite you all to ‘join the conversation’ and help expand the subject.

Whilst Sarah and I already have a reasonable outline of the cases and subject areas we hope to discuss, we would also like to hear from you too. If there is a UFO case you think we should include, please don’t hesitate to ‘join the conversation’ and let us know in the comments below.

Supernatural Synchronicity: Encounters of the Third Kind will launch in early 2020.   

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