Investigating Murder with Mediums

One thing you are not likely to hear about often is how a Medium may have solved a criminal case. Equally when you do it is hardly ever in the UK, as it appears to be an approach less favoured by the Police officials in this country. And when you do hear about it, it is made clear that the Medium may have provided some helpful information, but their actions alone certainly did not solve the case.

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Whilst a Medium helping to solve a criminal case seems like it belongs in fiction alone; in television dramas like Ghost Whisperer; it probably occurs more often than we realise. When I say it occurs, I do not mean the Mediums solve the cases, but they may certainly be involved in assisting the Police with their investigations.

Often the cases in question are murder cases or missing person cases that soon take a turn for the worse. The thing that often surprises me in some of these cases is that it is the Police that engage a local psychic looking for assistance with the case. Whilst I could easily imagine the worried or grieving families seeking the assistance of a psychic, Police Officers taking this step seems highly unorthodox. However, there certainly appears to be some potential stories to support this online. Granted the ones I found were US based.

Now earlier I mentioned TV programmes, which were drama based, but there have been some reality shows. One particular show that ran between 2004 and 2007, called ‘Psychic Detectives.’ In the show, real detective look at actual cases, where the trail has gone cold using normal investigation techniques; then turn to psychics for help. Whilst it has been a while, I remember watching a few episodes many years ago. In these episodes, I am pretty sure that the victim had gone missing under mysterious circumstances that were uncharacteristic for them. Foul play was suspected and given the length of time they had been missing, they were believed to be dead by the detectives.

The detectives would provide the psychic mediums with little information to go on to begin with and then see what they may be able to discover. Often a location or photograph was provided by the Police; and from these the psychic would be able to provide information related to the victim. This would on most occasions surprise the detectives and provide them with the confidence to continue

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Of course we must wonder what is actually going on as this is a TV programme, and as such it may not be exactly as the show tells us it is. As viewers we are asked to trust in the shows creators and more so the Mediums; hoping we are being told the truth. However, the events could be dramatised to seem much more impressive than they actually are in reality. Something worth bearing in mind when we watch any paranormal TV show.

That aside though, this utilisation of psychic Mediums in a criminal investigation does present some interesting questions. The first being that a criminal investigation should be all about the facts. Police would gather varied information throughout their investigations to provide them with the data to make informed decisions. They have to build a case based on these facts to ensure that a conviction is achieved. Otherwise the case will not make it through court. So, it seems odd to me that they would work with a Medium. However, they do and again my guess would be that they work back from the information provided by the Medium to find the supportive facts. For example, if a Medium locates a missing body, it is less about the Medium finding the body and more about what that body can tell the detectives. What new information can it provide.

When you start to look at it this way it becomes less about a Medium solving a case and more about the detective using another resource to progress the case further. Especially if that case has come to a halt of some kind.

Perhaps a part of the issue for many of us in regards to Mediums being utilised on criminal cases, is our perception of Mediums. Many still see them as individuals looking to take advantage of people by providing messages from their deceased love ones. Often still being of the belief that their extraordinary talents are nothing more than cold reading or clever manipulation. And to be fair there are many Mediums out there that fit this description and are nothing more than performers in reality. However, there are also a few that appear to have genuine ability that is supernormal. Although it should be said that this is often quite rare.

In fact there is another group of individuals that draw similarities to psychic Mediums, but go under the name of Remote Viewers. Bearing in mind that Remote Viewing has been seriously researched by Government Agencies and even utilised to gain intelligence, but also a crashed plane on another continent from the Remote Viewer. It becomes a more serious sounding option. As there appears to be some kind of process to make this work and it makes no claim to requiring some supernatural spirit partnership, it does become a more viable sounding option.

Remote Viewing has had some remarkable results and has also been shown as something that can be taught to others. Rather than it being exclusively for those that were ‘chosen’ to be able to converse with spirit. I guess the question then becomes why is Remote Viewing not used more than Mediums? The answer probably being that it is less known; and in the US their belief systems probably play a huge part. However, approaches like Remote Viewing and other psi related abilities should be available to Police as a resource. As they often provide good information that can be worked on.

At the end of the day we are only human and a missing presumed dead loved one can tear a family apart. Finding that loved one and providing justice to the family can become an obsession for some detectives. As they are determined to ensure the family is not left unknowing. So, perhaps utilising a psychic Medium t provide a little more information could be seen as acceptable. Especially if it helps progress the case. However, is this really considered as an ethical approach to investigating the facts?

What do you think? Should the Police make more use of psychic Mediums and Remote Viewers to help with their investigations? Alternatively, do you believe they are unreliable and not something that should be utilised in a criminal case?

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